Monday, September 19, 2016

Guest Blog and Giveaway with Jamie McFarlane

Greetings, Fang-Tastic Books followers. I'm excited to announce the release of Wicked Folk, Witchy World Book 2.

I've been a long time reader of Urban Fantasy, enjoying the writings of people like Jim Butcher and his Dresden Files series, Kim Harrison and her Hollows series, and numerous other fantastic writers. While I started as a science fiction writer, I found that my mind kept wandering back to this question of what if magical beings existed in our world today, and we were just too mundane to see it. It's not a new idea and has been covered by a number of other writers and initially this understanding pushed me away from throwing my hat into the ring. The thing is, sometimes ideas just won't let you go and I started seeing things in my own world that I realized could be interpreted differently. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the sort to insist there are ghouls and goblins behind every corner, but I found that I was considering the what-ifs of the world around me. 

For example; what-if the dogs barking in the middle of the night aren't responding to the small critters that race through our backyards in search of food, but are instead responding to the call of their distant cousins, the werewolves who are running under the moon on a hunt. What-if the wind that blows through my house and slams my door, is not simply an atmospheric event, but the unsettled ghost of a long-past resident? What-if witches of our modern day weren't the inept, crazy old women the media portrays them to be? What-if, instead, these witches were actually brilliant women, who manipulated the media to cover the supernatural events of our day? The cacophony of questions raised merely drowned out all other issues in my life until I finally stopped working on other projects and started the Witchy World series.

Witchy World is my attempt at answering many of these questions in a way that I believe is plausible. Sure, it's all fantastic and I won't admit to having any first hand experiences with this shadow-world, but my objective is to show how these two worlds could easily co-exist.

Wicked Folk
Witchy World
Book Two
Jamie McFarlane

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Fickle Dragon Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-943792-12-2

Number of pages: 266
Word Count: 86,837

Cover Artist: Silviya Yordanova

Book Description:

Late one night, a teenaged witch witnesses her uncle perform the forbidden ritual to summon a demon. His carelessness results in the demon breaking free and being released into the world. Drawn to the young witch's powers like a shark, the demon is only temporarily thwarted when she manages to escape.

Felix Slade is a wizard living far from the family he grew up with. Recently he's been unable to sleep as night after night a beautiful young witch is stalked by a demon in his dreams. Each night, new details are exposed and Felix is soon convinced that it’s up to him to prevent the woman’s demise. The dreams reach a critical point when Felix’s own family is threatened by the violence he’s sure is yet to come.

With his sister and the woman he loves by his side, Felix rushes to face the greatest challenge he’s encountered yet. There is great darkness inside him and he must choose to embrace or reject it in order to face the demon’s evil.

About the Author:

Jamie McFarlane is a graduate of Colorado School of Mines with a Master of Science in Mathematics. An avid reader, tinkerer, woodworker and metal sculptor, Jamie is just as likely to be seen smelting aluminum cans in his garage as he is tacking random, discarded iron objects into a small army of beasties that adorn his home’s landscaping.

Jamie’s writing career began as something of a dare which later turned into a tribute. In his late teens, Jamie was well known as the family story-teller, spinning fanciful yarns about ordinary events, usually with the objective of escaping well-deserved trouble. 

One day, his mother, often the target of his mischievous tales, challenged him to commit his words to writing. Jamie promised he would but time passed, as did his beloved mother. In 2014, Jamie made good on his promise and published his first book.

Jamie is the author of a growing library of novels and novellas including the space opera series - Privateer Tales, and the urban fantasy series - Witchy World. Jamie lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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Eva Millien said...

Sounds like a great book and I can't wait to read it, good luck with the tour!

Kelli Ann Whyte said...

This is a fantastic series. I can't wait for the next book! (Hint, hint -- no pressure tho!)