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Character Interview - Bridgebreaker by Joshua C. Cook

Hi! My name is Joshua Cook, the author of ‘The Echo Worlds’ series. The series is a modern/urban fantasy series, and today I’d like to introduce you to a very important character, Marcus Wheeldon, the Leader of a group called the Bridgefinders.

The Bridgefinders are at the time of this interview ‘licking their wounds’ so to speak. They have just managed to make it through a major clash and the repercussions of that fight, and how it was won are only now becoming clearer.


Character Interview:

Marcus Wheeldon, Leader of the Bridgefinders. A thin painfully sharp man, he has an air of power about him. His eyes are red and bloodshot, Dressed in dark nearly block clothes, his skin is on the pale side. He grips a softball sized orb in his hand and is constantly glancing at it.

Marcus, it’s good to meet you. The leader of the Bridgefinders, that’s an impressive title.

Marcus: Don’t patronize me. We are a broken shell of an order.

No offense meant! What are the Bridgefinders, exactly?

 Marcus: The Bridgefinders are men and women throughout history who have dedicated their lives to protecting our planet and the human race from the threat of the Slyph and the Echo World.

Slyph? Echo World? What’s that?

Marcus: Creation had an echo. But like all Echo’s it wasn’t exactly the same as our world. It was.. Distorted. A creature arose on that world. The Slyph. Powerful, strong, evil. She wants to merge the Echo World, her world, with our world. To kill us, feed upon us. Her creatures, her hunters, to destroy us.

How do you know this?

Marcus: Don’t be a fool! Do you think I’d have given my whole life, all that I am and ever was to something if it wasn’t true??

Sorry Marcus, didn’t mean to set you off. Before, you said the Bridgefinders were a ‘broken shell’ what did you mean?

Marcus: We are a dying order. Reduced to 3 or even less members, down from thousands. The Slyph has hunted us down one by one throughout the ages via Grellnot, her… hunter. Recently I thought we had a reprieve, a way forward. A Maker, a Bridgefinder with the power to create and to fix the machines of the ancient Bridgefinders was found. Cendan Key is his name. But he betrayed us. Betrayed me.  I will have to do something about his insidious evil before he takes another member away.

What do you mean? What did he do?

Marcus: He is responsible for the death of a member of the Bridgefinders. Sal. It’s Cendan’s fault that Sal is dead. Worse, he spreads lies about what we can do, the history of who we are. I worry that he is starting to corrupt Jasmine….

Jasmine? Who’s that?

Marcus: Jasmine is… None of your concern.

I notice you keep looking at that sphere thing in your hand, and you keep almost... Caressing it for the lack of a better term. What is that?

Marcus: This? (Marcus holds up the orb.) This is the keystone. This is MY birthright as the leader of the Bridgefinders. Hidden it was. Hidden from the leaders of the Bridgefinders by the Makers. Makers always thought themselves better than the rest of us. Cendan fits right in.  THIS stone will help me deliver the justice that Cendan so richly deserves.

This Cendan Key person, why do you blame him for the death of Sal?

Marcus: HIS foolishness lead to Sal’s death. Then he draped himself in false glory! He said that HE had turned the tide of the war. He TOOK MY PLACE. I am the leader of the Bridgefinders! Not that jumped up false prophet!

Forgive me Marcus, but you sound.. Jealous?

Marcus: I am NOT jealous. Cendan has spat upon everything I hold dear, everything that means anything to me. Not only that he’s … with Jasmine..  (Marcus stops talking and looks at the orb, licking his lips.)


Marcus: Cendan Key will be dealt with. I WILL end the threat of the Slyph, Grellnot and the betrayal of Cendan Key. All of it. It is my path, my job.

You sound... Sure of that.

Marcus: I AM sure. I have always known that I was destined for great things. I am a Bridgefinder. I am the leader of the Bridgefinders. That position was a joke once, now (raises the orb once more.) now it is not. No creature, no hunter, and no damned Maker will stand in my way. Ever.

Changing the subject, you mentioned someone named.. Grellnot?

Marcus: Not a someone, a something. Created by perverting a past Maker, the Slyph made Grellnot for one purpose. Out of all the monsters she’s ever made, Grellnot is one thing. Hunger.

Grellnot exists to kill, eat, and destroy Bridgefinders. Thinking on it now, it makes sense that she used a Maker to help her. I wonder if they are close in nature to her, always mewing and complaining about the powers, trying to have their way. An unchecked Maker made something like Grellnot! Though the Slyph had a lot to do with it. Damned creature even wears the foci of the Bridgefinders it’s killed around its neck, trophies.


Marcus: Every Bridgefinder has an.. item. To focus their abilities, to allow them to close the portals between worlds, banish the creatures of the Slyph.

Interesting? So they allow you to work the magic?

Marcus: WE DO NOT USE MAGIC! (Marcus stands.) Magic is Evil. We do not use it, never say that again. Never even THINK it. Our abilities are inborn.

Ok sorry! Sorry!

Marcus: You sound like that fool Cendan. He spouts off about magic, and how we have all these ‘hidden powers.’ Lies. Lies and deceits. He would change what it MEANS to be a Bridgefinder.

Uh.. ok. Well Marcus this has been interesting, do you have anything else to add?

Marcus: No. I have plans to make. I can’t spend any more time in a foolish interview.

And there you have it! Marcus Wheeldon, the leader of the Bridgefinders. An increasingly troubled man by the sounds of it. I wonder what he could be up to, what plans?

I hope you have enjoyed this little chat with Marcus, and you will be interested in checking out more about him, and all the other characters that make up the second book in The Echo Worlds, Bridgebreaker.

Thank you!

--Joshua Cook

The Echo Worlds
Book 2
Joshua C. Cook

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Date of Publication: September 12th, 2016

ISBN: 1536949280

Number of pages: 238
Word Count: 64731

Cover Artist: S.A. Hunt

Book Description:

The Bridgefinders have won a battle they never expected to walk away from. The Slyph has been pushed back, and now faces open rebellion from Grellnot.

War is brewing on the Echo World, a war that has large implications for us. Within the Bridgefinders something rotten has taken hold, as one of their own starts down a dark path of jealousy, anger, and hate.

When a woman from a mysterious group known only as the Shrouded, comes with a warning, her appearance proves to be a tipping point as the Bridgefinders face a new challenge, the evil within.

About the Author:

Josh Cook grew up in a highly literary family, with an English Professor mother who taught rhetoric. Having a long term love to fantasy and science fiction, Josh began writing three years ago. Outside of writing, Josh enjoys politics, cooking, hiking, and a good argument.

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