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Interview with The Cast of Into The Shadows Book 1 by ClareMarie

Hello, everyone, I am ClareMarie and today I'll be interviewing characters from Into The Shadows, Book 1 (The Shadows Trilogy).

We are all gathered inside Ava and Kyran's condo with cups of tea's and coffee's and sandwiches courtesy of Ariana (Ava's mother).

Q1. CM: Ok guys, for those who don't know please introduce yourselves.

AJL: I'm Ava James Lewis, the heroine of the book.

KL: Kyran Lewis, Ava's husband, mate and hero of the story.

US: Una Smith. Ava's bestie.

RL: What's up ladies, the name's Riley Lewis, Kyran's twin but am the sexy half.

ML: Riley! Be a gentleman. Well, I'm his and Kyran's mother Mollie Lewis.

AL: Hey guys, Avery here and am Kyran and Riley's sister.

AJ: Aaliyah James, Ava's sister.

AAJ: Addison and August here, Ava's twin brothers. (Both speak in a freaky union. It always freaks Ava out.)

KJ: I'm Kai James, Ava's father.

AJ: Ariana James, Ava's mother.

GL: Gabriel Lewis. Kyran's father and pack Alpha.

AJ: bark, bark, (Axel, Ava's pet familiar introduced himself).

Q2. CM: Wow, big cast. Must be fun?

RL: Well you created us. So thanks for that.

AL: So fun, I made two new friends in Ava, Aaliyah, and Una. Super sweet and fun girls. Ava is the best sister in law.

AJL: Word. (Ava jokingly does the peace sign making everyone chuckle.)

Q3. CM: Would you describe yourselves as close?

AJL: Yes I would, not just because obviously, we are but because the bond we have. My family and I have grown closer since the secret came out and we've become close to Kyran's family too.

KL: We both gained new family members. We have new people to love and protect.

GL: Couldn't have said it better myself son.

Q4. CM: Are they a lot of scenes with everyone in the book?

KJ: Yes and no. My mate Ava at first didn't know any of us, me or my family. And was pretty pissed at her own family so she relied on Una a lot to help her through.

US: It was hard to watch your best friend get such a blow. I'm not trying to be dramatic and some would say I am but imagine believing one thing and then find out the truth is something else.

AJL: It was definitely tough and we're a big cast so was hard to spend time with everyone. I can't say too much without giving too much of my story away but I can, however, share something. Throughout the book, I have touching pivotal moments with each cast member.

Q5. CM: Ariana and Kai James, what was your reason for the secret?

AJ: This was a hard choice to make. Kai and I decided Ava was too young to understand the danger she was in and we wanted her to have as normal of a childhood as possible.

KJ: We hid Ava from herself essentially and the guilt Ariana and I felt every time we saw our daughter wasn't easy. I just kept reminding myself that we had to, to protect her.

AJ: We always planned on telling Ava on her eighteenth birthday. But the longer the lie, the harder it was to tell her.

Q6. CM: Ava, how did you feel?

AJL: (Ava draws in a deep breath) I felt betrayed by the people I trusted the most. It took awhile but I forgave them, well I thought I had but a later event showed me I hadn't completely forgiven them. Then something else took place which opened my eyes fully and in the book this scene is a touching moment.

Q7. CM: Ava, did you suspect the secret?.

AJL: Did I suspect the secret... (Ava gets a thoughtful look) hmm... I think so yes. I mean, I always felt different. Sensed there was something else without me who wanted to be heard which is weird right? You'll know what I mean by this when you read the book.

Q8. CM: Tell me about Paranormal Hunters.

GL: Paranormal Hunters are known as PHS, Paranormal Hunters Society.

KJ: We have.... an encounter with them in the book. That's all we'll say.

Q9. CM: What was it like growing up in a paranormal filled world?

AJL: To me, it's all I've ever known since I grew up in this society so it's normal to me.

KL: I agree with Ava. (Kyran pulls Ava in for a kiss)

RL: Same as. Now who can I pull in for a kiss? (Riley looks around the room and his eyes land on Aaliyah...)

AJ: Don't even think about it, Riley. I won't be kissing you. (There's laughter in the room from the cast and Riley pretends to sulk)

US: I was never a part of the paranormal world until Ava was so I never had any interaction with any of them so it didn't really affect me.

AL: It hasn't been easy, having two older twin brothers (Kyran and Riley) always on my heel is difficult enough for any teenager. But being a paranormal on top of that, always keeping yourself hidden from the public. Yes, the public knows of my status as a paranormal but we always try to hide as much of that as possible as not to draw too much attention.

Q10. CM: Is there you want to say to your readers before I leave?

GL: Welcome and hope you enjoy our lives. As the Alpha, I insist you buy the book and share. (Gabriel winks at you).

ML: As the Alpha's mate I back him up and since my son is one of the main stars you won't regret buying. Maybe I'm biased, though.

RL: Just buy the fucking book, we live in a fucked up world, who doesn't love to read that shit? (Ava tells him off for being rude as does Mollie). What? I'm just trying to be helpful.

AJ: And that is why Riley is annoying, stop plugging us, they'll buy if they want too. But on a serious note, I hope you enjoy our story

US: It's not only Ava's life that changed... that's all I'll say.

AJ: My daughter still has a lot to learn, our world has been waiting for her, she's prophesied for a reason.

AJL: Wait, what?

AJ: Next book my darling... (Ariana says to a now puzzled looking Ava and Kai appears nervous). Anything to say twins?

AJ: (Both Addison and August stop eating the sandwiches) Err not really, well except meet us in woodlands creek if your a babe.

AJL: (Ava mumbles) Again with the freakishly joint speech.

KJ: (Kai looks accusingly to Riley) My sons are spending too much time with you. And sons your too young to be talking like that.

AAJ: Dad we are wolves....

AL: They turning into little Riley's.

KL: This book has family bonds, friendships, love, supernatural powers, immortality, technology, a familiar pet, a personal betrayal to me and evil Government. Most importantly it has my wife and mate Ava James Lewis. So you know what's there not to love? (Ava's blushing and covering her face with her hands)

AJL: Into The Shadows is just the beginning of my journey and it would mean a lot if you joined me in taking it. We have a saying Once Unified Now In Shadows, it's a good indication of the story. I hope you enjoy this book even though it was hard living it and I hope you learn the same lesson I did.....

Love Always,

The Cast

Five Ava Facts

All Ava's family are named with A names.

Ava and her siblings are all born on the 21st.

Ava has a pet familiar German Shepherd called Axel.

Ava met Una when she was twelve at high school NYH, New York High.

Ava calls her sister Aaliyah, Li. Her brother Addison, Addy. Brother August, Augy. She calls her familiar Axel, Ax.

Five Kyran Facts

Kyran watched Ava for months before he first approached her.

Kyran is the Pack's Beta.

Kyran trains Ava to fight.

Kyran's childhood friend betrays him.

Kyran has the cutest dimples.

Five Una Facts

Una and her family moved to New York from Galway Ireland when she was thirteen

Una's parents were killed in a car accident when she was seventeen and brother Tobias who was twenty-one took on guardianship of Una.

Her brother Tobias is in a band called The Legends.

Una begins dating her brother's best friend Rick Dain. She always had a massive crush on him.

Una hates pizza.

Into The Shadows 
The Shadows Trilogy 
Book 1

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: November 10, 2016

ISBN: 9781539508984 

Number of pages: 456
Word Count: 63,200

Book Description:

Imagine living in a world where there are more than humans – a society where Paranormals co-exist with us, and a corrupt government kidnaps them so they can study their immortality and powers.

Where would you go?
Imagine thinking you were human all your life, then find out you’re not, and if the government discovers you, you’ll become the most desired paranormal test subject to ever live.

Where would you hide?

In 2050, our world was divided into four species - Humans, Paranormals, Descendants, and Mutated Humans. Ava James thinks she's human, but finds out she's not… and in more danger, than she ever could have realized.

Her days just got a whole lot busier.

"You need to learn to protect yourself. You need to know the dangers of what you are, but also the strength of who you are."

All set in year 3000

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About the Author:

Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author of The Shadows Trilogy and The Rockstar Alliance Series.

ClareMarie was born in England, but now lives in Galway Ireland. ClareMarie started songwriting at fourteen which grew into a passion for writing.

ClareMarie enjoys writing, music, reading lyrics to her favorite songs, books, audiobooks, movies and TV shows.

She published her debut Sci-fi/Fantasy novel on November 10th, 2016.

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