Thursday, February 9, 2017

Don't Let Age Stop You From Playing with Fun Cosmetics

I turned 40 last September. It really bummed me out. Forty. The big 4-0.

But after awhile I realized, I'm not the 40 of my mom's generation (though to be honest, neither was she). 

Today's mommies are fierce. They slay. I see 40 and 50 year olds that can rock bikinis better than teenagers. 

Jennifer Lopez, Salma Kayek, Halle Berry...all over 40 and still hotter than ever. But it's not just celebs, I see normal everyday women every day looking amazing.

I remember all the moms of my friends- it's like after 40 they decided to divest themselves of their femininity. 

Short hair, no makeup, dowdy clothes...

My mom never did that. While she didn't keep her hair down to her butt she didn't cut it into a short dude do either. She always remained pretty and feminine.

Even now, pushing 80 she has long thick hair that she refuses to cut into short granny hair, she applies just a hint of makeup, and always has on her wild colors and eye catching jewelry.

I'm glad my mom showed me that you can be smart, strong, independent, feminine and beautiful. 

It's something I have always kept with me, applying to my life even when everything else fell apart.

Even though I work from home I shower, put on makeup and do my hair every day. I don't want to see around feeling like a total loser- even though I work my ass off 8-12 hours every day- sitting in pjs and not showering really brings me down.

So everyday I put on my makeup, even if I don't go anywhere.

Makeup is my ritual. I think, I plan, I plot while doing my makeup. 

But my ritual became a rut after awhile. 

I stopped trying new things. Just stuck to my tried and true Avon and the normal things I can purchase at any drug or grocery store- Cover Girl, Loreal, Revlon...

Then last summer my daughter finally started getting into make-up. 

At 17 she was a bit of a late bloomer with all things girly (don't judge- I have two sons, I needed some extra femininity in the house) but now she's all into all the fun things like Kat Von D Beauty and Jeffree Star Cosmetics

She's introducing me to things I would never have tried on my own because I felt like I was too old for these brands. 

Kat Von D Too Faced
I know I'm not the marketing demographic for these brands and I'm sure many of judgemental writers would agree (you know the ones that write things like- twenty things women over 45 shouldn't do) that I'm too old for these brands - but I am in a sincere #NoFucks mode. I have learned that I like some of these products and they look really good on me, so I'm going to wear what I like.

My girl got a bunch of cosmetics for Christmas- like Kat Von D's Alchemist and Too Faced.
Kat Von D Alchemist

I was thrilled try them out with her.

I really love Kat Von D's Alchemist Holographic Palette. It's going to be really useful when I dress up and do cosplay- like for the Witches Ball.

I also tried a bunch of the new lipsticks, the kind that stay on and don't smudge.

My daughter adores Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipsticks.

Unicorn Blood

I like the colors and how they look but can't stand how they feel on my lips. It feels like my lips are wearing a mask and can't breathe. 

Ari loves them- her favorite colors are Unicorn Blood, Deceased and Designer Blood.

For Christmas Ari also received a bunch of Nyx Cosmetics.

I have to admit these lipsticks are by far my favorites. I love Nyx Velvet Matte in Soft Femme and the Nyx Lip Lingerie in Exotic

Both are amazing colors on me. Ari loves them too but has to fight me to get to them because I usually steal them and they're in my makeup bag or purse.

Soft Femme
I'm glad my daughter started loving makeup and more girly stuff. It revived my love of trying new cosmetics and colors and reminded me that forty can be fabulous. 

I don't pay any attention to all those ridiculous articles out there like "Ten Things Women Over Forty Need to Stop Wearing" or any bullshit like that.

I'm so sick of everyone trying to tell women what to do, what to wear, how to act, etc., including other women. 

Just stop. 

Stop being petty, stop trying to tear other women down.

It's 2017 and we're still debating and talking shit about everything female.  

#Resist #Persist and carry on with your fabulous self.

Me, wearing Nyx Exotic
I may not be the fabulous forty I thought I would be, but it ain't over yet. 

I'm working on being the best me I can be and part of that is in reviving my passion for things I once loved.

I know some may scoff at a passion for makeup, but for an artistic person like me my face is just another canvas. Another place where I can play with color and be creative.

I see this renewed interest in cosmetics as the first step in rejuvenating my passion for other things- like art and poetry. 

I keep feeling little niggles like I need to start creating those again, then I'm too tired or lacking the inspiration to actually do anything...but I can feel it, there's a spark...soon the flames of my creative passion will burn bright again.

Age is just a number, don't let it drag you down or stop you from trying new things- whether it's makeup or a pole dancing class. 

Get out there and be fierce.

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Kim Richards said...

Heck, I'm 55 and love Kat Von D, NYX, Too Faced,and Urban Decay make-ups. I wear it for ME and no one else. Same for coloring my long hair, getting my nails done, and wearing clothes I like. Never care what other people think!