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Guest Blog and Giveaway- Unmasked Secrets by Brenna Zinn

If I were a betting woman, which I most definitely am, I would wager there are many of you who have seen a male stripper shaking his bon-bon or going to a strip club for women.  Perhaps you were celebrating a birthday or a bachelorette party.  Maybe you were simply in the mood to see some great looking guys shed their clothes for your entertainment.  Whatever the reason, you came, you saw and you will have that experience to look back on for the rest of your life.

That said, let me ask you, what was your experience?  If you went to a strip club for women, were you impressed with the club? Did the men who danced stir something primal within you? Did you have a great time?

I’ve had the opportunity to visit a few strip clubs for women. The first I ever visited was near Carbondale, Illinois when I was getting my undergraduate degree many, many years ago in the 1980s. Let me tell you, many of the strip clubs I’ve been to in the last ten years look as though they haven’t changed a thing, not even the tables or chairs, since the club opened who knows when.  The clubs tend to be dark, drab, and borderline disguising.  Sound familiar?

With this in mind, I set off to create a series that brings to light the condition of a good number of strip clubs.  In the case of Iron Rods, a strip club for women in Austin, Texas, I wanted to write about the typical rundown hellhole with terrible, out-of-shape dancers and watered-down drinks. (Sound familiar?) Then, I imagined the fabulous characters who work in the club or visit the club. From there I wondered what I would do if I had unlimited amounts of cash to transform the club into a place women actually wanted to go to. And in the middle of this craziness, I added one of the hottest romances between a hero and heroine who couldn’t be any less alike.

Unmasked Secrets, the second book in the series (and can easily be read as a standalone title), takes the reader into the world of a stripper known as The Dom.  The Dom, who wears a mask, dyes his hair and uses a fake Scottish accent, is really a high school Drama teacher trying to earn a little extra money for his Drama program.  On his first night stripping, The Dom is asked for a private lap dance by a woman who turns out to be his principal. She’s there for her sister’s bachelorette party.  And, she happens to be interested in BDSM.  

This series, the Iron Rods Strip Club Series, is truly one from my heart, as well as my imagination. Austin, Texas, one of my favorite cities in the world, is key to the series.  If you’ve ever been there, perhaps you can understand my love for the place I hope stays weird forever.  

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Unmasked Secrets
Strip Club for Women
Book Two
Brenna Zinn

Genre: Romance

Date of Publication: 2/17/17

ISBN: 1230001484786

Number of pages: 150
Word Count: 62,000

Cover Artist: Croco Designs

Book Description:

Hannah Armstrong, the new principal of Santana High School is a complete ball buster, so Mack Garner, her drama teacher, thinks. Her cutbacks to his department’s budget will force him to scrimp on his students—something he refuses to do. The stubborn woman won't listen to reason so he's taking matters into his own hands. He devises a plan to secretly replenish the money that is surefire, as long as he’s not found out. By stripping under the stage name The Dom and using an ironclad disguise at Iron Rods, Austin’s only strip club for women, he and his hard body will have his program flush again and soon.

But Hannah Armstrong has secrets of her own. The rigid, by-the-rules school administrator harbors dark desires to surrender to the titillation of BDSM. She needs a man—a real man—who can melt her inhibitions and master her. Exploring the lifestyle is a dangerous proposition for a small town principal though. Any whiff of scandal would destroy her career. She's nearly given up on the dream until she meets a masked Dom at Iron Rods. The gorgeous male stripper so far away in Austin seems like the perfect solution. Is there a chance she can satisfy her furtive fantasies without being discovered?

**Warning – this book contains BDSM elements, graphic sex and touches of humor.

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Here’s an excerpt from Unmasked Secrets.  If this doesn't get your engine revving, then seek emergency medical help because you might be dead. *grin*

Unmasked Secrets  by Brenna Zinn.  All rights reserved.

“Please tell me,” she articulated each word slowly, ignoring his comment. “What will it take to get you to agree to teach math classes this summer?”
“Now that is a very interesting question. Yes, indeed. I need to give this a little thought.” He raised his head and brushed at the light stubble under his chin. “Hmm… This may take a little while. When do I need to get back to you?”
Hannah flattened her palms on the top of her desk, pushing her face within inches of his. “Take as much time as you need.”
Garner tapped the pad of a finger on his ripe lips. “I think I know.”
“Yes?” She prepared herself for what he might possibly dish out. A raise? More money for his program?
Her lower extremities spasmed at the inappropriate thought. The scandalous ache in her breasts returned. Aside from the silent scream from her nipples to be suckled and bitten, the muscles in her bottom flexed with the desire to be spanked. The handsome blond with enticing blue eyes must surely be phenomenal in bed. All rough handling and forceful thrusts…
Damn it. Damn it. Damn it!
Her fantasies were rising too close to the surface. In her office during school hours was not the place or the time for imaginings of teeth bearing down on her skin or having her backside reddened. She absolutely had to stop reading those erotic books. Either that, or she had to find the kind of man who could properly relieve her sexual misery. The sooner, the better.
Garner snapped his fingers in front of her face. “You okay?”
Hannah blinked several times and shook her head. Goodness gracious and heaven above. She’d zoned out. Zoned out at work! Things were worse than she’d feared. “Absolutely,” she lied, fighting both her headache and the erotic charges surging through body. “You were saying something about what you want.”
“I want you to beg.” He offered a sadistic smile. “I want you to beg me to teach math this summer.”
“Beg?” A wash of cream flowed way down below, soaking her already moist panties. Her blood, heated and charged with arousal, sprinted through her veins. Was she dreaming?
Was he serious?
Had Garner somehow divined her dark secret?
She’d been so careful, saying absolutely nothing to anyone, not even her closest friend or sister, about her wicked desires. Which was exactly how things had to be. If anyone discovered the principal of Santana High School had anything to do with the world of bondage and submission, she could lose not only her job, but her career.
“Yes. I want you to beg.” His gaze bored into hers. “I want you to know how I felt when I came into this office and pleaded for you not to take money from the theater arts program.”
Though his demand raised the hackles on the back of her neck—how dare he, her subordinate, think to challenge her—an odd sense of relief mixed with sexual awareness swept through her body. His demand, arrogant and self-righteous, was far better than his having guessed her hidden desires. It also had her legs quivering with excitement.
Would she give in to his extreme bidding?
Did she have a choice?
Yes, of course she had choices, but none that worked as well. And, truth be told, did she really she want one?
A full beat passed, feeling more like minutes than seconds.
“Tick-tock, Ms. Armstrong,” he pressed.
She licked her lips as her mental debate continued.
 Garner pointed to his watch. “You’re wasting my prep period.”
“All right, “she said on a sigh. “As you wish. Please, please, please teach math this summer.”
“No, no, no. You have to put some heart behind it,” Garner insisted, his fist pounding her desk. “I won’t agree to do anything unless I believe you’re sincere. I’m a trained actor, so it had better be good.”
“I want to be convinced you really mean it. Otherwise, no deal.”
The muscles in her back and shoulders tightened. Oh, I’ll give you convincing, all right. You want me to beg? I’ll give you the begging performance of the century. You’ll hand me an Oscar when I’m through, you insolent son of a bitch. She regarded the man so many people adored and reminded herself of her primary mission—dig the school out of its “Improvement Required” status—then closed her eyes.
Drawing in a breath, she cleared her mind of everything except the one man who had already mastered her in many private fantasies. The elusive being to whom she would willingly submit. Willingly beg.
The Dom of her dreams.
He, the powerful male both strong and gentle, waited in shadowy relief in her mind’s eye. Though darkness masked his face, she could make out the flogger in his hand. Its many strips of leather dangled from a wooden handle.
Her Master raised the tool.
“Touch the tresses. Feel how soft they are.”
His voice, low and steady, enveloped her as if being wrapped in a comforting blanket, shielding her from any doubts and fears. 
“Yes, Sir.” She leaned forward, her arm outstretched.
“On your knees,” he instructed. “When I hold this flogger, you must always be on your knees to touch it. You will show my most favorite tool proper and unfailing respect. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” Naked and unafraid, she fell to both knees before him, and then ran her fingers through the long pieces of lambskin. Unimaginably supple, the tresses were like velvet to the touch.
“Place your hands on the floor.”
Without a moment’s hesitation, she did so, splaying her fingers and bracing herself.
Her shadow Master moved behind her, trailing the ends of the leather strips down her bare back and onto her ass. Her nerves, heightened and tingling with expectancy, danced beneath every inch of her skin. Her body ached, truly ached, to feel the biting sting of the tresses.
“Now beg,” he ordered. “Beg me to do what I know you want. What I know you need.”
Hannah’s eyelids flew open, taking in Mack Garner. As though still in her dream, her mouth moved unbidden and gave voice to words originating from her very soul.  
“Please. Oh, God, please,” she pleaded on an exhale, desperation tingeing her tone. “I want this so badly. I need this. Please, do this for me.”
The smirk on Garner’s face melted. His cheeks sagged. With the exception of the dazed look glazing his eyes, which were now the size of baseballs, his face transformed to a blank slate.
“Sincere enough for you, Mr. Garner?” she asked.

About the Author:

Brenna hails from the Lone Star state where she lives with her husband and four dogs, three of which are as big as long horns.  She’s a fun-loving writer who likes nothing better than to explore while she travels (no planned excursions, please!), eat what others cook (it works out better for everyone that way), and avoid the gym whenever possible.

Her journey through life has taken her all over the United States, as well as many places throughout the world. Using her travel experience as a guide and peppering in interesting characters she’s met along the way, she loves nothing better than weaving tales of romance and leaving readers yearning for adventures of their own.

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