Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saying Goodbye to Several Of My Favorite TV Shows

Several of my favorite TV shows are coming to an end this year, which in some ways is very fitting, at least for the ones I watch with my daughter. 

In the Fall she's going away to college- I couldn't watch our favorites without her and I doubt we'd have time to binge on them when she comes home to for school vacations.

Pretty Little Liars is a show that Ari and I have watched together from the very beginning- the show that makes us gasp, the girls that make us scream at the TV for doing stupid things over and over that puts them in's been our guilty pleasure. And after all these years, all the disappointing A reveals, and all the is coming to an end. I wonder what kind of grand finale we'll get. It better be good.

The Vampire Diaries is one we watch as a family. Ari and I drool over the Salvatore Brothers. I'm a Damon girl all the way. We've enjoyed watching his character progress from being evil, to becoming the anti-hero to being a warped ass this season. True, he's being controlled by a crazy siren but he's still being a jerk. It's going to be hard to say goodbye. Right now we're five episodes behind because...senior year and other random craziness has kept us from all being in the same room long enough to stay caught up on our shows.

We have managed to stay up to date with Grimm. This is another family show we all watch together. I have loved Grimm from the beginning. I hate to see it go though it's had a great run. I'm biting my nails wondering who he'll end up with- Adalind or Juliette. I never liked Juliette. She always annoyed me but I'm not a big Adalind fan either but for some reason she seems to fit better with Nick than Juliette ever did.

My husband and I watch Bones together- we have from the beginning. This one will be a bittersweet goodbye because this is the TV couple my husband and I most relate to. I am so Bones and he is so much Booth. I am the brainy one who is often very literal and doesn't relate well to emotion, humor, or small talk while he's the easy going, sometimes goofy, kick ass guy with a gun. And my husband and Booth both happen to be Catholic. But where Tempe is an athiest, I'm a Pagan.

Longmire is another show shared just by me and the hubby. We were so bummed when it got cancelled but elated when Netflix picked it up. Very sad to hear the final season will air this year.

Switched at Birth, another Freeform show, is also ending. Not my standard viewing material but it caught my eye when it first came out so I've stuck with it.

I think the show we'll miss the most is Teen Wolf. This is one we've always watched as a family and everyone loves it and that's all thanks to Stiles. Seriously Dylan O'Brien stole the spotlight in this show with his goofiness, sarcasm and wit he's the reason we all loved this show and he's the one we're going to miss the most. The first half of the season ended on a great tone, I'm looking forward to seeing what craziness they drop on us for the final half.

I am a TV junkie, probably more so than movies. I love television because you get to invest in the characters more- each week seeing more of them, learning more.

Good television shows come and go but great ones never leave you. I still miss Buffy, Angel and Charmed. I wonder if any of these will stay with me like Buffy has.

Even though these great shows are ending I already have new ones to fill that emptiness.

This is Us....OMG if you haven't watched this show, do it, do it now. Every damn episode will tug at your heart and pull tears from you.

Timeless is another must watch. Created by Eric Kripke- if you're a supernatural fan you recognize this name. You'll also recognize a few quirks and familiar faces. Watch this show- definitely watch it if you're a history buff.

Riverdale is a guilty pleasure watch, like Pretty Little Liars. Filled with mystery, twists, turns and shady characters it'll suck you right in.

So what shows are ending that you loved? And what new shows are on your must watch list?

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