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Music Playlist - From The Ash by Dave Heron

Hello all, My name is Dave Heron, and I am the author of the post-apocalyptic novel, From the Ash. The story follows a young woman's—Phoenix— desperate journey across a barren wasteland that most of the United States has been left in. To get back to her home state of Maine, Phoenix clings to the hope that those she loves are there waiting for her.

I thought it would be fun to put FTA’s top ten songs, a soundtrack if you will, that I listened to most as I wrote this story. These songs brought that added emotion I needed, like fuel to the fire, to give the scene that extra oomph! 

Here is top ten songs of From the Ash!

10. Failure by Breaking Benjamin. This group is one of my favorites. Anything these guys put out, I devour.

9. Run Boy Run by Woodkid. Not sure how many people know about this guy, but he is amazing. His album ‘Golden Age’ is one of my favorites of all time.

8. Who Do You Love? By Tupac. This off of the ‘Loyal to the game’ album, which I’m pretty sure is a remastered track. I could honestly put Tupac on this list for every slot. 

7. Mein Teil by Rammstein. This is Doc’s theme song. Google it, if you dare! :) 

6. Alone I Break by Korn. For all of the head banging metal these guys churn out, this song is my favorite from Korn. The haunting vocals by Jonathan Davis on this track are some of his best in my opinion. 

5. Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace. I feel this one fits well for FTA’s current state….

4. Hurt by Johnny Cash. What’s a soundtrack without the legendary, Johnny Cash!?

3. Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward. This song has stuck with me since middle school. Yes...I’m old! 

2. Mad World by Gary Jules. I just...even thinking about that beautiful piano playing as Gary Jules begins to sing. What? No, it's just something in my eye!

1. Brothers in Arms by Tom Holkenborg. This is from my favorite movie of all time; Mad Max. That movie, along with its amazing soundtrack, were the inspiration for From the Ash. It left such an impression on me that when I left, I sat down immediately and wanted to create my own post-apocalyptic world. So, thank you for that, George Miller! 

There’s my list, what’s yours? Do you have a song, soundtrack, playlist that you need while your read or write? I’d love to see your top ten!

From The Ash
The Phoenix Series
Book One
Dave Heron

Genre: Sci Fi/Dystopian

Print Length: 255 pages

Publisher: DevilDog Press


Book Description:

Five days. It took me five days to crawl out from the bowels of the rubble. I emerged from my tomb into a world nothing more than a wasteland; propelled into chaos where everyone has all but lost their humanity.

My name is Phoenix, and the world as I knew it ended that day; the day the human race was nearly eradicated, and my journey home began.

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About the Author:

Dave Heron was born in Pittsburgh, PA, where he resides with his wife, children and fur-baby. His two young boys, Max and Bennett, keep life interesting and often inspire Dave's creativity. Between juggling work, rambunctious kids and nagging wife, Dave enjoys spending time writing various genres. His greatest inspirations come from authors such as R. A. Salvatore, Brandon Sanderson and Mark Tufo.

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