Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Review Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs

Burn Bright (Alpha & Omega, #5; Mercy Thompson World - Complete, #15)Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs
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In Burn Bright, Bran is away and has left his son, Charles, in charge of the pack. Charles receives a strange call from one of the wildlings- the wolves that Bran cares for who are too unstable to be part of the regular pack. Charles takes his wife Anna with him to check out the situation. She's an Omega and can be really useful when it comes to calming down aggressive wolves.

They weren't expecting what they found. The situation is dire and problematic for the entire pack. There is a traitor in the mix...a traitor I didn't see coming until close to the end...right about the time they themselves figured it out. It was a shock.

This book is a nail biting, page turning, on the edge of your seat can't stop reading adventure. So much was going on I could not put this book down until I got the whole story and knew who was doing what. So many twists and turns...and emotions. Holy cow, the emotions this book stirred up.

We get several in depth views of characters, new ones, and ones we haven't seen much of before like Leah, Bran's mate.

There was also a jaw dropping revelation regarding Mercy and Bran. Seriously I did not see that at all. Now I want to go back and read everything with new eyes.

This was one of, if not the best book in this world so far. I swear each book just gets better.

Patricia Briggs is in my top five favorite authors of all time.

The Mercy Thompson World is probably in my top three book series that I absolutely love and must read.

I've read all the Mercy Books and all of the Alpha & Omega books. If you read either series you should be reading both because you really get a much more in depth look at characters from different points of view and you see a more complete picture of this world...and what a world it is. Briggs has built a complex world that I just can't get enough of.

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About the Book:

In her bestselling Alpha and Omega series, Patricia Briggs "spins tales of werewolves, coyote shifters, and magic and, my, does she do it well" (USATODAY.com). Now mated werewolves Charles Cornick and Anna Latham face a threat like no other--one that lurks too close to home...

They are the wild and the broken. The werewolves too damaged to live safely among their own kind. For their own good, they have been exiled to the outskirts of Aspen Creek, Montana. Close enough to the Marrok's pack to have its support; far enough away to not cause any harm.

With their Alpha out of the country, Charles and Anna are on call when an SOS comes in from the fae mate of one such wildling. Heading into the mountainous wilderness, they interrupt the abduction of the wolf--but can't stop blood from being shed. Now Charles and Anna must use their skills--his as enforcer, hers as peacemaker--to track down the attackers, reopening a painful chapter in the past that springs from the darkest magic of the witchborn...

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Anne said...

I love the Mercy books, so far this spin off has been "meh" for me, but your review gives me hopes. Hmmm, the revelation of something between Bran and Mercy has my mind racing.