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Review - Five Fangs for Nine of Stars by Laura Bickle

Nine of Stars (Dark Alchemy, #3)Nine of Stars by Laura Bickle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series just keeps getting better.

Nine of Stars introduces us to a new monster, SkinFlint Jack who is hunting wolves, that are more than wolves. Where did this monster come from? In this series just about all roads lead to Alchemy.

Petra and Gabe know magic is involved so they go on the hunt to take down Jack in the middle of a blizzard while being chased by an insane sheriff who thinks Gabe is responsible for his cousin, Sal Rutherford's, death. This frozen trek is quite a nail biting adventure filled with twists, turns and many revelations. The one I found most interesting relates to Sig.

The book focuses on four main characters- Nine, the wolf, Petra, Gabe, and Owen the Sheriff and cousin to Gabe's deceased boss, Sal Rutherford.

Owen's story is quite interesting because he's discovering magic and monsters for the first time, even though he has a ghost that follows him around.

Nine is obviously more than just a wolf, her story adds depth and a touch of sadness.

Petra and Gabe's relationship gets deeper with each book. Their love grows and the bond between them becomes more intense, even though both of them are rather clumsy with love. Petra has a no nonsense approach to relationships and isn't sure what to do with it. Gabe's experience is from over a century ago and he's not exactly sure how to handle a modern woman. But they make it work even with all the obstacles put in their path.

The I'm so glad I waited to read Nine of Stars until the next book was available because after that ending I can jump right into Witch Creek, the next book in the series.

Nine of Stars is simultaneously the third book in the DARK ALCHEMY trilogy (Dark Alchemy and Mercury Retrograde) and the first installment of the WILDLANDS series. I highly recommend reading Dark Alchemy and Mercury Retrograde so you know the full story before jumping into Nine of Stars.

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