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Interview and Release Day Blitz Enchantress by Kristy Centeno

What inspired your story?

The inspiration for the Giver of Life trilogy came in the form of a simple idea that I molded into a story little by little. When writing, I tend to explore concepts that don’t always follow the norm. I like to push myself outside the box and go outside my comfort zone and I believe that with this trilogy, I did exactly that.

Enchanters are magical beings that are neither immortal nor immune to the dark powers or influence of their enemies. While the trilogy itself was Leah Parker’s journey into the magical aspect of her life she knew nothing about, it was also a story about personal growth. Like so many people, she’s insecure and often doubts herself, and as she is forced to face scenarios that push her limits, she has no choice but to fight for what’s right even if it hurts others. Or it breaks her heart.

As the reader goes through the books they will have insight to how dramatic her changes are and how she decides to deal with each situation as they come.

Is the setting to your story important?

The setting is important. Absolutely. Leah Parker is trekking through uncharted territory and not only is her life at stake, but that of hundreds of humans who depend on her survival to live themselves. Every scene and what ensues in each scenario is important to move the plot along to the next twist and turn. 

The settings in this trilogy have some kind of connection or link to one character or another. And the more the reader explores their world the more every scene or setting will make sense.

What genres do you normally write in?

Paranormal Romance, Young Adult, and New Adult.

Is there a genre you haven’t written in that one day you’d like to tackle?

Yes, I would like to write historical fantasy. I have wanted to dive into a particular project in that specific genre but previous commitments have taken precedence for now. I haven’t abandoned the desire to write that book, but I’ve put it off for now.

What was the first book you ever published?

The first book I ever published was Enchanter (Giver of Life, book 1). It was published by a different publisher back in 2012. I never got around to finishing the trilogy as after I tackled other projects, I was simply very unsatisfied with Enchanter and couldn’t bring myself to complete the trilogy. So I moved on to write Secrets of the Moon, Bound to the Moon, Full Moon, The Dark Side of the Moon, Blood Moon (Secrets of the Moon saga). I also published Keeper of the Lost Souls, Keeper of the Innocents, Blood in the Shadows, Midnight, Deliverance and Dissension.

After these books were completed and the rights for Enchanter were returned to me, I decided to rewrite Enchanter and finally get it to where I wished I had taken it five years prior. Once Enchanter was rewritten, I made it my goal to finally finish the trilogy after waiting for so long to finish Leah Parker’s story and journey into the magic world she was once oblivious to.

What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done when it came to a storyline in your book?

I’ve killed a favorite character in the Secrets of the Moon saga for which I’ve received emails for readers kindly voicing their displeasure for it.

However, the plot twists I threw in the Giver of Life trilogy might top that. Maybe. Or maybe readers will enjoy the difference in pace and how the story develops. I don’t know, but I had fun during the journey and I hope it’s well received.

Giver of Life Trilogy
Book Two
Kristy Centeno

Genre: Paranormal/Young Adult/New Adult

Publisher: Inkspell Publishing

Date of Publication: April 17, 2018

ISBN: Ebook: 978-1-945910-56-2
Print: 978-1-945910-57-9

Number of pages: 325
Word Count: 90,000

Cover Artist: Najla Qamber

Tagline: She gave him hope. He gave her life.

Book Description:

Fate brought them together. Will evil break them apart?

Leah Parker’s visit to her hometown is supposed to bring her closer to the truth behind her identity. What she doesn’t anticipate is the handsome stranger with almond eyes claiming to be her Pair.

Her world once again upturned with the arrival of the man chosen to be her life partner, Leah is pulled between the feelings she’s always had for the friend she left behind, and those for the compelling stranger determined to save her from certain death—at whatever the cost. 

With an ancient evil out to finish what it started twenty-one years before, will Leah find peace within her troubled mind and heart to fight back and win? Or will her disconnection with her newfound powers hinder her only chance at survival?

His sacrifice…is her salvation.

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Excerpt 1:

I opened my mouth to shout out a warning as the Soul Devourer leaped from the roof. The man-beast made no sound, gave no warning, though the promise of death was written on his ethereal face. Swift on his feet, Jae swung the flaming sword around as he pivoted. The shiny blade sliced through the man-creature’s neck in midair, just under the chin, decapitating him with a clean cut a butcher would be proud of—all before I could spit out a single, cautionary word. The head went one direction while the body crumpled to the ground in a heap of unmoving limbs, inches from Jae’s shoes.
The Soul Devourer’s emaciated frame began to disintegrate into a pile of black ash mere seconds after it touched the ground, its chest bursting open like a piƱata to reveal a glowing blue light within the hollow cavity. Several white orbs flowed out of the hole in rapid succession, forming groups of three or more. The spheres danced around Jae for a mere fraction of second, as if to thank him for his good deed, before soaring up toward the sky, vanishing within a few blinks.
Souls, I realized. They were souls stolen from countless victims, trapped within the grotesque body of the Soul Devourer and forced to endure a cruel torment. And what of those that were never released? Where did they end up?
The Soul Devourer’s entire body turned to ash and was blown away by the wind by the time I snapped out of my shocked surprise. One down. How many more to go?
A furious hiss resonated from somewhere behind the tomb situated to my right. I rotated to confront the oncoming night freak, fan gripped tightly in my hand. He came barreling around the corner so fast, I nearly lost my nerve and bolted. Instead, I shimmied to my left two seconds before it reached me— disgracefully tripping over my own feet in my haste to avoid its elongated talons.

About the Author:

Kristy Centeno is the author of the Secrets of the Moon saga and Keeper Witches series.

She has always had a passion for books and after years of being an avid reader, she decided to transform her desire to write into a reality and thus, her first novel was born. When she’s not busy taking care of her five children or holding down the fort, she finds time to sit and do what she loves the most: writing.

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