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Guest Blog with M.L. Mastran - Favorite Vampire and Werewolf Movies

Hello all! M.L. Mastran here; author of Albion Moon, the first in a series.  I would like to tell you a little about my book and how I got to where I’m at with it. So, real quick, here’s a bit about Albion Moon. Evaline's brother is missing. She's desperate to find out what happened to him. As she digs deeper into his disappearance, the mystery reveals an ancient family secret carried through the bloodline that began centuries ago in the Scottish Highlands. As this secret from the old world closes in on Evaline, she tries to sort through her disconcerting feelings towards the mysterious Mason. He not only seems to always know when she is in danger, but he is insistent on protecting her, no matter the cost.

Exciting eh? Well here’s more about how I got to writing about werewolves…..yes werewolves.  So, I’ve been reading and watching the paranormal/supernatural since I was young so I have always been enthralled with it. Vampires and werewolves are the most intriguing. I enjoy seeing how vampires have evolved and the different ways they are portrayed in both film and in books. Incidentally, I even have a top 10 favorite vampires in series and film below so check it out!  The same can be said for werewolves. Werewolves, unlike vampires, can be found in ancient mythologies which made it so much fun for me to pick at! J When I started Albion Moon I wanted my werewolves to be different. In using the hit series Charmed (the original one) formula, my characters are a family dealing with everyday things; bills, groceries, sibling squabbles, etc., oh yeah, they happen to be werewolves. Along comes my protagonist Evaline, who unbeknownst to her, is connected to the family. She of course finds more out as she trying to find out what happened to her brother. My favorite part of Albion Moon is the back story! I love History, hence my degree in it, but whatever I write, I usually have a history arc in it somehow. The backstory of Albion Moon was taken right out of the history books with the ancient Scottish Highlands. 

So I decided to add a supernatural twist to it….makes for good drama. So, for you romantics, enter Mason, one of the brothers in our family, who absolutely becomes captivated by Evaline. She definitely wasn’t looking for love but of course, as in life, it happens when we don’t expect it. I did want to explain a bit how my werewolves are in the book. Werewolves are sometimes portrayed as evil or it’s a curse.  There are of course exceptions; Teen Wolf and Twilight, but those aside, one of my biggest influences were the Underworld movies.  Now, I really do appreciate the classics and nothing beats a great werewolf flick with popcorn and a fuzzy blanket on a cold night. I also have a top 10 favorite werewolves in film and series below.  J As for my werewolves, they are combinations of all we have seen.

M’s Top 10 Vampire flicks!

1)     Nosferatu (1922, movie, classic)- scary!

2)     The Strain (series)- creepy!

3)     30 Days of Night- (movie) scary!

4)     Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1990’s)

5)     From Dusk til Dawn (movie)

6)     Salem’s Lot (original)

7)     John Carpenter’sVampires

8)     The Lost Boys (classic)

9)     Blade (original)

10) Subspecies (classic)

**Honorable mentions Fright Night (original), The Passage (anticipated-series), Interview with a Vampire and True blood (HBO series)

M’s Top 10 Werewolf flicks!

1)     An American Werewolf in London (classic)

2)     The Howling (original)

3)     Underworld Movies- those werewolves!

4)     The Wolfman (original and reboot)

5)     Gingersnaps (original)

6)     Wolf (with Jack Nicholson)

7)     Stephen King’s Silver bullet

8)     Wolfen (classic)

9)     Dog Soldiers

10)   Cursed (2005)

**Honorable Mentions J Curse of the Werewolf (classic) and Teen Wolf (movie)

Albion Moon
Albion Moon Chronicles
Book 1
M.L. Mastran

Genre: mystery/suspense/paranormal/romance

Publisher: Champagne Book Group

Date of Publication: August 2018

ISBN: 978-1-947128-36-1 (e-book)
ISBN: 978-1-947128-37-8 (print)

Number of pages: 171              
Word Count: 94,000

Cover Artist: Creative Paramita

Tagline: Stand up and fight or lose everything

Book Description:

Evaline's brother is missing. She's desperate to find out what happened to him. As she digs deeper into his disappearance, the mystery reveals an ancient family secret carried through the bloodline that began centuries ago in the Scottish Highlands. As this secret from the old world closes in on Evaline, she tries to sort through her disconcerting feelings towards the mysterious Mason. He not only seems to always know when she is in danger, but he is insistent on protecting her, no matter the cost.

As the old world collides with the new, Evaline discovers she must choose to stand and fight or risk losing everything, and everyone, she holds dear.

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The Blue Dawn was booming by ten o’clock. At the heckling of Jonas, I decided to bring Laine, to get him out of the house. We walked in, and there at the end of the bar were the brothers including Mason. He turned and smiled at me as I went to him.
Jonas lit up and put a beer mug to the air as Laine hobbled on crutches over to the bar. “Whew! What up, bro? This here is what you need.”
I couldn’t help but laugh. Isaac stood behind the bar and pulled out some shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey. Lucy tended bar on the other side, and she made her way to us. Aaron sat next to Mason, and Jonas stood on the other side. Kristy was as was Lizzy. They came over when we walked in.
Mason turned to me. “You all right?”
“I’m good.”
But he continued to look at me curiously.
“I don’t know,” he said. “Something’s different.”
I thought a moment. “Well, we had a family talk about the whole mess with Campbell and Jimmy.”
“And?” he asked intently.
“And I need you to drive me to the state police. Think you can do that?”
A smiled crossed his lips. “I can do that. So now you are okay with help?”
I shrugged, as he leaned to kiss me.
Aaron cleared his throat. “Ahem. Not to interrupt a moment, but can we toast now?”
The group burst into laughter. Jonas waved for Kristy to join us, and we lifted our shot glasses.
Isaac went first. “To healing.”
Everyone agreed, and we drank. Lucy, Lizzy, and Kristy went back to working as Isaac cleaned up behind the bar. Aaron sat next to Mason, drinking a beer and talking to Jonas and Laine. The room was filled with the smell of beer, sweat, smoke, and Coca-Cola. The aromas were overbearing at times. Pamela, one of the waitresses, walked behind Isaac, and Jonas watched with a big grin.
“She wants you so bad.” Jonas winked at his brother.
Isaac said nothing but smirked.
She came back a moment later. “Hey, Evaline.”
“Hi, Pam. Looks like a good night.”
She agreed and went to her table with a tray of drinks.
Kristy came over. “It’s my break, going out for a quick smoke.”
I jumped up. “I’ll come with you. I need some air anyway.” I turned to Mason. “Be right back.”
He nodded, and Kristy smiled as I followed her out the rear door. There was a security light extending from the roof, which lit a small area with a picnic table and a trash can. We sat on the table with our feet on the bench and gazing out into the dark woods. Moonlight filled some dark gaps with light, and other than the music from inside, there was silence. Kristy lit up her cigarette
“I thought you quit?”
“Recent reoccurrence. I guess with Mom, and now this shit with Campbell.”
I knew the pain well.
She bent her head to me. “Eva, can I ask you something?”
“The Jimmy situation aside, are you happy here?”
That was something I hadn’t thought much about. Happiness was a word which seemed so distant with everything that had been happening lately. However, I could honestly say I was happy with some aspects but not all. The sensation of being incomplete, because I couldn’t find Jimmy, but the strong sense of danger I knew I was in left me with an uncertainty, and the pressure to protect what little family I had left at all costs weighed on me.
Then there was Mason—my sense of safety and, strangely enough, power. My strange attraction to him complicated everything. It wasn’t something I intended, but I firmly believed everything happened for a reason. The reason was the riddle.
Finally, I answered the best way I could. “I am happy here with you and Laine, but I’m not content. I don’t think I can be until I know what happened to Jimmy.”
She sighed. “I just—I just don’t want you to leave.”
I shook my head. “I’m not leaving unless the danger gets too close to you and Laine.”
Her expression looked troubled as I continued, “Kristy, you two are all I have left. I will not let them take you away too, and if I have to leave to keep you safe, then I go.”
She was about to say something in protest, but there was strange thud. We both looked toward the old fence that separated the break area from the parking lot. She got up and peered out into the dark. An arm reached from around the fence and grabbed her—it happened so fast, neither of us had time to think.
I shot up but froze as a man appeared holding Kristy tight by her throat. Her terrified eyes locked with mine. He said nothing as he stared at me. I recognized him. The man who had attacked me. He had a crazed look, something wild, and his dark eyes glowed. His face seemed distorted, but I concentrated on Kristy. When he finally spoke, I noticed his elongated canine teeth. He resembled something from a Lon Chaney flick.
“This wouldn’t have had to happen if you would have just backed off to begin with. If you do not give us this supposed evidence you have, you will see how very serious we are. Watch and learn.”
My heart sank. Before he could move though, another man clutched me from behind. I kicked and yelled. “You kill her, you’ll never find what I have, and you’ll all go down!”
The man stopped moving. He’d pricked Kristy’s throat with his knife, but now he kept still. His head tilted.
The man who was holding me in an iron grip spoke up. “Tell Campbell we have her and take that one out back and finish it.”
I screamed as he covered my mouth with his hand, my gaze never leaving Kristy as the man dragged her out of sight. I fought with everything I had as he yanked me toward the parking lot. Without warning, he froze then lifted his head, sniffing the air. There, standing in front of us, was Mason, Isaac, Jonas, and Aaron. All four had the same rage-filled look, and Mason’s gaze never left me and the guy holding me.
“How nice, the MacCowans came out to play.”
The brothers didn’t even flinch. It was the first time I had heard Mason’s family called by their ancestral name by someone other than themselves. Everyone knew them as the Cowans. How did these men know them? Worse yet, did the brothers know who these men were?
Isaac had a hold on Mason, who was ready to pounce on my attacker. Isaac spoke with firmness, but he was cool and collected as he said, “Little too far west, boys, don’t you think?”
In the next moment all my suspicions, all those telltale dreams, everything Jimmy and Grandma had been trying to tell me about what Mason really was—all of it was confirmed. It wasn’t just him—it was all four of the brothers.
I stared at Mason, who was fixated on my attacker—who appeared to be changing as well. Their eyes glowed bright, and their bodies heaved unnaturally. The thing was, it didn’t matter what any of them were. Certainly didn’t matter what Mason was either.
Right then, all that mattered was getting to Kristy. I gritted my teeth then slammed my head back. The crack of breaking bone sounded like a gun shot. He screeched in pain, and his grip loosened. With a wrench of my body, I broke free of his grasp.
Mason and his brothers lunged at him even as I scrambled away.
Yelling for Kristy, I bolted toward the woods. At the edge, I slowed as I caught sight of her lying on the ground. Behind her was the same pepper-black wolf from the hospital parking lot.
“Don’t move,” Lucy’s voice cut through my thoughts. She came literally out of nowhere, and now she had her hand on my arm, holding me back.
I did what she told me to and froze, and the big wolf stopped as four equally large wolves advanced on it. One of the four turned to me, gazing at me for a long moment—my gray wolf. That’s when the reality of who the wolf was finally washed over me. Every breath told me it was impossible, but my heart knew the truth. The black wolf snorted, bared his teeth, and fled as the others took off after him in pursuit. In a blink, my wolf was gone.
I watched them disappear into the forest anxiously, but shook it off and ran to Kristy, who was motionless in a pool of blood. No! No! No! I kept screaming in my head as I knelt beside her and pulled her to me. She gasped and made gurgling sounds.
Lucy and I put our hands to her throat to try to slow the bleeding. “Kristy, you stay with me, please don’t leave… Don’t you leave me too.”
Lucy was trying to soothe Kristy the best she could.
“Lucy, we need to get her into the car.
She shook her head. “No, the ambulance is here.”
I observed in disbelief at the ambulance almost upon us. How did it get here so fast?

About the Author:

Nothing captures the attention of M.L. Mastran more than writing a good story with amazing characters and a history arc that made the history books. This is Albion Moon in every sense.

On the flip side, M.L. can also journey to another world completely and pull the same elements with fantasy and make the reader yearn for more. Her uncanny ability to blend genres makes her unique to the literary world and an absolute reading joy. From the first moment you open the page, curiosity will pull you in and keep you engrossed in the story as you take the voyage with the characters to different places and times; to experience the events as they unfold.

Whether being told from a one character perspective or several points of view, her stories will unfold in your mind like a movie playing in your head. This is what pushes M.L to write her stories. It’s the thrill of the read and the drive to carry readers away that will make this trip to the literary world of imagination all the sweeter.

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