Tuesday, July 9, 2019

New Release: The Complete Smoke Trilogy by Tanya Huff and A Look at Vampire TV Series

I discovered Tanya Huff several years ago when the show Blood Ties premiered on Lifetime. I quickly fell in love with Henry Fitzroy, 470 year old vampire and bastard son of Henry the 8th.

The show premiered on Lifetime in March 2007. It lasted for 2 seasons and 22 episodes. In May 2008 Lifetime declined to renew the series...which I think was a huge mistake on their part. Perhaps the show was a little darker and more paranormal than their normal shows but in November 2008 the vampire craze launched thanks to the Twilight movie being released. Vampires were hot and in demand. The show could have flourished.

But it premiered about a year too early. 

Just like Moonlight which also premiered in 2007 and was axed in May 2008. I wonder if those TV execs kicked themselves for cancelling those shows after the vampire craze amped up and all things vamp were hot sellers. 

Other series of vampire books turned into TV shows at just the right time were wildly popular. 

The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris were turned into True Blood on HBO which launched in September 2008 and lasted through August 2014.

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith were turned into a TV series for The CW. The show premiered in September 2009 and lasted through March 2017 and produced 2 spin off series, The Originals and Legacies.

But thanks to Blood Ties being cancelled I went in search of more Henry through the Blood Books, which the show was based on. I loved them and really wish there were more.

I never got around to reading The Smoke Trilogy. A side character from the Blood Books, Tony, is the main character. 

Henry appears in the smoke books as a side character but it's just not the same. I loved the chemistry between Vicki and Henry and Vicki and Mike. The books were more intense than the TV series.

I have just started The Smoke Trilogy though, so I'm giving it more time. It's different, and that doesn't mean bad. I just need to connect to Tony and his story.

In the meantime when I'm not reading the trilogy, I think I'll pull out my DVDs of Blood Ties, try to remember how the DVD player works (it's been awhile since I used it) and re-watch the series.

About The Complete Smoke Trilogy

Now in an omnibus edition, the Lambda Award-nominated supernatural Smoke series presents contemporary fantasy with a gothic twist.

Book 1-

When Tony Foster relocated to Vancouver with his vampire Henry Fitzroy, he knew it was his chance to get his act together. In an example of art echoing life, Tony landed a job as production assistant for the syndicated TV show, Darkest Night, a series about a vampire detective. And except for his unrequited crush on the show's handsome co-star, Lee Nicholas, Tony was pretty content.

Until everything started to fall apart on the set.

It began with shadows­­--shadows where they didn't belong, that almost had an existence of their own. Tony tried to ignore it--until he found Nikki Waugh's body, and felt the shadow's touch, and a stunt crash went wrong for no discernible reason--and Tony knew that he had to find out what was threatening everyone on the set.

Book 2-

Tony Foster, a former street kid, is given a second chance by vampire Henry Fitzroy, when they both relocate to Vancouver. Tony lands a job as a production assistant for a TV show, Darkest Night, about the adventures of a vampire detective.

Everything is going fine until shadowy forces from another dimension attack the crew, and Tony discovers he’s a fledgling wizard. 

Things have been quiet on the set since the defeat of the shadows. Then Chester Bane, head of the company, rents Caulfield House, a long-deserted, turn-of-the-century mansion, to shoot an episode about a haunted house. It should be an easy week, with a perfect setting, but there’s one little hitch—Caulfield House is really haunted

Book 3-

Fledgling wizard Tony is now an assistant director on "Darkest Night," the syndicated TV series about a vampire detective. But it's hard to concentrate on the latest episode when a Demonic Convergence is allowing lesser demons entry to our world, and the sexy stuntwoman, Leah, is also an immortal Demongate whose death would open the way to unimaginable peril. Can Tony halt the Convergence, keep Leah alive, and still have a career? Or will his artistic ambitions-not to mention the rest of the world-go up in smoke?

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