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Review of Winter Lost by Patricia Briggs

Winter Lost (Mercy Thompson, #14)Winter Lost by Patricia Briggs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Patricia Briggs never disappoints...

Mercy is dealing with repercussions after her tangle with the Soul Taker. Plus Bonarata is subtly tormenting Mercy with horrific phone calls.

In true Mercy style, she's hiding the worst of it from Adam and the rest of her loved ones. Of course, they know she's more damaged than she's letting on so they're trying to find ways to help her.

Then her brother Gary shows up, unable to communicate and seeming to be in the thrall of some kind of curse. They enlist help from unlikely Fae sources who possibly made things worse while showcasing a weakness in the pack (which will probably come back to bite them in the ass later as it wasn't fully explored in this book).

Gary's troubles send Mercy and Adam into an unnatural snowstorm in the middle of nowhere Montana to save Gary. The mission ends up being more complicated than they thought with much more on the line than they could have possibly imagined.

New characters and multiple points of view depart from the usual format of the Mercy books but Briggs weaves everything together seamlessly. Briggs has multiple characters with their own needs and desires, all creating little plot bunnies of story threads woven together to create arcs that will reach throughout the series into future books. Incredible.

Action-packed from cover to cover. The main storyline was wrapped up but all the little threads left dangling are sure to be pulled into future books for exploration. I can't wait to read what's next.

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