Monday, May 18, 2009

A Review of Undead and Unwelcome by Mary Janice Davidson

This is the first Mary Janice Davidson book that I have read and it wasn't at all what I was expecting. Vampire Queen Betsy is a flake! Not at all what one would expect from the Queen of the Undead. It's funny how Betsy mentally checks out while people are talking to her then she has no idea what's going on. Or she begins to think out loud which makes her look like a crazed idiot. Wow. I couldn't stop laughing and snickering.

This book was laugh out loud funny. My husband kept asking me why I was laughing. All I could say was "this book".

Undead and Unwelcome is the 8th book in the Undead series by Mary Janice Davidson. In this book Queen Betsy and her husband Sinclair are taking their friend Antonia's body back to her pack. Antonia was a werewolf that sacrificed herself to save Betsy. Now they have to confront the huge and powerful werewolf pack in Cape Cod, totally unaware of how the pack will react or what they will expect from the vampires.

Meanwhile back at home Betsy's half sister, the devil's daughter, is totally losing her mind and their friend Marc keeps emailing Betsy with cryptic messages she can't decipher.

Betsy took her half brother BabyJon with her to Cape Cod but can't explain why the werewolves act so strange around him. The leader Michael totally forgets the baby is there, repeatedly asking "what baby?" even though Betsy stands there with BabyJon in her arms.

Undead and Unwelcome is a hysterical ride on the dark side with plotting werewolves, flaky vampires, and the spawn of Satan with mental issues. It is a fast paced read full of quick wit and interesting (inner) dialogue, Mary Janice Davidson knows how to hook readers even when the story is totally not what they were expecting. Somehow Davidson has turned death and darkness and the world of the paranormal into a lighthearted read that is fun and interesting and very addicting.

Now I have to go get the first 7 books in the series so I can catch up. What is the deal with Betsy and hubby Sinclair. It seems like animosity and love rolled together as one. The whole calling him Sink Lair and some of the barbs and potshots she kinda throws his way sometimes make me wonder if they have to be together or are because they fell madly in love with each other. Like I said gotta catch up on the story.

Though I can totally relate, marriage is a love hate thing. When you are so close to someone there are bound to be some issues that you dislike about them, issues that can cause extreme snarkiness. I know that all too well.

Anyway this laugh out loud book is sure to put a smile on your face and if you are a fan of the series I guess this book answers some questions that remained unanswered in previous books, like what is the deal with BabyJon (what will he be called when he's not a baby anymore, hmmm)?


Estella said...

The previous seven books are funny, too. I truly enjoyed them and am looking forward to reading #8.

SciFiGuy said...

I'm an MJD fan and just loved your take on the book as a new reader to the series. Betsy is always trying to push Sinclair's buttons because he acts like such a stuffed shirt most of the time and it's her way of trying to loosen him up.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Thanks SciFiGuy for the update, I must admit I love that you are a book loving guy (don't see a whole lot of them , especially in this genre), totally cool and you always have such great insight on the books. I could see us having coffee or something (I am an unrepentant caffeine addict) and talking books for hours.

I can so relate to pushing buttons on significant others. My husband and I are polar opposites, me being more of the stuffed shirt him running wild without social boundaries embarrassing the hell out of me sometimes. We push buttons constantly.

MJD is great though, I've heard a lot about her books, as far as her name coming up and she's been on my to-read list as I make my way through paranormal authors but like I said totally not what I was expecting, I knew she was humorous but Betsy is a riot. A vampire queen more into shoes than being the queen of the undead, too funny.