Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guest Blog with Marie March

Thanks Roxanne for having me on Fang-tastic books—-I love this blog!

Okay, my name is Marie March and in my other life (under two different pen names) I'm an historical romance author, and an award-winning children's author. So what induced me to write erotic paranormal romance with a focus on vampires? Ever since Dracula, (Frank Langella) oozed mega-sexuality with a huge dose of danger onto the big screen, I've been fascinated with vampires and the idea any woman would succumb to his will…no matter the circumstance. In my debut book, SAVAGE CRAVINGS, I explore the vampire appeal.

Now think a moment; if an ordinary guy materialized outside your bedroom window after dark, scratched on the window pane and demanded entrance, or shadowed your every move insisting you will love him, and then expressed a desire to drink your blood, what would you do? No matter how gorgeous he appeared my guess is, you'd wear down the heels of your best party shoes sprinting to the cop-shop, demanding 24 hour protection and a restraining order against the nut-job.

Yet, given the above facts, the vampire's allure is absolutely irresistible…but why? Speaking for myself, if a sinfully sexy, rich and cultured, master of seduction decided his only requirements were to see me naked and willing, well, I'd say this all-you-can-eat-buffet is hot and ready to serve! In addition to the reasons stated (like you need convincing!) the vampire has a lot more working in his favor. Mainly, he comes without the bothersome qualities of the human male. Let's face it, Dracula/Eric/Bill isn't going to leave his dirty underwear and socks on the floor within inches of the hamper, or adjust his ample package in public. And I've yet to read a book, or see a movie, where a vampire empties his pockets, leaving coins, crumpled bills, gum and lint over every available surface… possibly after swigging a beer and burping open a door.

Adversely, the vampire appeal conceals a horrible façade which lures you into a twisted world of sex, obsession, blood-letting, and multiple orgasms, but what a way to go.

SAVAGE CRAVINGS release date 5 Apr 2010
INSATIABLE release date TBA
LET it BLEED release date TBA

For centuries Viggo has survived as a vampire, a creature of the night. He is the ruler of many, having his selection of women and men. Yet, the one woman he seeks remains elusive and has for centuries; until now. Once he finds her, she is powerless to resist the pull of glausdane. He knows he must let her recover, but her blood is an elixir, an orgiastic feast for the senses.

Run to ground and gravely injured, Dayna, Earth daughter of Danu accepts death may be imminent. As her life essence slowly drains away she claims only one regret; having never known the pleasures of sex. Dying a virgin was so not what she intended, and with sex the last thought on her mind she slips into unconsciousness.

When Dayna regains her senses she's aware of a long finger toying with a nipple, and an unexpected impulse to fuck. Fortunately for her, a gorgeous vampire with ethereal turquoise eyes is ready to satisfy her lust. Viggo has been waiting centuries for his glausdane, and the feral animal inside is in danger of overwhelming his plan to initiate her slowly. Will Dayna be able to tame the beast lurking within Viggo, or will she become yet another victim of his savage cravings


Marie March has traveled all over the world, lived in three countries and fourteen cities. For the moment she calls the Midwest her home, though firmly believes home is where the heart is; and her heart has been and always will be with her husband.


Susan Blexrud said...

Marie, lovely interview. I was heartened by your writing journey. Mine has been similar, though in reverse. I began with my vampire series, and now I'm writing a children's book about a mouse. Tell me, do you use different pen names for your very different genres? Thanks, Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, thanks for the kind words. :) Yes, I do use different pen names. I write my children's books under my maiden name, the historical romances under my married name. And my paranormal pen name is a combination of my middle name and birth month. I found early on using different names cut down on ms and publisher confusion. I made the mistake once of sending my children's ms to the romance editor and vice-versa; talk about confusing--lol Best of luck with your children's book!

Misty said...

Nice interview Marie and Roxanne, this sounds like a book I could really sink my eyes into...LOL
Seriously, this sounds like a really good book to me, I had not heard of it or Marie before today so thanks for introducing me to a new author with a great book.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Misty! I hope you'll check it out on 5 APR 2010 at eXcessica publishing--it's a bit of a wait, but I think it'll be worth it! lol

If you'd like updates about any of my e-books, please go to:

www.myspace.com/mariemarch Hope to see you there!

Unknown said...

Hi :)
Thank you for taking the time to guest post here Marie. I love your take on the irresistablility of vampires. I've put SAVAGE CRAVINGS and INSATIABLE on my ToBeRead list!
Thanks for sharing,
All the best,
PS - Do you find it takes a different mindset to write in different genres?

Anonymous said...

Hi RK! Thanks for taking the time to check out the post. :) I hope you enjoy my books! As far as having different mind sets for different genres--sometimes it can be hard switching gears to the children's books, but I find it's more of a challenge focusing on one story at a time! One plot for the historicals might trigger something for the paranormals and then I'm scribbling on catalogs and backs of old bills, until I can get to my computer again. lol It certainly keeps my creative process fresh!
Take care~ :)