Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Musings November 16, 2009

Monday again. Wow the time is just flying by.

I worked all weekend...and cleaned though you can't tell. My family is a tornado-I clean and they destroy in seconds. The life of a mom...

Anyway at least I got a little bit done on my novel this weekend, worked on a few shorts and tried to catch up on reviews and assignments. Arg. Not enough time or energy to get everything done.

This week is going to be another busy one. I have lots of errands to run, things to do- holidays coming up...and my oldest's 18th birthday. Sniff.

His birthday is the day before Thanksgiving so I really have my hands full, plus I am depressed my "baby" will soon be leaving me. He'll graduate in the spring and then he's off- we're just not sure where yet. He keeps changing his mind, now wants to go where his girlfriend is going. Hmm. Perhaps not such a great idea. Especially since it's still here in Flint.

I want to shove him out of the nest to go experience the world (or at least another city).

Of course it breaks my heart to let my boy go but that's a mother's job is to send their babies out into the world, hopefully prepared enough to survive on their own. Doesn't mean I have to be happy about it though.

Anyway this week I'll be preparing for my son's birthday and Thanksgiving and I'll be working so I may not be around much.

Speaking of time, I need a new ebook reviewer. The two I had are focusing on other things right now including their own sites (Chris) and the upcoming holidays.

So I need a couple ebooks reviewers to write reviews. The perk? You get free ebooks.

I am so swamped with scheduling guest posts, promo days, contests and trying to keep up with print reviews (not to mention my own writing) I don't have time to do many ebook reviews. Plus once I am done on the computer I want to curl up with a book in the evening, not another computer or electronic device.

So if you would like to review ebooks for me please send me your name, email and some samples of previous reviews (this can be links). Also let me know what types of books you are willing to review paranormal, urban fantasy, erotica, erotic romance, straight M/F, M/M, F/F, etc. I get requests for everything so please let me know what you would like to review. I already have a few books waiting. Send your info to eroticroxanne @ yahoo. com

Have you got a copy of Eternal Desire yet? If not head over to Nicole Hadaway's blog for a chance to win a pdf download

I am still scheduling authors and books for my holiday events as well- I think the 25 Naughty Days of Christmas at Roxanne's Realm is going to be good...and bad as in very, very naughty.

Speaking of Naughty Christmas, my story "Candy Cane Thrills" is in the now available Seriously Sexy Stocking Filler released by Xcite Books. They saved the best for last, because my story is the last in the book. ;-)

BTW, I also need more holiday paranormal books and authors for the 25 Days Paranormal Days of Christmas-interviews, guest posts, giveaways, goodies and more are wanted.

One last thing then I am done blathering for the day, please drop by and check out the kiss scenes for the Under the Mistletoe Contest. Mine is Jack Frost Nibbling at My Lips.


Chris said...

Sorry!! :( Hey, if you had a lot of m/m ebook review requests, I could do a few of those pretty happily, since that's been 95% of my reading lately. No menage, please...

~Jody said...

Hi! I heard your looking for someone to review books... (I found you from Stumbling over Chaos.) I haven't really done book reviews before but I'd really like to - and I read like a fiend so that's a plus. Bonus - it would give me some fodder for my poor neglected blog.