Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Review of Real Men Have Fangs by Susan Blexrud

Married life is bliss when you are married to the hottest, sexiest vampire around! Lauren and John Wright get down and dirty, in Susan Blexrud’s new novel, REAL MEN HAVE FANGS, the sequel to FANG SHUI. It is a scary vampire tale full of wit, zip and sizzling escapades.

Category: Paranormal Romance
Reviewer: Michele Rioli
Reviewer Email:
Author: Susan Blexrud
Publisher: DCL Publications
Release Date: October 2009
ISBN Number: 978-0-9842828-1-4
Author Homepage:
Rating: 5 Fangs
Format: E-BOOK

Five Fangs for Real Men Have Fangs
by Susan Blexrud

Lauren is a stunning, sexy vampire and hitched to John Wright, vampire extraordinaire. Married life couldn’t be better, actually it is pure paradise! Lauren’s husband John is extremely handsome and intelligent with more than a few tricks up his sleeve. He just passed his bar exam in Florida and is now a property attorney. His first client happens to be a mafia leader named Rick Maroon. Lauren is not happy one bit about the danger exposed to them both at this inopportune time. The cops have been trying to nail Maroon for years with a conviction. Since John works for the cops and is a vampire vigilante, hopefully, they can bring him down with both barrels.

John needs some vampire backup and he calls in his old, but loyal friend, commitment phobe and playboy, Lucianno, the Italian. Yes, that’s right, the guy that broke the heart of Lauren’s friend, Meredith. Oh boy! The hot Italian lover is coming back to town and ready to cause trouble again!

Meredith moves on, or thinks she has, and finds a nice, normal, dependable man, who is now her fiancé. She convinces herself that he is the one but when she catches sight of Lucianno, a flood of feelings, good and bad, washes over her. Does this lovelorn couple finally hash out their problems? Do the creepy Mafia guys have a hidden agenda? A frightening turn of events occurs. Will they all come out alive?

Ms. Blexrud’s spectacular new novel, REAL MEN HAVE FANGS is a frightening addition to her FANG series and is full of snap, sex and sizzle. It is brimming with all the main heroes and more! Lauren and John Wright, married vampires, with vast amounts of passion and energy, are dealing with evil enemies again. The Mafia is involved this time and danger lurks everywhere. Hold onto your seats because this story is one of the scariest in the FANG series. In addition, Lucianno pledges his love to Meredith, again! Does Meredith forgive the hot, Italian lover or does she give him the boot?

I love how Ms. Blexrud intertwines humor and romance with horror, suspense and danger. Her characters have incredible depth, which makes you feel like you know them on a personal level. If you like a sharp, sassy, suspenseful read, then place REAL MEN HAVE FANGS at the top of your ‘to buy’ list! Blexrud’s stories never disappoint!

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Susan Blexrud said...

Michele & Roxanne, I'm just back from my publisher's retreat in Nashville, and I've been offline for two days, so I was surprised and delighted to find your review in my inbox when I returned home. Thank you so much for appreciating my characters. Michele, you write the kind of review that makes the author know you have read the story with your whole heart, and I can't express what a joy that is to this author. Thank you, thank you! XO, Susan

Michele L. said...

Hi Susan,

I love your stories because you infuse so much heart and soul into them! You are an extraordinary writer. Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to review your books!


Miriam Newman said...

Great 5-Fang review, Susan, and a tantalizing hint of your upcoming release. Can't get much better than that!

Susan Blexrud said...

Thanks, Miriam. You're my rock, lady. I appreciate your counsel and advise in this crazy writing world. I am proud to share the stage with you in our upcoming Christmas anthology! XO, Susan