Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Book Friday the Thirteenth Giveaway: Lenore Noogies

I have a fun giveaway today in honor of Friday the Thirteenth:

I've never been much for graphic novels. Reading from side to side and up and down just gives me a headache. I like my reading to be linear and not all over the place.

But I have to admit, the graphics in this sucked me into the story. Plus there's not a lot of dialogue to keep me bouncing around, the graphics tell the story all on their own and it's great. A little twisted but fun for those of us who are a little twisted and off the line by a few inches...or a couple miles. :-)

Here's the book blurb:

Take a trip into the dark, surreal world of a little dead girl with a knack for (often) unintentional mayhem in this remastered, gothic classic, newly-coloured and presented in glorious hardcover!

Lenore might only be small, but her talent for mischief — and occasional wanton destruction — is anything but. Featuring stories about limbless cannibals, clock monsters, cursed vampire dolls, taxidermied friends, an obsessed would-be lover and more fuzzy animal mutilations than should be legal, never has the term ‘something for everyone’ seemed more sinister and bizarre.

A massive cult hit on both sides of the Atlantic, Lenore is one of the funniest, darkest, cutest, creepiest characters on the marketplace today.

So you want a copy of Lenore Noogies?

You can be one of three winners to get your hands on this

creepy cool graphic novel.

To be entered to win leave a comment telling me what you think about Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious? Do you avoid doing things on Friday the 13th? Or is 13 a lucky number for you?

US shipping only please.

To get bonus entries, link to and twitter about this contest, please include that info in your comment along with your email.

For 25 bonus entries be the first person to correctly tell me what the fear of the number 13 is called.

Spelling counts folks so make sure you spell this phobia correctly to get your bonus entries.


Kris said...
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Kris said...

Ok so now that I got that part out of the way here is my thought on Friday the's never really been a biggie for me...amusing sure but considering my good friend growing up was born on the was never a big deal LOL

I would love this book!

TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA Oh and there is that answer again if you need it in my post :)

Andrea said...

I was married on Friday the 13th many many years ago. It's just another day to me.

Misty / Mitz said...

I've grown out of the supersticions for the # 13.
Doesn't matter to me one way or another, I like friday the 13th these days. I would love a cpoy of this book.

Witchy Woman said...

Hi Roxanne,
You had me at cursed vampire dolls.
I'm not superstitious, but I love hearing about superstitions-they're so entertaining. Actually Friday the 13th, has always been my lucky day! (knocking on wood) (LOL) The knocking on wood part was my idea of a joke. I've had alot of wonderful events that have taken place on a Friday the 13th. So to answer your question, there's nothing I avoid.

Witchy Woman said...

Fear of the number 13 is called

jeanette8042 said...

I'm not superstitious but it si interesting to see some people acting cautious and strange today!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

You know I never had a problem with the number 13 or Friday 13th until my husband and I changed our wedding date from the Sept 6 to Sept 13.

Once we changed our date everything started going wrong-my cat died, I had to get a tooth pulled, I had to have surgery, things kept breaking and going wrong...and before that everything had been on track and going good.

We couldn't figure out what was going on. The only conclusion we came to was switching the date.(I know silly superstitious thoughts but...)

Our marriage has continually been plagued with such 'curses' from time to time and we often joke we are going to get divorced and remarry on the 6th like we were supposed to. Maybe that will break the bad luck.

Amanda said...

Friday the 13th is just another day to me. But I do think bad luck in general happens when things are out of balance.

Even if I'm not superstitious, Friday the 13th can still be fun in a spooky kind of way! :-D

I did a RT of your post on twitter. (@amandamakepeace)


tetewa said...

I'm not a superstitious person, and I don't think that on the 13th bad things will happen!

Linda Henderson said...

I've never been concerned with whether or not it's Friday the 13th. I know some people get so wrapped up in worrying about it they cause things to happen. I know it's already there but it is triskaidekaphobia.

seriousreader at live dot com

RKCharron said...

(I have Lenore Noogies)
I really enjoyed the macabre humor of it too. Thank you for sharing! I posted your giveaway on my blog.
Love & Best Wishes to you & yours,

Rosie said...

I have no fear of the number 13. Today is my b-day, so it falls on a Friday and I'm going to make it the best day ever. And I always play the number 13 on lotteries. Yep, no fear for me. :-)

Thanks for this contest. It looks like a great book and I can't wait to read it!

rosie0512 @ hotmail . com

Alicia0605 said...

I am not bothered by friday the 13th and this years 13th is great cause I just found out that I'm pregnant!!


etirv said...

I'm superstitious but born on the 13th day so I don't have triskaidekaphobia.


Jane said...

I am superstitious, but none of them have are related to the number 13. 13 is neither an unlucky or lucky number for me.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

SiNn said...


and im not supersticious i love thehorror asspect but other then that not much isnta lucky number its justa number

Zia said...

Friday the 13th doesn't bother me. I guess I'm not terribly superstitious.

I would love this book.


Martha Lawson said...

I'm mildly superstition - I don't like black cats crossing in front of me!!

I am a follower and I would love to win this.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

throuthehaze said...

ooo I used to read the Lenore comics! To me Friday the 13 is just another day...I'm not particularly superstitious.

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

booklover0226 said...

I'm a bit skittish about Friday the 13th ever since I got in a car accident on that day. I don't avoid going out or driving on those days but I always feel a bit uneasy...

Tracey D
booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

GFDesignz said...

I look forward to Friday 13th. I am weird like that because it doesn't bother me in the least.

Please enter me!


Warren said...

Very fantastic book