Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Year of the Vampire

Many say 2009 was the year of the vampire...

they were everywhere from the small screen to the big screen, from fiction to non-fiction, even showing up in fashion.

Vampires invaded the world sinking their fangs into pop culture.

Will they let go in 2010?

Let's hope not. I think 2010 may be an even bigger vampire year.

To fangs!!!

Here are some of the vampire books that came out in 2009 not listed as fiction:

Vampire Taxonomy by Meridth Woerner is an interesting book about how to identify and interact with modern-day bloodsuckers. Fact and fiction is put together in this book for an enjoyable look into the vampire culture.

A good book for die hard vampire fans to have.

How to Catch and Keep a Vampire by Diana Laurence is a must have for all you ladies that ache for the vampire boyfriend. This delightful read gives details on how to attract the vampire of your dreams and keep him.

Tie on a red ribbon...

The Vampire Seduction Handbook gives dating advice from the vampire's point of view. So if you really want to know what it's like to be with a vamp read this handy little guide.

If you're on the other side of the fence about vampires or perhaps are having a hard time dispatching of one The Vampire Survival Guide may be what you need.

Vampires by Joules Taylor is a visual delight with it's full color pictures detailing vampire movies, books, tv shows and more. This is a must have simply for the pictures alone- nice one of Angel (drool) and all your other vampy favorites.

The Everything Vampire Book and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vampires are both worthwhile books to have for die hard vamp fans full of info, facts, fiction, movie and book guides, myths, legends and so much more about the vamps we love so much.

I think the vampire is here to stay at least for awhile- take a look at some of the vampire books and movies coming out in 2010.

Here's a short list of movies and television shows featuring vampires scheduled for 2010 (this list is thanks to Catherine Karp at Suburban Vampire)

30 Days of Night: Dark Days (2010)
Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire (2010)
Bite (web series) (2010) TRAILER
Daybreakers (2010) TRAILER
Dead Sucks (2010) TRAILER
Dracula: The Undead (2010)
Eclipse (2010)
The Fixer (TV series) (2010) TRAILER
The Historian (2010)
The Knights Templar (2010)
Last Blood (2010)
Let Me In (Let the Right One In U.S. Remake) (2010)
Lost Boys 3 (2010)
Love at Second Bite (2010)
Priest (2010)
Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (2010)
Soulstice (2010)
Stake Land (2010)
The Un-Dead (2010)

Other worthy mentions- a new show on BBC America debuts tonight: Demons.

I am going to check it out. Seems to channel Buffy (which I watched a marathon of on LOGO yesterday- I guess one gay character is a good enough reason to play Buffy on that channel but whatever -I got to see Buffy again, it's been so long...)

Anyway, Demons- a teenager discovers he's a descendant of Van Helsing and because of that he has to kill the supernatural evils of the world. I'll check it out.

So I have my DVR set to record it since so far I have enjoyed some BBC shows, especially Being Human. When the hell are they bringing that back I'd like to know?

Anyone know of any other new shows with a supernatural theme coming out?

If so, please share.

I am still bummed that Eastwick was canceled.


Barbara said...

I've always loved vampires so the more the merrier. I did sometimes wonder about Xander since it was almost like he had a crush on Spike and of course Andrew worshiped for some insane reason Warren. Willow and Tara were just too adorable and that episode where Tara dies just makes me cry.

I'm bummed about Eastwick too. And I'm not too thrilled that they just skipped over an episode and aren't going to bother to show all thirteen episodes. Hopefully it will get released on DVD but they screwed up big time. Maybe Ugly Betty go down in flames.

As for Being Human I do know the second season starts on the 10th for the Brits so I'm hoping to do some time traveling but I have no clue about the US. I hate when they do that and I have no idea what SyFy was thinking when they decided to do a remake of a show that's just had one season and is about to start the second.

I thought there was going to be a vampire show based on the Kimberly Raye books. I think that's her name and there's the Anita Blake show that got cancelled but I think there's still a movie in the works. And I think Dante's Cove will be back too sometime this year.

Jen said...

Vampires are here to stay! Thanks for the heads up on Demons! I just scheduled it into my DVR as well cause I always foget and miss them if I dont!

Anonymous said...

I agree,vamps are not going to be going anywhere anytime soon.But if I were a real one...and I am not,I just happen to be extremely pale with a killer case of insomnia,I'd stay in 'hiding' because people might seem friendly but once you nip their neck for a little tasty taste I imagine all hell would break loose.LOL.

Eeeeeek,Eastwick was canceled?But why? That show kicked a$$,so much better then Vampire Diaries {in my opinion...hey I like Vamps just not them.LOL...well the bad brother I liked,the good one just annoyed me.}

Amanda Leigh said...

Why do they always cancel the good shows? All the shows I like just end up cancelled before the season even ends.
Oh by the way, I have an award for you over on my blog.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Demons was...odd. I found the mentor Rupert to be annoying and Mina to be bitchy. Hmmm, I'll watch it a time or two more but I much prefer Being Human.

And yes eastwick gone, they even skipped a pivotal episode. Idiots at ABC, idiots.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

ooh and I watched Dracula 2000 last night...what a horrible cheesy vamp movie but...Gerard Butler at Dracula...makes it worth watching

Soni Vamp said...

What!! A "Lost Boys 3"??

I would hope to high heaven it would be better than the 2nd! LoL!

But yes, here's to 2010, being the year of the Vampire again!

And with new epis of The Vampire Diaries set to return on the 21st of Jan, and Season 3 of TrueBlood in June, it should be a bloody good year!

Barbara said...

And ironically Demons has already been cancelled. It was odd. I babbled about it earlier. It was odd seeing Phillip with an American accent. I don't know what that was about. So there are just five more episodes of that before it's gone. Maybe they should have asked Joss for some help with the show.

Tamsyn said...

You are all so lucky. We don't get such shows over here. I'm hoping they will import the DVDs soon.

Amanda Leigh said...

I saw Dracula 2000 just last year, and yeah, you can't get much more B movie than that. I love a nice B movie every now and then though, so having Gerard Butler to look at while I laugh and ridicule is pretty awesome!