Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Book Friday: 3 Signed Books by Yvonne Navarro

Three books to give away this week, all by Yvonne Navarro


Elektra Natcios died, once. But the beautiful, dangerous heiress was resurrected and recruited by a mysterious group known as The Chaste, who trained Elektra in the art of combat, then cast her out when her anger and lust for vengence became more than they could bear. Now she works as a paid assassin, the very best that money can buy, one who is notorious for her lethal speed and precision. Elektra is careful to treat each assignment as just another job, providing a service she can perform better than anyone else. When Elektra is hired by an unknown client to eliminate an attractive, friendly widower and his young daughter, she finds that things aren't so simple any more. Soon Elektra is single-handedly engaged in an all-out war with the powerful criminal organization known as The Hand for the lives of the man and the child - but the ultimate struggle may be for Elektra's soul...

That's Not My Name

A woman abducted. A frantic husband. And no one can prove she exists....

One snowy night, in a suburban parking lot, a man finds the quarry he's been stalking for months. And Nola Elidad finds herself imprisoned by a strangely caring kidnapper--who insists she is his lost wife. Soon, he says--when she's no longer sick--she will remember who she is. But Nola knows she isn't the woman he claims...or is she? A nightmare journey is about to begin, propelling her into the shifting shadows of her own memory....

Across town, Nola's husband of three months must admit to Detective Lucas Conroy that he knows nothing of his bride's former life. Nor, it seems, does anyone else--not her boss, not her doctor--or they're not saying. Who is Nola Elidad? Somehow, Conroy must find the answer, even if his search for the missing woman leads him into a dark past haunted by cruelty, subterfuge, and murder.


One Woman...One Life...Nine Deaths... Born of an accursed union between a white trapper and a Hopi maiden, Mae Johnson nontheless loves her life. She loves life so much, in fact, that in the sunset of her life she bargains with infernal powers for more. But Mae should have known better than to think she'd get a straight deal from the Devil...

About the Author:

Yvonne Navarro is the author of more than thirty novels including several in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, for one of which -- The Willow Files 2 -- she won a Bram Stoker Award in 2002. A long-time native of Chicago she now lives in Arizona.

Her upcoming novel Highborn will be released in October through Pocket Books.

Answer this question to be entered
(in honor of all of Yvonne's Buffy books):

In the tv shows Buffy and Angel what was Angel's real name ?

(hint it is not the actor's name but Angel's human name on the show)

Answer this bonus question for an extra entry:

What was Spike's human name on Buffy and Angel?

2 winners will be chosen,
first winner gets to choose 2 books,
other winner will receive what is left

Open to US Shipping Only

Contest Closes Tuesday May 25 Midnight EST

Winners Announced on Wednesday May 26
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writtenwyrdd said...

I follow the blahg. Please enter me in the contest for what looks to be a great read.

Reena Jacobs said...
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Reena Jacobs said...

All her books sound intriguing. I've been stuck on paranormal romance for so long. It'd be nice to try out suspense. See what it's all about. :)

Angel was Angelus
Spike was William the Bloody

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mountie9 said...

I cannot win because I am in Canada, but I am such a Buffy (or quite frankly anything Whedon, I just had to answer)

Angel(Angelus) real name was Liam
(Cannot remember if they ever gave him a last name or not)
and Spike was William Pratt

Great blog btw!

Jennifer Mathis said...

liam right?

i'm a follower


Rosie said...

Thanks for the cool contest!!

Angel's name is Liam (no last name ever given)

Spike's name is William Pratt (nicknamed William the Bloody)

+5 follower

Roxanne Rhoads said...

got some major Buffy fans in the house!

Glad I am not alone in my Buffy geekdom

You know I am watching the series from the very beginning, I ahve it on instant queque on Netflix- awesome Buffy at my fingertips whenever I want

I already watched Angel from beginning to end

I think Angel did say his last name once, in an episode of Angel when they all reverted to their teenage/adolescent selves (at the hotel)but I can't remember what the last name was or if they actually mentioned it, I do know that's when I relaized what his "human" name had been

SiNn said...

awesome give away and i LOVE buffy and angela nd have watched angel beginning to end a few times lol

angels name was Liam

spikes name was William Pratt but isnt relevied relaly except in the comics

SiNn said...

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The Scarf Princess said...

Angel's real name was Liam.

+1 Spike's name was William Pratt.

+5 I'm a blog follower

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+5 I tweeted about the giveaway here....

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Unknown said...

Angel's name was Angelus. Spike's name was William.
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Debby said...

Angel was Liam and Spike was William. I am a follower

skyla11377 said...

Angelus Known Better As Angel's Real Human Name Is Liam.

Spike'S Real Human Name Is William (a.k.a. William "The Bloody"). William's surname Is Given As "Pratt" In The Non-Canon Comic Old Times.

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Andrea I said...

Angelus and then Liam

Spike - William

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Eko0724 said...

Angel was Liam !
Spike was William or even William the Bloody in some cases

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willingamy AT

Aik said...

Angel's name is Liam, Spike's name is William Pratt.

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aikychien at yahoo dot com