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Interview and Giveaway with Cinsearae Santiago

Welcome Cinsearae. Thank you for joining us today.

And thank you, Roxanne, for having me here again! :)

Q: Let’s start out by getting the name of your newest release and what genre/category it falls into (best description)

A: BOLEYN-Tudor Vampire is a historical horror novella, but with a bit of romance and erotica as well (albeit a bit twisted, lol!)

Q: Can you sum up your book in 2 sentences or less?

A: Anne Boleyn finally gets her revenge for the unjustly wrongs done to her, in the most horrific ways imaginable!

Q: List three adjectives that can best describe this book

A: Hm...good one. I'd say, 'horrific, heated, and heinous', lol.

Q: Anne Boleyn as a vampire, what inspired that?

A: I love Tudor history, and Showtime's The Tudors only kept the fire going. After watching it a couple of times, my Muse of Horror hit me, saying to give Anne a bit of revenge. I tried ignoring this at first, but my muse wouldn't let up. I actually argued with myself, saying, "She was beheaded, end of story!" and then my muse retorts, "It's FICTION---you ARE allowed to tweak things...doesn't everyone?!" So that ended the argument, lol!

Q: Did you have to do a lot of historical research to write this novel? What did your research entail?

A: Some of it was online research, and books I already had, plus The Tudors show was excellent for visuals.

Q: Obviously you had to tweak some facts and historical accounts to turn this into a work of vampire fiction but can you tell us about a couple historical facts or truths that you include in BOLEYN?

A: Anne's sister Mary Boleyn did not visit Anne while was imprisoned in the Tower prior to her execution, (and I had Anne pay Mary a visit because of that...) and her father really did not come to her defense for the crimes she was charged for (and boy, did HE get it, lol!). The same room Anne had in the Tower was the same one she stayed in prior to her coronation, and Jane Seymor's death after giving birth to her and Henry's son Edward is also mentioned. Religious reformations and the wars born from it during that time are also going on in the midst of everything else Anne has planned for her victims.

Q: So does Henry get what's coming to him or do we have to read the book to find out?

A: In some ways, yes. Henry was tortured horribly by her--several times, and very cruelly--but the others involved with her demise definitely got what was coming to them! Let's just say there's fighting, quite a bit of blood, and also some zombies involved in this story, lol!

OK enough with the book for the moment let's learn a little more about you.

Q- Just for fun Lightning Round

Light or dark?
Definitely dark!

Red or pink?

Silence or noise?
As that Depeche Mode song goes, "Enjoy the Silence"!

Coke or Pepsi?
Neither. Root beer or vanilla cream for me!

Coffee or tea?

Abs or buns?
Abs, definitely.

Vampires or Angels?
Vamps always!

Night or day?
Definitely night!

Q: If you could offer one tidbit of information for new writers, what would it be?

A: Band yourself with like-minded writers, network, develop a thick skin in this venue, and never give up on your passion! And avoid naysayers and constantly negative people like the plague!

Q: Do you have a “day job” or do you write full time?

A: All aspects of my literary projects are full time, and that also includes being editor/publisher of Dark Gothic Resurrected magazine as well.

Q: Name one thing readers would be surprised to learn about you.

A: "The Exorcist" scared the hell out of me so bad when I was a little kid, I couldn't go anywhere at night without a nightlight on for a month! I was too young and impressionable, I guess, lol! There were also some elements in Dracula (the 1979 version starring Frank Langella) that really creeped me out too, but my immediate fascination (and major crush) on Langella is what sealed my fate when it came to loving all things creepy and spooky!

Q: Do you have a favorite book and/or a favorite author?

A: King is my favorite author, but I have way too many books that I like to name a single fave one, lol. My fave one from King, though, is "Pet Sematary".

Q: Could you tell us about your current work in progress?

A: My second 'period' story takes place in the 1900's, where a young lady down on her luck becomes the ward of a gentleman who owns a burlesque theater, and eventually she becomes a dancer herself. Eventually they marry, but their happiness doesn't last for long when a jealous rival (of sorts) turns their world upside down, and he takes desperate measures to keep his marriage going, in the most gruesome ways imaginable. I don't want to give too much away, since I'm about 90% done with the first draft, lol.

Q:What are some of your hobbies besides writing?

A: I do a lot of jewelry-crafting, and even make dolls on occasion, but I put these things up in my Etsy store. ( I also do a lot of gothic/atmospheric photography, which I have in the photos section of my website.

Q:Finish the following sentence:

A: The best thing about being an author is...creating your own world, your own characters, and then sharing them with those who want to know all about it!

Q: In closing, tell us a bit more about your latest release. Feel free to share a blurb or an excerpt.
A: Here's an excerpt for you!

“Henry… we meet again,” I said with a coy smile.

“I do not know you, woman!” he snapped, glaring at me.

“On the contrary, you do.” I slowly walked towards him, and he raised his sword. “You know me very well. We first met at a masquerade ball. If I can recall correctly, my sister -- as well as your sister, were part of the festivities as well.”

Henry narrowed his eyes, unsure of what to think.

“You even made me one of Katharine’s ladies-in-waiting,” I continued in a snide voice. “You wanted me, Henry. Oh, how you wanted me, and you always got what you wanted.”

“Enough of this!” he bellowed, getting frustrated.

But I kept going. “Or perhaps mentioning the Marquess of Pembroke will jog your memory?”

Henry frowned. “The Marquess of Pembroke is dead! Quit your foolish lies, stop your pacing, and let me see you!” he said, still leery of whom I was!

“And what if I don’t?” I replied with a smirk, even though he could not see it.

“I am the king, and I order you to!”

I sniffed. “Like that matters to me.”

“I do not like your tone, woman. I should hold you in contempt.”

“Contempt of what? And I am not just some woman. Like I’ve said, you know me very well.”

The next look Henry got on his face was one of sheer disgust, and he narrowed his eyes again as he approached me. Henry and I continued to do a strange, predatory dance around one of the dining tables. His eyes showed nothing but loathing hatred, as if he might have known whom I was, but could not believe it, and was praying it was not true. I knew whatever love he had for me was long since gone, but seeing him gaze upon me now would put shivers down any woman’s spine.

“What manner of darkness has brought you here?” he asked in a low tone, still pointing the sword at me.

“My own foolishness, I’m afraid,” I replied. “Foolish thoughts and foolish wishes. And seeing that such thoughts have granted me permission to execute my desires…” I raised my arms. “Here I am, and have been -- for over a year, now!”

“What are you? Some repugnant, foul creature existing only to torment the living?”

“Not everyone -- just you.” I chuckled. “And those who betrayed me.”

He raised his sword. “Reveal yourself, by order of the king!”

I gave him an unrelenting stare, still surprised he did not recognize me from the blatant clues I had given him. Sighing in annoyance, I lowered my hood. He gasped and backed away, still oblivious. I employed my illusion spell once more, showing my original face for a few seconds before it melted away to show my current one.

His look was a cross between total madness and fury. He pointed at me. “You -- unholy bitch from hell! I had you killed! YOU! The cause of all my grief and misery, then, AND now! With God as my witness, I will surely put you back in hell myself -- with my BARE HANDS!”

I laughed at him, and he grimaced in irritation at the sound of it. “You cannot touch me, Henry. I’d never give you the chance.”

“So, you are a witch!” He paused, pointing at me again. “They were right about you all along. My suspicions were true!”

I rested my hands on the top of a chair, trying to control my temper. Unfortunately, the frame of the chair cracked under my grip, and he looked at the chair, then to me again, raising his eyebrow. I was really getting tired of hearing those monotonous lines! “Now see, that’s where you are wrong, Henry. I think that is your biggest bane. Besides, you and your council were merely looking for something to convict me with then, just so you could have your way with Jane Seymour! It is those same frustrations that have brought me back!”

“How DARE you talk to me that way!”

“I’ll talk to you any way I see fit!” I snapped. “I loved you, and you tossed that to the wind!”

“Your love was nothing but lies!”

“As was yours! When I was queen, I never betrayed you, never! But you listened and heartily agreed with the inaccuracies and rumors of your so-called council! If I knew then what I know now, I’d have gladly forsaken everything to live my life in peace, the way I would have preferred!” I gave him an unyielding stare as I placed my hands on the table. “I want my restitution!”

“The devil’s concubine deserves no restitution!”

I screamed so loudly, I shook the remaining glass windows until they broke -- tiny, glittering splinters exploding outward, some of them raining down to the floor, clinking against everything while bouncing off of Henry’s back. He covered his ears as tiny rivulets of blood seeped between his fingers. He cried out in agony and collapsed to his knees. It gave me the opportunity to reach him, and I bent down, grabbing him by his throat, and squeezed. As I gazed into his eyes, I finally saw the fear in them that I so longed to see.

“You will give me my restitution,” I repeated slowly. “I will not rest until you do.”

Between his gagging and coughing, he managed to speak.

“Bitch of a whore…!”

I balked, surprised at his defiance. Despite his fear, his arrogance prevailed! Perhaps it is true what they say about a king’s vaingloriousness!

Still gasping, he watched as I raised a hand to his face, wiggling my pale, thin fingers at him before I touched his cheek. He flinched at their coldness.

“See these clammy hands that touch your skin? My eyes, my face? A spirit that cares not for your pomposity, or your arrogance? You, my father, the Duke, Cromwell… all of you have incurred my wrath!”

“Your father failed me! Your whole family lied to me!”

I picked him up and threw him. Not giving him a chance to rise, I flew towards him, shrieking, and grabbed him once more, slamming his back against a wall.

“How does it feel to be bullied, Henry? Not so nice, is it?”

He could not answer, so I continued.

“My family was ever obedient to your every whim!” I exclaimed. “And my father served your family well, fighting for your father against the Cornish rebels when I was barely conceived!”

For a moment, I received a flash of memory -- my father cowering in a corner, reduced to a blubbering, mentally ill, shell of his former self. Then I remembered spitting on his cold, hard, grave. It was not the father I remembered, and in that moment, I regretted what I had done to him.

Henry saw my moment of falter, and shoved me away. I fell, and Henry grabbed a five-foot tall candelabrum, swinging it at me. I tried getting up, but the candelabra collided with my body, and I fell again. He swung once more, keeping me down on the floor.

“ENOUGH!” I yelled. By sheer force of will, I made the candelabra shoot from his hand, sending it flying across the room. It broke with a metallic clang, a few pieces skidding across the floor.

Henry physically went at me, intending to strangle me to death, but I held out a hand, as if commanding him to stop. His movements now frozen, I shoved him away from me again without touching him. He fell with a thud and cried out in pain. I quickly got up and rushed over to him, looking down at his panicked face.

“I told you I wouldn’t give you the chance,” I said and grinned. “I’ll make you suffer Henry, and suffer well. The Boleyns will rise to power one day. Too bad you won’t be around to see it.”

And now time for the giveaway!

Cinsearae has made some amazing goodies that she if offering to one lucky reader -a freshwater pearl and Czech glass bead earring & bracelet set, plus a skeleton hand clip (on a 1in. alligator clip)

Wow, these are so amazing, take a look!

To win leave a comment on this post

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Stella (Ex Libris) said...

I think Napoleon and Hitler must ahve been vampires, with their quirks and violent traits, they couldn't have been human!

Please enter me, I'm a follower.

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CrystalGB said...

Great interview. I think Rasputin could have been a vampire.
Love the jewelry.
I am a follower.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

My daughter would love the skeleton hand clip- she's so into skulls and stuff like that. She's definitely my girl. LOL.

I love the concept of the new book-I always love it when a writer takes a real pice of history and twists it into a fantastic piece of fiction or in this case a fang-tastic piece of fiction.

I'm not sure what historical person should be turned into a vampire that hasn't been...hmmm I'll have to think on it.

Rosie said...

I would love to see Nicholas and Alexandra as vamps. It would be a great way for their love to live on. Romantic that I am. :-)

rosie0512 @ hotmail . com

SiNn said...

honestly thats a hard choice id have to say maybe Anne Boleyn is an awesome choice def fhave to check out this book

princess Anatasia least then she could still be around or wed know something

great post i love the concept of histrical figures as supernatural creatures

Estella said...

I think Caesar would have been a great vampire.

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stacey said...

Alexzander The Great?Hitler for Shur,and how about Quenn Elizabeth


joder said...

I think Henry VIII would've made a fine vamp. With as blood thirsty and crazed as he was, I can see his fitting into the vamp world perfectly.

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Riv Re said...

Columbus was *obviously* a vampire. Why else would he leave his country?


buddyt said...

I don't see any restrictions listed so in the hope that the giveaway is open worldwide here is my answer.

I think that seeing the reputation the family had it must have included a vampire amongst its members.

What family you ask ?

Why the Botgias of course.

Maybe Lucretia Borgia was one !


Carol T

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katsrus said...

Wonderful interview. I think Cleopatra would of made a good vampire. Thank you.
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Sue B

Lisa R said...

Great review.
You do know that Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler are vamps, don't you?

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Michikit said...

Definitely Countess Elizabeth Báthory - the clasical cold blooded vampire.

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Nancy said...

What about Lady Mary...King Henry eldest daughter I think she had a lot to lose all those emotions she couldn't let out. By being a vampire she can let them all out.

mbreakfield said...

I would like to see the woman pharoah Hatshepsut as a vampire.