Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Musings, Stressing Out, and Vampires on Television

I am at a stressful point in my life- a lot of it has to do with my kids. No, nothing that's their fault- just health and school issues. If you want you can read more about it over at Roxanne's Realm where I vented a little bit.

Anyway things are just leaving me very stressed out, so instead of writing this weekend I worked on some graphic design stuff. I am learning, little by little how to do things. A year ago I couldn't have done any of this, hell 6 months ago I couldn't have done this. I am slowly teaching myself how to do things.

I couldn't concentrate on writing at all between the stress and the awful headaches, partially induced by stress and partially due to the fact I'm out of my meds and can't afford to get my prescriptions at the moment. The life of a writer- feast or famine. Some months money is good, other months not so much.

Since I couldn't write I kept myself busy playing with my book cover images making banners and buttons. A Halloween to Remember will be out in September so I figured I should get started on promotional stuff.

What do you think? If anyone wants to post these buttons and banners on their sites I'd be grateful. Let me know if you want me to send you the image or html.

Sad but I think the highlight of my weekend was watching True Blood- at least I had an hour of not stressing because I was engrossed in the show.

The Gates? Hmm... better but I don't know if I am hooked yet. What about you?

This week at Fang-tastic- Chloe Neill is going to be here on Friday- woo hoo, now that cheers me up.

I am so in love with the Chicagoland Vampires. If you haven't read this series yet (now on book 3) you really should. It is snarkalicious and fangfully delightful. I will have a review up of Chloe Neill's Twice Bitten this week and she'll be blogging about it Friday.

Backgrounds for my banner/button designs were found on Flickr in the Creative Commons under the attribution license

Top background is incense smoke by Vanessa Pike Russel, the second background is by and the third greenish background is from cathairstudios


Gracen Miller said...

I'm not sold on The Gates yet either. Hopefully, by the end of summer, I'll be hooked. While not about just vampires, I'm still choosing Supernatural over The Gates.

Gracen Miller

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I find that it is engaging- werewolves, vampires, witches and even a succubi (oh my)

But my fave is True Blood- I am so hooked on this show that I am bummed that it's not going to be this Sunday (stupid 4th of July fireworks :-)

Josh said...

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