Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Musings July 5, 2010

How was every one's holiday weekend?

Ours was hot and humid and full of fireworks. What about yours?

We got home very late last night after fireworks so I am tired.

That's one reason I am very late posting this today the other is that I am technically on vacation so I debated not posting at all.

It was a busy weekend chasing kids and being outside in the heat, frankly I am exhausted. I am glad today the hubby chose to go fishing that means I can stay at home and do things I need to do, like write.

A couple other days this week the hubby and I plan to do things we love like trips to museums, a old fashioned boat cruise, trips to the parks, and we are going to yard sale and go antiquing. Oh and I almost forgot the Farmer's Market on Saturday. And we'll be taking the kids to the drive in and we'll probably be going to see Eclipse- though I don't think I want to watch that at the drive in.

Yes a busy week planned for our "staycation". It's vacation but we'll be sleeping at home every night and just visiting local stuff. But you know what I've lived in Michigan my whole life and still haven't seen all the amazing stuff that's hiding here. So I am looking forward to exploring some.

OK I am off for now- need more caffeine.

And even though I am on vacation this week Fang-tastic Books will be going as normal. This week we have Deborah Blake, Jess C Scott, Liz Strange, and Maddy Drake here.

It's going to be a great week and I'll be popping in everyday to make sure everything is posting the way it is supposed to.

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