Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Calling All Vampire Authors- The Flint Vampire Ball 2010

It's that time of year again.

I'm already gearing up for Halloween and I am totally looking forward to this year's Flint Vampire Ball which is an annual event here in Flint, MI that helps raise money for our wonderful Farmer's Market.

This year's event is scheduled for Saturday October 16, 2010.

This year I am putting together three tote bags to fill with goodies. These tote bags are being donated to the Ball to give away as raffle prizes.

Many authors donated books and swag last year.

You can see the sidebar to the left for a list of the authors who donated books to the 2009 Vampire Ball.

I am once again asking for donations. No you don't have to send 3 books but if you want to that's great.

I'll also accept bookmarks, stickers, pins, buttons, ink pens or any other promo items you may want to include in the tote bags.

The limit of three items makes it much easier to manage- last year I had such an odd number of everything it drove me nuts trying to keep it all sorted out.

Last year I ended up with stacks and boxes of books which was honestly a lot of to manage and keep track of. I made up 50 grab bags of author swag last year and had 3 huge boxes of books to split up into giveaway piles.

So this year I am keeping it small with just the three tote bags. Plus I think it'll make it easier on other authors- no one will feel overwhelmed or worried about what or how many of an item to send.

If you are interested in sending some books or swag send me an email
roxannerhoads @ aol. com

and I'll give you the address to mail them to.

You can learn more about the ball here.

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