Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Movies in Michigan

As part of Michigan month I thought I'd post a little tidbit about movies being filmed in the state.

Did you know that Michigan has become a mini Hollywood?

Thanks to the amazing tax breaks movie makers receive by filming in MI they have been flocking here to make movies for the past couple of years.

All's Faire in Love was filmed at the Michigan Renaissance Fest in Holly in 2008 ( a little but was also filmed the Atwood Stadium in Flint- at least that's what I heard I know they redid the stadium and that was the supposed reason)-

I was at the Ren Fest one day while they were filming- you know I haven't watched the movie yet but who knows I could be in the background somewhere even though I tried to stay out of the way of the camera.

I did walk right by Matthew Lillard- I was going to try to get a photo with him but he was swamped by people

Semi Pro was filmed here in Flint in 2007. Will Ferrell, eh, haven't watched that one either didn't try to go down to the set or anything like a lot of folks did.

I'm not much for "star" gazing.

To get a list of all the movies that have been filmed in MI over the years check out this link

To get a list of current and upcoming films click this link

Here's a couple movies currently filming around MI

This one I am really interested in- the horror-comedy vampire movie Vamps is now being filmed in the Detroit area

Here's their site/blog with more details

Earlier this summer Scream 4 was filming in Plymouth and surrounding areas, now they are filming in Ann Arbor through August 27 according to

LOL, starring Miley Cyrus, was filming at Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan through 8.18

Touchback, starring Kurt Russell, was filming at the Coopersville, MI Schools campus at 198 East Street, Coopersville, MI through Tuesday, August 17

30 Minutes or Less was/is filming on East Blaine SE, Grand Rapids, MI.

For daily updates on where movies are being filmed you can visit:

I think it's awesome that so many film crews are coming to Michigan. At least someone is coming here to better the economy instead of fleeing the area.

I think the film crews like all the empty buildings and locations- probably makes it easier to film when they already have pre-made sets and locations just waiting to be out to good use. Why build a fake Hollywood town inside a movie studio when you have ghost towns and neighborhoods all over Michigan that can be used.

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katsrus said...

We just had Public Enemies filmed here and the state lost so much money that they said they wouldn't do it again. Which is kind of sad. Because I'm sure it was good for tourism. I think it is interesting to hear of places besides hollywood or New York being used for films. You get tired of seeing the same old places after awhile.