Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CSN Stores Review: Cannon Pixma Printer

CSN Stores offered me the opportunity to review another item from their store- with so much to choose from it took me forever to pick something out.

They have just about everything- from dining tables to shoes. I couldn't decide if I wanted to get something for the kids to start Christmas shopping or something for the hubby...or something for myself.

Shame on me for being selfish but it's my birthday this week so I chose to get something for me. Something I really need.

Once I discovered that CSN sold printers- well I knew what I was getting. My printer has been giving me hell for months. It won't scan or copy and it only prints when it wants to- half the time sucking up the whole stack of paper from the tray as it goes. That never ends well- ten pages with a strip of ink here and there.

So a printer was my birthday gift to myself.

I ended up choosing the Cannon PIXMA MP490 All-in-One Photo Printer, Copier and Scanner. It is now out of stock at CSN but very similar to this one.

I am so thrilled to once again have a printer, scanner, copier that works the way it is supposed to. I was so surprised to see that CSN sold printers and other office supplies. They even have digital cameras.

I love that they keep adding new stores and categories. I can't wait to see what they add next.

I already have a bunch of stuff on my wish list- but I am so happy I picked the printer this time around.

As a writer, work at home mom, a printer is a necessity for me and the kids. I need it for work they need it for homework and now that I once again have a multifunction printer we're good to go.

Thank you CSN Stores for offering such wonderful products and opportunities for bloggers to test them out.

I know where I'll be doing a lot of my Christmas shopping.

Disclosure: I was offered the opportunity to choose an item from the CSN stores at no cost to myself in exchange for a review

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