Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Interview and Giveaway with Danielle D Smith

Q. What inspired you to begin writing?

I took up writing when I was around 10 years old. I published poetry and short fiction in student journals and newspapers as a teenager, but let writing fall by the wayside for a while in favor of fine art and illustration. My first novel, Psyche's Gate, was published earlier this year and since then I have never looked back!

Q. What was the inspiration behind the characters in you most recent release Black Dog and Rebel Rose?

The characters in Black Dog and Rebel Rose are would-be enemies: the halfbred son of a demon and the Nephil daughter of an angel. They are both strong, beautiful, and badass as hell (er...heaven) and do not expect to run into each other during a vampire hunt in a ghost town. I wanted to create a couple that should hate each other but each cannot resist the other: the result is a very fun, very spicy pair-up. They start out as fierce competitors and end up sizzlin' it up between the sheets!

Q. Which character did you have the most fun writing in this story?

I have to say Skriker, the half-demon hero. Skrike is, as I like to call him, the "dirty little man who lives inside me" *wink*. He's sexy, badass, tattooed, rides a hot Harley motorcycle, and has Alpha-male muscles to die for. He's a rock star and he knows it, but still manages to maintain a sweet disposition when it comes to people he genuinely cares about. There's a softie beneath his bad-boy exterior, just another aspect of his personality that an angel maiden can't resist.

Q. What originally drew you to paranormal/dark fantasy genre?

I am a massive fan of all things dark and all things myth. And I'm a tattoo artist, which pretty much makes being into dark romantic fantasy an automatic. ;)

Q. Do you have any favorite paranormal-themed films or TV shows?

Oh, I am a Supernatural FANATIC! Everything in my household shuts down when the Winchester Brothers are in the house! The phones are turned off, the fridge is left unopened (I'll will already have a beer close at hand, Dean style) and my imagination starts racing!

Q. What literary projects can we expect from you in the future?

I am currently working on Nephil's Curse, the second novel in the Psyche's Gate saga, and another erotic horror story titled In The Neon, a tale about Skriker's parents and how they met. I am also working on a really kickass comic book version of Black Dog and Rebel Rose.

Black Dog and Rebel Rose is available from Solstice Publishing:
Available in Ebook and Kindle formats NOW
Print Edition release: Sept 30th 2010
Buy Link: http://www.danielledsmith.com/buybooks.html

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Skriker. A meltingly sexy hunter with rock star style. An insatiable seducer and lover of women. Son of a human lady of the night and a True Native of Hell, he is a killer of the evils that dwell in darkness. Fifty miles of bad road will lead him and his rumbling Harley to an abandoned town and the vampyre hunt of his dreams. It is in the rot and the ruin that Skriker will discover his destiny. Rose. A fierce and beautiful huntress haunted by a tragic past. The most amazing woman that Skriker has ever met. A sizzling tryst will lead him to discover that Rose is his soul mate, the girl who will make him abandon his lustful ways and make him hunger for her alone. But Skriker's new beloved harbors an ironic secret. A secret that may lead to a half-demon's gruesome undoing...

Danielle is offering a FREE eCopy of Black Dog and Rebel Rose to one lucky winner! Leave a comment with your email here to enter in the contest.

Contest ends on Oct 1st 2010. This is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway!


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