Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review of the Gothic Vampira Costume at Wholesale Costume Club

I was recently able to choose a costume to review from Wholesale Costume Club.

They have a huge selection of women's costumes- including plus size Halloween costumes so I had a lot to choose from.

I finally settled on the above Gothic Vampira costume- beautiful isn't it?

I love the velvet and the lace. It even came with a petticoat skirt to wear underneath the dress to make it pouf out.

I took my measurements and discovered the size I needed wasn't available so I had to order it a size or two too big but that's alright too big is better than too small. My mother can easily take in a few seams and pull up a few spots to make it fit just right.

Add some heels and (maybe) it won't drag on the floor. Hard to tell, I'm short. :-)

I just had to have this costume. I've been eying since last year so when the chance to came to review a costume I decided on this one- even if the size was off.

Now if I didn't have a seamstress to help me fix it well then I probably would have chosen this costume- another vampire costume just not as detailed as this beautiful red and black ensemble.

If you are shopping for a Halloween costume I highly recommend I've been shopping around and this site has the best prices even without paying for the $5 membership. On any other site this Gothic Vampira costume is over $100- some places as much as $130.

On it's $97.98 without a membership $85.96 with a membership.

A membership is only $5 so by purchasing a membership you're still getting $7 off the non-membership price.

If you're buying more than one costume the membership is the way to go for sure. You can end up saving a bundle.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. And I'm starting to think about Halloween costumes so thanks for the link.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

you are welcome- Wholesale Costume Club's selections are fabulous they ahve so many great costumes it's hard to choose which one to get