Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Review of Wolf Fever by Terry Spear

Book Description:

She may be his destiny, but she's not his first choice...

Hospital nurse and newly turned red werewolf Carol Woods is being pressured by her pack leader to find a mate, but he's the only guy in the pack who remotely attracts her.

Why is he playing so hard to get?

The fate of the pack rests on his shoulders...

Gray pack leader Ryan McKinley doesn't want anything to do with Carol unless she's willing to embrace her wolf nature-no matter how beautiful she is.

But when a virus infects the local lupus garou pack, Ryan realizes just how wrong he's been not to seize the moment with the woman he's come to love. And now, it may be too late...

My review:

I was a little disappointed in this book (just a little).

Terry Spear's previous wolf books have always been engaging and full of heat and action.

And while this one was good it seemed to lack a little heat and spark....that certain something that makes you go "wow".

I think the writing was a little repetitive and tangled and the story just didn't sizzle like the previous books. Though don't get me wrong it was still a good book just not one I would rave on and on about.

The world building is solid, the characters well developed and I love the way she depicts her wolves- the pack law and real world wolf behavior are phenomenal- and that's enough to keep you turning pages.

I also think this heroine was good. Carol was a strong survivor, her past was troubled, her visions got her labeled as crazy then she gets bit and becomes a werewolf.

Deemed unstable her pack wants her to find a mate that can control her. She's not interested in the men of her pack. All they see is her crazy behavior and the visions which leave her on the outside once again. She never feels like she fits in and I can completely relate to that. I loved this heroine.

Ryan is a strong alpha- which Terry writes so very well. She has no problem depicting the alpha males that are strong, stubborn and protective.

The characters made the story even if the plot line and story itself sometimes stumbled.

That's why overall I still give this book four out of five fangs.


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I really like your review! Great job! I have to say that I have seen this out and about on the blogs lately!

Hope all is well honey!


I read the rfest and enjoyed them so I be buying this one also.