Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vampires & Accessories with Author Jill Myles

Vampires and Accessories

We all know a few things about vampires. They’re dark. They’re sexy. They’re wicked and they crave blood. They avoid the sunlight. But did you know that they’re also happen to be the most well-accessorized paranormal creatures?

It’s true. Look at the competition. Werewolves? No thanks – all that jewelry just gets caught in your chest hair (um). Demons? Other than a dashing set of horns and a tail, there’s not a lot of accessorizing going on. But vampires? Vampires are stylin’.

Allow me to provide a few examples.

Vampires with Sunglasses - What’s the best thing to protect sensitive eyes from the life-draining sun? A classy pair of shades, of course. Lots of vampires have been sporting eye-wear in books recently, and as an accessory, it just makes sense. What vampire wants to stay home during the daylight hours anyhow?

Bling – No self-respecting female vampire would dare step out of the house without some sort of accessory! From necklaces with bats, to earrings with bats…to bracelets with bats, to uh, anklets with bats, to rings with bats (do we see a trend here?), girl vamps never forget to load up when they dress to impress.

Sexy Jackets – Velvet capes are SO 19th century. Today’s discriminating vampire wears leather. Shirt underneath is totally optional.

Wings – Welllllll…maybe this is a trend I’m trying to start. ;) But my vampires have something a little different than most…black wings. Originally angels that fell, my vampires made a dark deal to keep their wings, and those wings influence everything they do (including fashion choices, of course). And nothing makes a man sexier than a big pair of dark, dangerous wings on his back, right? ;)

Of course, wings aren’t the only accessories that show up in MY FAIR SUCCUBI. My heroine, Jackie, has trouble with necklaces. She has a gris-gris to protect her, and her friend Remy has an enchanted diamond to protect herself…but sometimes a magic charm can cause more trouble than it prevents…and those are not the only accessories they’re on the lookout for.

Thanks for having me here to guest blog!


Roxanne Rhoads said...

Thanks for being here today, Jill. I can't wait to read your books (I cinfess they are still in my to-read pile but getting closer to the top of the stack:-)

I do think vampires always have the coolest accessories. Maybe because they have eternity to look for the perfect item or maybe because being a vamp just comes with an awesome sense of style.

BLHmistress said...

This is one of the biggest reasons I love Vampires, well that and how sexy they are too .

The more I see these books around the more I want them. I am so gonna do some major buying at the begin of the month.

Happy New Year.

Sheree said...

Vampires hopefully had enough time to figure out their own style, or at least know that black goes with everything.