Monday, February 14, 2011

A Review of Spun by Sorcery by Barbara Bretton


4.5 Fangs for Spun by Sorcery
by Barbara Bretton
Book Description:

Chloe is always losing things-but an entire town? Just when she was about to settle down in Sugar Maple with her soul-mate Luke MacKenzie, her Fae enemy Isadora strikes, and her new hometown is gone. Even the Book of Spells, her lifeline to magick, can't help her now. Just in the nick of time, her friend Janice roars up in Chloe's ancient Buick with Penny the cat and her yarn stash in tow. If she is going to save her home she has to go back to Salem, where family secrets and centuries- old feuds pull her into the fight of her life.

My review:
Chloe Hobbs has managed to misplace the entire town of Sugar Maple. She's not sure what she did but she knows she did something that made her beloved home disappear. Now she has to figure out what to do to get it back which involves a crazy road trip that is a wild ride like no other to Salem, Massachusetts.

Falling trees, scary empty alternate reality truck stops, and death defying plunges off a cliff are just a few of the "minor roadblocks" that Chloe, her boyfriend Luke and best friend Janice have to face before reaching Salem- where it all began.

But is there anything or anyone left in Salem that can tell Chloe what she needs to know, that can help her get Sugar Maple back before it's too late?

When they first arrive in Salem it doesn't look good but finally they find a connection Chloe never expected that can help her get Sugar Maple back...if she wants it bad enough.

This is the most action packed of all three Sugar Maple books yet. From page one things are crazy and just continue to get crazier.
I missed the normal characters of Sugar Maple but it was great seeing the story progress and learn more about Chloe's history.

And again Bretton ends the book with a cliffhanger making sure readers will continue to want more of this zany series.
Knitters will also find a wealth of knitting know how in the back of the book.

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Estella said...

I enjoyed this book!