Monday, February 14, 2011

Winners of the Be My Vampire Valentine Poetry Contest

Today's the day- the announcement of the winners of the Be My Vampire Valentine Poetry Contest.

Wow it was close. I had a hard time picking the final winner.

But this one below gave me chills so it was ultimately my final choice.

I also picked an international winner.

Here they are:

Winning entry is by Virginia C

Ages of Love

Some time ago, fifty years past,
I met you, and you took my heart.
I stand beside you now,
As you take your last breath.
Though I have lived many centuries,
These years lived with you,
Yet without you, are all that is real.
I gave you a choice, life eternal or life apart.
You thought to let me go, but I was never far.
I danced with you at your wedding.
Rejoiced at the birth of your child.
Shared your sorrow as war took your son.
I watched as silver touched your hair, and
Your face became soft and lined.
He never deserved you, the man who shared your life.
You are my love, my heart and soul.
My forever wife.
I will not leave you now that your heart now longer beats.
I could not bear to never more look into your eyes.
I will hold your hand and await my own end.
The curtain is drawn, and the light filters in.
This is the final sunrise.

US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

International Winning Entry by Katrina W

Blood kiss...

Sharp pain,
blood stained.
Love and life is drained.
Life will never be the same.
Hot date,
Tall, dark and handsome.
LIes told, hot kisses, passion ignited,
Trails and lust, An Enchanted kiss.
An alley, fear,
he was so very near.
His Blood kiss,
Till the end.
Darkness evolved
never to be told.

Love lies bleeding,
a new life proceeding.
Darkness becomes her.

Eyes flutter,
a whole new matter.
Eternally yours,
darkness forever
but we will be together.
Now My blood kiss,
drinking away the terror, the excitement, a vampire...
life filled with blood , desires,
it will never be the same


Virginia C said...

Thank you very much! This was a labor of love--written from the heart! Happy Valentine's Day to all : )

booklover0226 said...

Congrats to the winners. Your poems are great!

Tracey D