Monday, March 7, 2011

Join Me at the ARe Cafe

I had the privilege of being one of the first to visit the ARe Cafe as I was invited to beta test the site for the past couple of weeks as a first byter.
It is fantastic. It is a fabulous place for readers and authors to connect.

Here's a little about the Cafe from the ARe Newsletter:

You've heard bits and pieces about the new ARe Café for months, and you're probably wondering what's all the buzz about? We're very excited that finally we can invite you in and show you!

We've got a fresh pot brewing, a cozy chair waiting for you in the corner, and a lively discussion going on about your very favorite topic-books! But that's not all. We have features that will entertain, inform, enlighten, and help you connect with other like-minded people 24/7. At the ARe Café we are always open. So, what are you waiting for? See what the buzz is about... Drop by for a byte!

Create Your Profile

Okay, so the doors are open and now you're inside. Now what? Well first, create your profile. It's easy to do and if you get stuck at any point, someone will be happy to assist you.

Fill out the READER info. What kind of things should you put in there? Tell us who you are, where you are, what genres you like to read and how you like to read. Are you a series junkie? Are you addicted to your iPhone? Do you like your romance smoking hot, sensual or sweet?

Are you an author? If so, there's an additional AUTHOR information section to fill out. This area will tell readers where to find you on the web, what genres you write and keep them informed on your works in progress.

Most importantly while you're there, you need to replace the goofy-looking placeholder avatar that will automatically pop up with an image that reflects "the real you".

What else is there?

Facebook and Twitter Integration

Triple the fun by connecting your Café account to your Twitter and Facebook. You can Tweet comments and Like topics. You want to hang out at the Café all day but you don't want to neglect your Twitter and Facebook followers? No worries, with our Facebook and Twitter integration feature, you can elect to push status updates out to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Just click on My Account>Settings to provide authorization.

We've scoured the web so you don' t have to. We've searched for and found the news and features you're most interested in and compiled them in one place, the ARe Café. It's almost too much to mention here, but we'll give it a try...


· Book Club - Join Smart Bitch Sarah's Sizzling Book Club and get instant rebates when you purchase the monthly book picks.

· Blog Bytes - No need to hop all over the Web for the best in book blogs; we have collected all of them in one feed for you right here!

· On Air - Download podcasted interviews with your favorite romance authors to your MP3 player and listen while you chat with your Café friends.

· Videos - Preview new and favorite releases with our growing collection of video book trailers.

· Café News - What's happening in the book world? We'll find out and put it all there for you to review at your leisure.

So come on, meet me at the Cafe

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