Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review of Midnight Reflections by Katrina Michaels

Book Description:

All Tara Daston wanted was a fun night out dancing with her boyfriend. Getting killed was certainly the last thing she ever expected and waking back up three days later as a vampire was the last thing she ever wanted. And just when she finally begins adjusting to her new life, a friend is killed by a creature nobody can identify.

At first, she tries to move on because, after all, she's just a newly risen vampire who was still trying to learn about existing as the undead. But despite it all, she can't stop thinking about her friend. As more killings happen, she realizes that she can't ignore it any longer. Deciding to investigate a little, she meets Tom Duncan, the lead agent of the Preternatural Investigation Agency, who is not amused at her interference.

Whether it's because they are both vampires or because he keeps treating her as if she's five years old, but Tara really enjoys riling the agent. Also, now that she's gotten involved, she doesn't want to stop. And when the killer notices her and is intrigued, she no longer has any choice, forcing her to work together with Tom and the rest of the agency to stop the murders.

My Review:

A fresh look at the world of the paranormal with interesting characters and a strong female role model. Nicely written combination of urban fantasy and mystery.

Tara just wanted to have a night of fun with her boyfriend. Too bad the night ends with him making her dead...then undead.

At least her vampire daddy, Alexander, is a good guy (unlike her creep of ex) and helps her adjust to her new life as a vampire. I like his character, very intriguing.

Tara gets thrown into a world she wasn't prepared for but at least she has some good supernaturals on her side while fighting preternatural crime and looking for a serial killer responsible for the death of her friend.

The entire book was engaging- there was mystery, a touch of romance, and some very great characters that really livened things up. This is a worthwhile read for fans of the genre.

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