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Fangs for the Bite by Marie Treanor & Blood Sin Giveaway

OK, I apologize for the pun, but on Fang-tastic Books, I thought Roxanne might let me off :-). In fact, it was the title of this blog that set me thinking about fangs and biting, and exactly what it is about them that is so seductive to readers.

Ever since Bram Stoker’s Dracula, writers and readers alike have been entranced by the sensuality of the vampire bite, and even of the victim in turn drinking the blood of the vampire. To some, it might be the sublimation of pain into pleasure, or a bit of sadistic-masochistic delight. But I have to confess I don’t like pain! In my Awakened by Blood books, the initial pain of a bite is overwhelmed by sensual pleasure, and the vampire’s tongue has healing properties.

For most, the neck is a highly erogenous zone, and so lavishing attention on that part of the anatomy is bound to be sexy. But although my vampires prefer the neck, this isn’t necessarily the case for a story involving sensual biting. The giving and receiving of blood, the life force itself, seems to be the important issue, despite the fact that, described in a different way, such an act would be gross at best! I suppose that’s the difference between vampire horror and vampire romance… which brings me back to the wider issue of why we read vampire romance in the first place.

How did the wildly different concepts of “vampire” and “romance” manage to come together?

My conclusion is that romance readers are always looking for something more than the simple boy meets girl, lives happily ever after. We want a great love, an overwhelming experience with a larger than life hero, whatever form that hero takes. A vampire hero is the epitome of those things; he takes more, is prepared to give more, in terms of pleasure, blood and just about everything else!

And those teeth – the fangs that pierce or tear the skin – are very much part of that experience. In some stories they are erogenous in themselves, as with my hero, Saloman, while my heroine, Elizabeth, finds them wickedly attractive, perhaps because they’re associated with the forbidden and therefore most exciting part of their relationship.

Anyway, what do you think? I have a copy of Blood Sin (the second of my Awakened by Blood trilogy) to give away, so to enter the contest for it, please tell me your opinion on vampire biting? Is it gross or sexy? And why? What do you like or hate about it?

To help you decide, I’ve added an excerpt with just a little fang appreciation!

BLOOD SIN: Awakened by Blood 2 By MARIE TREANOR Published by NAL Signet Eclipse Available now from Amazon:

Even if you walk in the light, you can dwell in the dark.

Months after her dangerous encounter with vampire overlord Saloman, Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk is still trying to cope with both the demands of her ancestral bloodline—which marks her as a vampire hunter — and the overpowering desire she feels for the immortal she brought back from the grave. But she is not alone in her fascination with Saloman.

When Elizabeth tracks down a distant cousin from America, she learns he possesses an antique sword that has caught the interest of the Grand Master of the American hunters. It is the ancient and mystical sword of Saloman — a treasure of vast occult powers and a prize beyond measure to both vampires and humans. Now the race is on for possession of the sword.

Even as her enemies and allies shift their allegiances and battle for supremacy, Elizabeth must decide which will rule her own perilous fate: unwanted loyalty or unholy love.


Elizabeth closed her eyes. In that moment, she understood him so completely it hurt. She knew his loneliness as if it were her own, and this was all there would ever be for them, snatched nights when circumstances beyond them dictated they could be together for twenty-four hours. For a being thousands of years old, that was less than a drop in the ocean.

This is all there is. Don’t waste it, Silk.

She rose from the bed before she could change her mind, padding the few feet across the soft-pile carpet to his side. Still he didn’t turn from the window, but by the city lights reflected on his face, she glimpsed his faint smile.

“Is it all illusion with us, Saloman? Is none of it real?”

“It’s all real, just . . . fleeting.”

He wanted more; he still wanted more. It should have appalled her; it should have sent her scurrying back to bed with the sheets drawn up to her chin in protection. She should not have continued to stand there in her sexy nightdress, and she certainly shouldn’t have taken his hand, threading her fingers through his as she gazed with him across the blackness of Central Park. The sounds of traffic and partying were faint, but audible.

“I never expected New York to be this beautiful,” she observed.

“It has its own charm, as all places do.”

“You have been here before!”

The smile came back briefly and vanished. “Not since it was like this. A long time ago, before it was called America.”

She accepted that. One day, perhaps even tomorrow, he would tell her about it. Tonight, it seemed, he didn’t want to talk. So she lifted their joined hands to her cheek.

“I wish it was different, Saloman,” she whispered, and then, before the tears came, she dropped his hand and turned away.

But she moved too slowly. Before she had even taken a step, he’d seized her wrist and swung her against him. His arms were hard around her and his head swooped like some bird of prey. There was no time to protest before his lips crushed hers.

Her mouth opened wide in shock; she might even have intended to object, but as he took possession, she gave up and sank into his embrace with a muffled moan of relief and joy. He bent her body backward, grinding the hardness of his erection into her abdomen, and she flung her arms up around his neck, grasping his hair between her fingers. As he deepened the kiss, she welcomed his tongue with her own, and when she felt the graze of his dangerous fangs, she licked them greedily.

Saloman spoke inside her head, presumably so that he could keep kissing her. Did you come to offer me your blood or your body?

Either. Both.

I wish I’d thought of showing you weakness before.

At that, she tore her mouth free, tugging at his hair in a feeble attempt to prevent him from doing exactly as he wanted to. “You think this is some kind of weird, misplaced pity?” she whispered.

He didn’t answer, simply took her mouth back, and her tugging fingers relaxed in his hair, holding him to her. You don’t like pity, she reminded him.

I like sex with you.

Marie Treanor lives in Scotland with her eccentric husband and three much-too-smart children. Having grown bored with city life, she resides these days in a picturesque village by the sea where she is lucky enough to enjoy herself avoiding housework and writing sensual stories of paranormal romance and fantasy.

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To enter to win a copy of Blood Sin answer Marie's question -please tell me your opinion on vampire biting? Is it gross or sexy? And why? What do you like or hate about it?

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Katrina W said...

Vampire biting in the right concept is sexy, why,, vampire are hot lustful creatures ,, Vampire men are always hot creatures !!! Id love me a vamp to nibble on my neck,,, Usually biting invloves hot sex !!!! lol.. *lusty wink **
Fangs- n biting is hawt!!
Some like pain - brings sensual pleasure !! :)

Vampires are really forbidden !!
Thats why we like them and read about them...
Thanks for the interview - the books sounds great !!!


mariska said...

Vampire biting is hot and sexy, plus addictive :)

uniquas at ymail dot com

RachyBee said...

Great interview and thanks for the contest!

I do actually find vampire biting sexy. There's something so very intimate with allowing a person (vampire) to bite you and I find being able to trust someone with yourself in that way incredibly sexy. I mean, you're putting yourself in their hands and trusting them to not take too much.


buddyt said...

If the giveaway is open worldwide, I would like to be entered.

I agree with the points you make that the neck is a very sensual part of the body. Why are "love-bites" or "hickys" so mauch a part of petting ?

So yes sexy as long as it is a bite and doesn't involve tearing away half the victims neck.


Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Nicki J Markus said...

Vampire biting is completely sexy.
Vampires have always been linked with the erotic and forbidden desire - what's secier than that!

Great Interview

nickijmarkus @ y7mail . com

Marie Treanor said...

Hi everyone!

Big thank you to Roxanne for having me back :).

Hi Katrina, I hear you :). Thank you!

Hello, Mariska - good point about addictive :)

Rachy, you're welcome :). I think you;re right - trust plus danger is a beguiling combination!

Hi Carol - yes, since I'm in Scotland, just about everywhere is international, so we'll stick with that :). And exactly, violent throat-tearing isn't sexy at all!!

Thanks, Nicki - I have to agree!


SandyG265 said...

I think it really depends on how the biting is done. Usually it's sexy but I've seen some biting scenes in horror movies that were gross.

sgiden at

Virginia C said...

Hello, Marie & Roxanne!

The Vampire's bite is primal and potent. The allure of the Vampire is the elemental surrender of the prey to its hunter. Carnality is often obscured beneath captivating, courtly charm. Perhaps it is barely contained within sleek, scintillating sexuality. A Vampire may kill in a gross and gory feeding frenzy or he may partake in slow, sensual supper of depletion of will.

I am enthralled by the "Awakened by Blood Series". I loved "Blood on Silk", and I highly recommend it for lovers of Paranormal Romance! I'd love to win a copy of "Blood Sin" : )

US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

debbie said...

A little is okay with me. Tearing out your throat- not so much.

Carol L. said...

I have to say yes, I think in the context of having sex, making love that Vampire biting would be very sexy and sensual. Teeth grazing along your neck and sucking. Oh yes. :)
Have both of the books on my TRL. Please enter me.
GFC follower under Lucky47.
Carol L

Marie Treanor said...

Hi Sandy! You're right, it has to depend on how it's written. Horror v romance :)

Hi Virginia - good description as always! And thanks for the kind words about Blood on Silk!

Hi Debbie - got to agree :)

Hi Carol - good to hear! Thanks for your comment.


Robin K said...

Love it! Because it is so fobidden and naughty. Pain, pleasure, promise, dangers. Love.

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

Bethie said...

There is something very sexy about letting a vampire bite you. I think it has to do with the whole trust thing. Their bite can also kill.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Anne said...

It all depends on how it's written. It's understandable that it would be a part of an intimate act for a vampire, so it's mostly sexy in the context.

I gotta say the first time Bill bit Sookie on True Blood was a big gross out when it flowed down her shoulder. I always think of it as being neat and clean in that context versus a vampire ripping out someone's throat in bloodlust or anger.

Bethany C. said...

I guess if I thought it was gross I'm in the wrong place! I think part of why vampire biting has been eroticized is because when they sink their fangs in, technically it IS an act of penetration. And bodily fluid sharing. Or maybe that's just psychobabble. I think it's sexy because one has to put a lot of trust in the vampire biting them.


Danielle Gorman said...

I think it depends on how it is written but most of the time it's sexy. I especially like it when they bite in other places besides the neck and wrist.

Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

Definitely sexy!

I'm not all too sure why, but because I know that vampire needs blood to live there's something sexy about their teeth sinking into your flesh :)

leilani @

Marie Treanor said...

Hi Robin - nice :)

Hi Bethie - a few people have mentioned trust now. It is a big thing trusting that much in a being so dangerous!

Anne, that would turn me off too. I know it's a fine line when you're talking vampires, but violence just isn't sexy!

Good point, Bethany - it is another form of "taking" :).

Danielle, I'm a sucker for the neck, myself (if you'll pardon the pun :)). Biting other body parts always worries me slightly! Though I was watching Interview with the Vampire recently, and in one scene Lestat bit a girl's breast. It was very sexy at first, and then she came to herself and was terrified, which wasn't so sexy at all!

Hi Leilani! I'm not entirely sure why either, which was why I asked the question :). We can analyze so much of it, but when it comes down to it, it just IS sexy :)


booklover0226 said...

From the books I've read, the initial bite is painful (I don't do pain) but it's immediately followed by ecstasy (that, I can do!) So in the long run, I find it sexy!

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Jessica said...

Well I guess it all depends on the vampire himself. Is he a murderous feign? Or is he the suave, uber sexy type? But I think it should hurt at first, but then the pain is forgotten when you get swept away in the ecstasy of it all.

So really it should ultimately be a seductive "love bite" with minimal pain.


BLHmistress said...

I think a Vampire's bite is sexy why because I know for me being nibbled on my neck - is one of my weak spots, I can handle a bit of pain for the amount of pleasure that it will bring me :)


Marie Treanor said...

Hi Tracey! No, I don't do pain either, so it's good to get that part over with quickly :)

Jessica, that works for me :). Thank you!

BLHmistress,me too :)

Thanks for all your insightful comments! I've found them very helpful as well as fun :)


Leni said...

It depends on what type of book it is. If it's more on the erotic side then the bite seems more sexual and adds a sexy edge to the story.
When the story is more on the horror side the bite is scary and that adds to the suspense.
I don't prefer one over the other and depending on my mood I choose which one to read.

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

Oh definitely sexy, if it's done right. Biting brings out the passion and swiftly covers any pain.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Sniffly Kitty said...

Kind of gross if I really think about it If I don't think about it too much, it's kind of sexy.

Barbara E. said...

I like vampire biting in stories, I don't think I'd like it so much in real life, unless it was as hot as all the stories make it. If it's during some hot sex between consenting adults, it sounds good to me. I like it when the vampire heals the wound with a lick, so there aren't gaping holes left on the neck.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Jen B. said...

I think it depends on the author and the story. It can be very erotic if done properly. And not just neck biting. However, I have read a few books that were actually funny because it made no sense. Of course, it is also a fabulous tool in a horror book. Ah vampires, gotta love em. Unless they sparkle! (No haters, I did in fact read every book and see every movie.)

donnas said...

It really depends on how its done. A well written bite is very sexy but its a fine line toward turning just gross. A great testament to a writers skill is the ability to make it super sexy.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Marie Treanor said...

Thanks for your comment, Leni - makes perfect sense to me :).

Lisa, that's the way I like it too - in a romance at least!

Hi Sniffly Kitty! Exactly - the act itself is gross but if it's described as sexy without pain then we forget the gross :)

Barbara, I agree the healing lick is a neat trick. I have my better vampires doing that :).

Hi, Jen! Yes, the vampire is a mult-faceted creature :). Got to love them in all their forms!

I think your right, Donna - thanks for your comment!


stacey said...

I think it's the Fangs because a human bite is never sexy maybe because they use more teeth then two.and the giving of life to a other seams sexy two.

Tanya1224 said...

What a good article. I'm very much into vampires right now and I read a different version with the last book. It was more brutal and not sensual. It had me changing my mind about vampires. Like, I would never want that. So with that I'll say I like the romantic reads. When it's a sexy, non-hurting bite ;) I love it! I've been very eager to start your series. It's already on my TBR list. So if I win all the greater. Thanks!

Marie Treanor said...

Hi Stacey - good points. Being inhuman does help with the biting! And the power of imortality is pretty awesome!

Hi Tanya - glad you enjoyes the post! And I hope you get to read the books soon :). Thanks for dropping in!


Tore said...

I think vampire bitting is very sexy and hot. I like the bitting to happen when they are making passionate love. Please enter me in contest. I love to read this book.

Maria (pronounced Mariah) I blame my mother... said...

As long as the biting stays in the books it is usually sexy as hell! I think it is about conecting two people in a deeper way that makes it so hot. real life it would be a totally different story!

Thank you! mmafsmith(at)gmail(dot)com

wanda f said...

I completely agree with what Maria pronounced Mariah said
"As long as the biting stays in the books its sexy ! real life it would be a totally different story

heatwave16 said...

I definitely think it is sexy. It is just such an intimate moment, if you are talking about biting on the next. Plus, in many tales, vamps have the power to add extra pleasure instead of pain to the bite...yummy.


Marie Treanor said...

Thank you, Tore! Me too :)

Maria, I suspect you're right about real life :). I'd probably whack someone who tried to bite me that hard! But then I don't actually know any sexy vampires. Got to love books :).

Hi Wanda, you're clearly on the same page. We're getting too sensible now :)

Heatwave - yes, the extra pleasure helps. Love that :)


Loony Linh said...

Well, I guess it depends on who you are. If you were an innocent victim walking down the street one night only to be bitten by a vampire, you probably wouldn't find it so sexy. But on the plus side, I think it' really sexy -swoon- :L

lnhphm24 at hotmail dot com

Tasha said...

Vampire biting is sexy! Human biting on the other hand is NOT. I guess it goes back to the whole bad boy thing with my like of vampires. I especially enjoy those tortured soul vampires :)


Marie Treanor said...

Hi Loony Linh - good point! Like other forms of intimacy, it's better after an introduction :)

Tasha - me too :). Although the tortured must never degenerate into whiny :).


Amy said...

It really depends on the context for me. If a mean vampire is biting me, I would still think it's gross even if I feel seduced at the time. If it's a good vampire, I would think it's sexy.


meggerfly said...

I think that vampire biting is sexy. The sharing of a life force seems cool.