Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guest Blog and Galinn Giveaway with Kiera Thomas

Thank you for having me at Fang-tastic Books. I’m Kiera Thomas, erotic paranormal romance author of Galinn, the first book in the Forbidden World Series, which was released on April 1. In Galinn, the world as we know it is different. Six worlds are separated by a thin membrane, the human world is one and the forbidden world is another.

In the forbidden world live the Alps, dark full of hate creatures and their queen. Over the years the Queen collected different species from the other worlds, including three human warriors Galinn, Kallisto and Alexios.

Most of the story takes place in mountains of Irvine, Kentucky. There is a piece of history in the middle of the mountains called the Fitchburg Furnace, this actually exists. I visited Irvin, and took real places and landmarks, inserting them into the story.

Galinn has pretty much everything in it, love, death, sex, suspense and paranormal characters. The other books in the series will be the story of Kallisto, Alexios and Levi, a yummy Kentuckian that helps the warriors track down the Alp.

Sexy overweight Leoma is hunted down by a thirst to kill, soul stilling, mate craving Alp creature from the forbidden world. The way the Queen of the forbidden world takes care of her problem Alp will be to send her three immortal human warriors-Galinn, Kallisto and Alexios after the heart of the Alp and bring it back to the forbidden world.

The three warriors, while hunting the Alp, decide to risk their immortality and not return to the forbidden world. But they need a plan, a plan that will risk their own lives from the Queen when she learns of their decision.

While hunting the Alp, Galinn falls in love with Leoma. Leoma is everything a woman should be to Galinn, soft, with rounded curves he can hold on to. Promising to protect her and find a way not to return to the Queen, she is captured by the Alp. The Alp hides her in a hidden cave in the mountains of Kentucky. Inserts the mating hormone inside her that could destroy her, could change her future with Galinn forever…


“Fuck! Son of a Bitch!” All four of the men were swearing like sailors in a bad storm while they took off running towards the Alps direction. The Alp was still slightly faster than the warriors and way faster than Levi, even though he was breathing heavy he still kept them insight. They had their guns in front of them ready to blow the fucker away.

Jumping over rocks and fallen trees, the Alp ran like he had lived in these woods all his life. Leoma hung upside down like a ragdoll. Her arms flailing aimlessly as the Alp ran. She tried to claw his back hoping he would drop her, which sure as hell didn’t work. He acted like he didn’t even feel her, probably didn’t since his skin felt like thick rubber.

The Alp already knew where he was going. Jumping over the Kentucky River like it was just inches wide. He ran up the side of another mountain to a cave he had noticed earlier. It was set behind a thick mass of trees and vines. Hidden from view, he just happened to locate it accidentally just after his mid-day Peanut snack. The cave would provide excellent protection to mate with this human female.
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This sounds like it will be a very good book. I live in Kentucky and I love reading books that are written about it.

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Hi, Kiera.

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