Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guest Blog with L.A. Jones

My book is about a girl named Aradia who finds out that she is the last of her kind. People have talked about the Salem Witch trials for many years where the humans hung innocent women at the trials. At the same time the hidden race which consists of vampires, werewolves, fae, shapeshifters, witches etc etc. were going through their own type of genocide. Since they are called the hidden race the one law that all of them follow is stay hidden from the human world. However, all of sudden the humans knew about it or specifically the witches. So the witches were hunted down and killed on the charges of treason. Not one single witch survived the genocide. Or so they all thought...

One day in modern times a girl named Aradia moves to Salem. No body knows what to make of her neither the humans or the hiddens. After a while though they find out that she is the last witch! Automatically this girl gets thrust into a new world with new laws and a new position of power. And all while she is still in high school.

Unfortunately there is one aspect about my book that is similar to Twilight. There is a vampire named Beau and werewolf named Roy who both end up falling for Aradia. However, as times go one many people start to view Aradia as a powerful woman in position of political power. So many hidden go after her in order to procure power such as Tristan who is the crown prince of the Seelie fae court.

Her love life, however, is just one of the problems that Aradia faces. In addition to now being considered the last of her kind she is now regarded as a hidden and hiddens only pretend to follow the human laws. Amongst themselves things are very different. There is segregation, prejudice, violence, and chaos. So now Aradia who has grown up in the human world where prejudice is no longer allowed to suddenly be considered part of society that actually revels in it. Needless to say, thats awkward for her. So she is given a choice, Because she is the last of the witches she is considered the most powerful hidden in the world. She can either ignore such a role or use to change things. However, just like change in the human world like the civil rights were hard you can bet in the hidden world they will be even more ruthless!

So far I have written three books under the pen name L.A. Jones about Aradia. It is a series that will go on I think for either 6 or 8 books.

If you would like to read the book here is a link for free ebook through Smashwords

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