Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Theresa Meyers and The Vampire Who Loved Me Giveaway

The Vampire Who Loved Me

Book #2 in the Sons of Midnight mini-series from Harlequin Nocturne

By Theresa Meyers

ISBN: 0373618603

ISBN13: 978-0373618606

Releases: May 24, 2011


Dr. Rebecca Chamberlin hated nothing more than the vampires who had turned her loved ones into creatures of the night…until she became one herself. Now her experimental vaccine has become more urgent than ever, and has made her the target of vampire security chief Achilles Stefanos.


Built like a god with golden hair and an irresistible allure, Achilles made her feel passion the way no mortal man had before. Beck could no more deny her craving for him than she could the hated bloodlust in her veins. But when her vaccine fell into the wrong hands, Beck has a difficult choice to make—one that challenged everything she’d always believed…..

Dark and dangerous, the Sons of Midnight are a temptation that few can resist!

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Who Says?

Okay for a moment there I felt like Selena Gomez, Lord help me, but today to celebrate the big kickoff for The Vampire Who Loved Me I’m talking about loving what we read! Too often we’re put into situations where what we love to read is questioned.

”Oh, you read those books?”

“When are you going to read real books.”

“It’s just another vampire book.”

Well, my fellow fang-tastic fiends, it’s time to look at them and shout out a big, “Hell, yeah, that’s what I read and I love it!”

I love to read paranormal romances and I love to write them. It’s my thing. Vampires, shape-shifters, steampunk, urban fantasy filled with dark fae, elves, ghosts, witches and the like. They’re fun to write! I read them my the bagful. Some of my favorites are Yasmin Galenorne, Jessica Andersen, J.R. Ward, some of Linda Lael Miller's early vampires, Zoe Archer, Gail Carriger, Cherry Adair's Edge books, Christina Dodd, and Kim Harrison.

There are plenty of people who say, well older heroes aren't as sexy. Really? Take my hero in my latest book. He’s a Spartan warrior. Those were the toughest Greeks around. Remember the movie 300 with Gerard Butler, yeah. That. But Achilles is burdened with a profound handicap – he’s a Halfling. In my vampire world when a vampire and his/her mentor/maker bond together in a romantic way, they imprint with one another. The imprint is stronger than either vampire alone. It allows them to share each other’s powers, but also each other’s pain. So when Achilles, mentor, Ione, is killed by the Inquistion, it’s like half of him died, in a very literal sense. He’s a powerful warrior, with mad vampire skills, who can’t link to his emotions and who’d go insane without the contact to others in the Cascade Clan. Who says you can’t have a tortured hero who’s ancient and still every bit as sexy as today’s movie stars?

There's others who'll claim really smart women aren't appealing. Is that so? My heroine is a brianiac. One of those whiz kids who pretty much never had a normal life on several levels, first, because she was too smart, and second because she was mistresses’ child of a very powerful man (and no, not Arnold Schwarzenegger). But all the education, all the intelligence in the world can’t bring back her mother, or give her the family she’s always wanted…or keep her from turning into one of the very vampires she despises when here experimentation with a new vaccine to protect against the vampire virus goes terribly wrong. Who says being smart or powerful solves everything? Sometimes you have to go with your gut. Who says being smart ever kept you from being sexy?

Who says you can’t read about vampires, shapeshifters, witches, zombies, and still being improving your mind? Guess what. Einstein, yeah, the same guy who was the brilliant developer of the Theory of Relativity, said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” As long as you are feeding your imagination and using it, you are doing the most important work on the planet!

And of course, my latest and greatest pet peeve - the people who say we shouldn't read romance. Look, if you want to be one of those that has decided to be the voice of the more than 74.8 million readers of romance, and you want to tell them they are ruining themselves, by doing it, I'm going to wish you good luck with that, but I'm not going to be hopeful for your outcome. Why? Because romances are POSITIVE. They are books filled with people going up against the odds to make their world a better place, with characters who are finding ways to grow into the people who can have healthy, happy, long relationships with they people they love. I'm sorry, but if expecting a relationship to involve faithfulness, love, kindness, respect and appreciation for your partner is setting unrealistic expectations based on fantasy and fiction, then WTH is wrong with your reality? Why says you can't have the kind of relationship in a romance novel?

Okay, I've said my piece, probably more than that, with whipped cream and an extra cherry on top. But you get it. YOU are the reader. It's YOUR choice. Read what you love. Read what makes you smile. Read what would make you grab your best friend by the shoulder, shake her hard and tell her, you have to read this! And don't let anyone tell you different.

So let me ask you this, who says you shouldn't read what you love? And what would you say back to them?

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lindsey hutchison said...

i love nocturne....i love vampires...and i love Teresa Meyers what more could a girl ask for then this. thanks for the giveaway. good luck all


Anne said...

Hi, Theresa-

Congrats on the new release. You're a new to me author, but I'll be checking out your Nocturne release because, like Lindsey, I enjoy the line.

StacieDM said...

Hello Theresa!
Your poor heroine must be full of self-loathing now that she has been turned into the thing she hates the most. Hopefully she is able to come to terms with it. I'm curious about her vaccine. Congrats on the new release!

user1123 AT comcast DOT net

Robin K said...

Would love to win this one! Cannot wait to read your books Theresa :)

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

luckyld said...

i love vampires there so cool & sexy they are people too. vampires just have a different lifestyle. what else does a girl want then having true love with a good looking vampire man by her side forever !.

Mary said...

I don't let anyone tell me what I should or shouldn't read. I love Romance books and will tell anyone to get a life if they try and tell me what to read. one friend called them "Bodice rippers" and while I laughed I also told him that he shouldn't judge them until he's read one. lol

Theresa Meyers said...

I had one of my best friends since grade school tell me that I was ruining women's minds by writing romances. Wow. Just, wow.

Why is it that people are so willing to disparriage something that's positive?

I still love Debbie Macomber's response to a woman who came up to her at a booksigning and with a derisive sniff said "I don't read those kind of books."

Debbie looked straight at her and replied, "What the kind with no pictures?"

Barb P said...

Hi Theresa! Congrats on your new release! I really don't have too many people make any comments about my reading material and it really wouldn't matter. I like what I like and others are welcome to read what they like. There are many different genres out there specifically for that reason. Viva La Difference!(Said with an accent) Love your books and love Nocturnes!

Jami Davenport said...

I just had our furnace repaired. I have my book covers hanging on the well. The repairman said: "Oh, you're a writer?" At this point, he seemed excited. I told him I wrote romance novels. His expression changed to disinterest and disgust. "Oh, I don't read that garbage."

Having gotten used to such responses, I pointed out that my romance writing paid for our new furnace/heat pump, a new deck, and a trip to Hawaii and the San Juans in the past year.

Money talks, and he suddenly seemed impressed and said he should write romance novels.

Lisa Kessler said...

Amen Theresa!!! :)

I occassionally read literary fiction and sometimes I like it, but the majority of the time I feel like I'm being preached to.. Blech!

I like to read for an escape from reality. What better escape than a hot vampire, werewolf, etc?

Great blog!

Lisa :)

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom said...

HI Theresa. This is a wave from a fellow vampire and Were Nocturne author - who supports everything you've said here about the romance genre. And Einstein's quote rocks.

What would the world be without imagination? Pretty darn dull, that's what. yeah!

www. lindathomas-sundstrom .com

Merrily Boone said...

Hi Theresa, I loved the first book "The Truth About Vampires." I enjoy being asked why I'm reading a romance. I say, "I have a degree in English lit and have been bored and depressed reading almost every work of literary fiction. Now I'm reading books that are entertaining and positive." Nobody has thought of a comeback to argue yet.

June M. said...

Congrats on the new release. I can never get enough vamp books, or othe PNR either so this sounds like something I would enjoy. Thanks for the giveaway.

GFC: June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Sherry said...

Most people don't say anything about what I read but one lady that I work with always makes comments about me reading romance books (she reads horror books). I usually just roll my eyes at her and go on reading but I finally did say something one of the last times she was running her mouth because she read and loved the Twilight series. I asked her what she thought they were if they weren't romance books.

Estella said...

No one tells me what to or not to read. I read all genres and don't bother to hide the covers!

Estella said...

Forgot my email.

kissinoak at frontier dot com

Melissa Jarvis said...

I love everything you just said, and also read many of those authors. And yes, I've had those "looks" when I tell people what I write. But many of our heroines are take charge, not cowering under the sheets women. I think romances tell us that there is hope in the world and how can that be a bad thing? And by the way, for my new time travel romance book, I researched quantam physics! And used Einstein's bed sheet space time theory, thank you.

Stephanie said...

I love paranormal books. I know some people who only read when they have to for informational purposes, but reading relaxes me and allows me to transport into another world for a few hours.

smccar1 at hotmail dot com

Debby Lee said...

Hi Theresa, I've never had anybody tell me what to read or why or why not, but I loved your article. You tell them sister, you go girl! Best of luck to you with all your books. Sincerely, Debby Lee

Tore said...

I have never had anyone tell me what I can read or not read but then I have no one who supports me in my reading or understand why I enjoy books so. I would love win this book. I love reading about vampires. Please enter me in contest.

lindalou said...

I get my hackles up at censorship! I read an article posted on another list today that purported that readers of romance stories suffered from addition similar to those addicted to porn. Those people need a life far away from me!
Anyway, CONGRATS on your new release! I love stories about vamps. Thanks for the giveaway!

Leni said...

I don't have a problem with people telling me what to read and that's great because I love the books that I read and would have to tell them so.

angie lilly said...

I am here to say that anyone who knocks romance or sci-fi/supernatural books as trash is just a snob. I have a BA in English specializing in creative writing. I have never enjoyed reading James Joyce or Hemingway, but I love to read books like the ones reviewed on here. Reading is reading. All of it keeps your brain and imagination active.
14earth at gmail dot com

Scott said...

I say in this country if you read at all you are doing good! With all the PC/TV/XBOX/etc. its a wonder anyone reads! :P to them! LOL
nynekats at gmail dot com

Boone Brux said...

A timely blog:) My neighbor said to me yesterday, "Yeah, well I dont like those kind of books, vampires and demon slayers." I wanted to say, "Yeah, well, I don't like beer drinking, ignorant truck drivers, but I still keep talking to you." But I didn't. I just smiled and said, "You don't know what you're missing." and walked away. Great post!

meggerfly said...

My extended family is always riding me about the types of books that I read. I just give them a bland look an say OK. They know i couldn't care what they think!

rootml1 AT hotmail DOT com

Jen B. said...

Ok. That was a fine rant. I really enjoyed it! I was a closet romance reader for a while. Then I found some authors that just set me on fire. I have always been the type to spread the love. Of course, I have been met with eye rolls and chorus' of "you read romance?'. Their loss. Too bad. I love you list of authors. I read just about every one of them (you know, the day the book comes out I hit Borders). At this point my bookshelves are bursting with romance novels and anyone who comes to my house can ask whatever they want. I just don't care. But, I might try to make them borrow a book or two and then call them repeatedly to ask what they thought!!! Ha, take that naysayers! Thanks for the giveaway.

Becky said...

Loved reading this post. No one tells me what I can read or not read. Once in a while my husbands friends and some other friends will ask why I read romance novels, but normally don't tell me not to read them.

Theresa, you are a new author to me, so I am going to give your books a try. This book sounds like something that I would enjoy reading very much.


wanda f said...

Congratulations on your release I cant wait to read The Vampire Who Loved Me it looks awesome.No one has ever said I shouldnt read the types of books I do but if they did it would be the last time we spoke if thehy didnt let it go lol.Me and my reads would get along quite fine without the naysayer :) said...

It's always great to get some new ammunition for comebacks. I'm a writer, editor, and college English teacher, and I catch all kinds of flack for what I write and read. Even my best friend calls it "vampire porn," but I can forgive him because he reads what I write and likes it!

tjbedard said...

Great rant! Many people think romance is "trashy", but then admit they haven't ever even read a romance book. The characters are empowering! And I've made more friends in the romance section at the bookstore than any of the other sections. (I do read stuff other than romance, but mostly all fiction). Can't wait to read your books! Thanks!

stacey said...

before I started Reading Paranormal I read Sci Fi and when i was a teen my mother had a Priest try to get the demons out of me.Crazy People those people that think they know what is right and what is wrong and that thay can judge you for what you's to much sometimes.I stop going to church because people where judging me.

latishajean said...

I love vampire books my favorite. Thank you so much for the great giveaway! I always read what I want too no one says anything!

booklover0226 said...

I read what I love and when I want to. For years a friend laughed a me because I read only vampire books. Then she got hooked on the Twilight series... she's not laughing now!! LOL

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Rachel Firasek said...

This looks fab Theresa! Can't wait to download it. Vamps rock!!!

katsrus said...

I love the Nocturne books. And I love vampire books. Your book sounds really good. Love the cover.
Sue B

hotcha12 said...


Lisa R/alterlisa said...

My kids are always making fun of what I read but I'm quick to let them know that at least my brain isn't being poisoned by the reality shows that they watch.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Beverly said...

I work at a school and one of the English teachers keeps telling me I should read deep thinking books. I tell him that I love fluff, you know those books that let you escape reality and go anywhere! He thinks that I am wrong. I always tell him, "I'm a single mom with 2 kids, 2 jobs, 4 dogs, 5 cats, and a boyfriend. I get all the reality I can handle!" Thanks for hosting. Please enter me in the giveaway. I am an old follower.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I read enough "literary" fiction in high school and college. I got bored with decoding the messages in the text which my professors would make us do "what does that line mean" what did the author mean by saying blah blah blah...
Who cares.
I read to escape not be taught a lesson. That's what life is for. And if you do dissect the books enough- you can still find lessons to be learned in romance novels, YA novels, and yes paranormal novels. There's so much about good versus evil, how to handle relationships, how to grow as a character, how learning that just because someone is different doesn't make them a monster.
So all those literary snobs can go to hell and read their boring stuff- if they read at all.

Jami- I doubt your furnace guy even reads...and people that don't read shouldn't have an opinion about what others read - at least people are using their brains.

Which in many cases, is rare these days.