Monday, August 8, 2011

Guest Blog and Giveaway with Linda Thomas-Sunstrom

Hello Fang-tastic! Happy Monday. And boy, do I have a story to tell you . . .

I was meandering through an art museum in London, checking out all the paintings, and I noticed something strange that made the hair on my nape prickle. In a few of the paintings, from Renaissance through the Impressionists, I could have sworn I saw the same face.

Not a similar face, but the same one, exactly, give or take the hair. It was a very sculpted male face — there in the background. How crazy is that? I went back and forth to check and recheck, to make sure I wasn't nuts. I can't even begin to describe the weirdness of this discovery.

Things got even stranger. Because when I turned for the exit, I saw a man in the doorway . . . and his was the face in the paintings. The same face.

And I just knew this was trouble, and that I had to have just locked on to the presence of an immortal — one who would probably prefer no one made this connection.

I also knew, with perfect clarity, as our eyes met across the marble museum floor, that this was likely not only an immortal, but very probably the vampire who had left my mother in the street to die just several days before. Something in my soul warned of this.

Big hint here: angelic looks on elegant, chic, males, aren't everything. In fact, an immortal's appearance can be its draw, its lure. Even if you will inherit your mother's Slayer abilities when she dies, and know in your heart that this creature of the night across from you, who is older than sin and twice as deadly, is not only your next target, but that in finding his secrets, and his whereabouts, he now might also be targeting you.

I wasn't ready. I wasn't trained. My mother, the only person who could have filled me in, was in the hospital in a coma. It was dark outside. I was alone. I knew the mantra, even if I didn't know what to do. "One Slayer. One target."

Unless my mother died while I was standing there, I was screwed.

* * *

Well, fant-tastic bloggers, welcome to the world of Danika Douglas in "Night Born," my new novella release from Harlequin's Nocturne Bites. The enigmatic immortal she meets is Alexander Kent. But he might not be what he seems. In fact, he might be attracted to Danika for altogether different reasons . . . at first.

I just loved writing this novella. It flowed out of me like honey. And when this happens, and the idea burns in you until it's on paper and finished, it's a constant compulsion.

"Write itself" stories are rare for authors, and total author bliss. And because of the background I've already created for my immortals in this "Vampire Moons" series of novellas and full books for Nocturne, of these elegant immortals being so much more than mere vampires, and part of a sect called the Holy Seven, or Blood Knights.

My fanged heros have seen it all, done it all, from the time of the Round Table on up . . . and now might be on the lookout for a way to blend their ancient vows with affairs of the heart, and with the living.

I hope you'll try "Night Born" on for size. If you like it, please do dig your own teeth into the first full book in the series, "Golden Vampire," where we meet another Blood Knight in current times, (hint: is name is Lance) with the pleasure of a full book's luscious word count.

We all love the words "immortal" and "dangerous." Right?
As well as the fiery women who take them on.

"I'll happily give away a download or copy of one of my books to the commenter who has or is now reading "Night Born," or "Golden Vampire" and has something to say, or a question to ask, about my world

*I will also give away a download of one of my ebooks to someone who plays with us here today about this wonderful world of the paranormal, in general, and can say what brings you back to it over and over.

(so 2 winners will be chosen)

You know . . . Like minds.

So - speak up. Let's party!
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Chris Marie Green/Christine Cody/Crystal Green said...

Linda, I love that art museum story! I got the shivers. :)

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom said...

Morning, Chris! Love shivers, especially on a warm day like this one.
Thanks for stopping by today.


Linda Thomas-Sundstrom said...

Hmmmm.... you can see more about this book and others in the series on my website:


Cori C said...

That novella sounds awesome! By the end of the first few paragraphs, I knew it would be my kind of story! Great job, Linda!

Marguerite Lafayette said...

Love the story :) a great way to start off the week and whet the appetite for chills.

Do you enjoy working with Harlequin?

Lisa Kessler said...

Wow! I loved the museum scene! :)

Great blog Linda!!!

Lisa :)

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom said...

Marguerite - I love working for Harlequin. Writing Nocturnes is sheer author bliss, and my editor is lovely lovely lovely.

Thanks for stopping by!


Linda Thomas-Sundstrom said...

Lisa - the scene here wasn't from the book, you know. I mean - of course it's in the book- but not like the post here. I wrote this post from my femme's POV - for this blog to lete everyone know the gist.

The story is not in first person POV, etc. I just wanted to tickle your appetite for what was going on in this novella.

It's actually much better than this in it's REAL form - I swear.


Linda Thomas-Sundstrom said...

To everyone - Oh, geez. Please excuse the typos in that last post. Yes, I am a writer and know I typed that too fast to look like one.

It pays to preview these comments.
Lesson learned.

wanda f said...

The museum scene was awesome .I am very intriqued .This is one series I will most definately be reading .

Jen B. said...

Well, I haven't read either book. I love the name The Golden Vampire. Oooo. But I love the description of Night Born. Tingly! Enjoyed the post. Thanks for the giveaway.

June M. said...

I have not read either story yet but they do sound great. Congrats on the release and best of luck with the next installment of the series.

Which paranormal character do you enjoy writing the most?

GFC follower: June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

mbreakfield said...

Love the story and I love the idea of your series. Thanks for the giveaway.

Barb P said...

Hi Linda! I love reading paranormal romance books! First off the romance makes my heart pitter pat and the paranormal part introduces me to places and things amazing and unknown. I just love it. Thank you for the contest.

latishajean said...

This sounds very good thanks for sharing loved what I read! Great giveaway thanks so much!

Tore said...

Great giveaway. I love reading about paranormal. Please enter me in contest.