Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heather Kuehl is a Character Inspiration Spy

I spy…
By: Heather Kuehl

I’ve been asked how I come up with my characters. It depends on the character. Sarah Vargas popped in my head thanks to a song lyric. T.D. Drake is from my high school creative writing class. Denna Rainerd from my new release Dream Lover is from people watching.

I love to people watch. It’s how I get ideas and create characters. Most writers do it, but I doubt most writers aren’t as rude about it as I am. I don’t try to hide it if I’m caught watching someone. It’s fun to see their reaction. In a way, it shows what type of person they are. Do they quickly look away? Do they glare at me? Do they stare back? It makes me wonder what they would do when faced with adversity. I also like to see how people react to other people. Store clerks. Family. Just like the staring, it tells me so much about the person they are. From there, my imagination takes off.

I also listen to conversations. The ones about little Susie’s school day aren’t the conversations that get my juices flowing. “I wasn’t sure what to do. But since he told me to, I just slit it open.” I still don’t know what that one was about, but it got me thinking. He who? Slit what open? My mind falls straight into the paranormal world of witches and vampires, and this conversation tidbit was just what my imagination was looking for.

Like with most things, people watching takes time. I don’t always see or hear something that strikes my Muse’s interest. But when it does…watch out!

Read more about Denna Rainerd in my new release, Dream Lover.

Dream Lover blurb:

Denna Rainerd has dreamed about Warren Connelly for the past ten years, their relationship in the dream world hot and passionate. Pity he isn't real...or is he? Warren wishes that Denna was in his real world, but a human in his world would be a liability. He's a Hunter shapeshifter; sworn to protect his world from the darkest of creatures while he's focused on revenge for the death of his brother. Their worlds collide when Warren saves Denna's life, setting up a chain of events that will change their lives forever.

Will Denna be able to accept Warren's supernatural secrets?

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Epiphany blurb:

Everlena doesn't usually go out to clubs, but one night she decides to, on a whim. She meets Mika, a man who is as mysterious as he is delectable. Everlena doesn't know that Mika has plans for her, or that dark forces are out to get her. Mika is the Fey-King of the Unseelie Court. He's trying to find the princess of the Seelie Court, and is shocked to find her living life as a human. Even more shocking is that this human has no clue Mika’s world even exists. Mika must get Everlena to safety while convincing her that a union between her light court and his dark court is the only way to end the violence.

With danger around every turn, will Everlena be able to leave her human life behind and take her place as a princess of the Seelie Court? Or will the feelings blossoming between Everlena and Mika get in the way?

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