Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review of Black Fang by Susan Blexrud

Category: Paranormal Romance
Reviewer: Michele R.
Reviewer Email:
Author: Susan Blexrud
Publisher: DCL Publications
Release Date: August 2011
ISBN Number: 978-0-9838078-8-9
Author Homepage:
Rating: 5 Fangs
Format: E-BOOK

CATCHY SNIPPET: Things are delightfully batty in this new wacky and spicy adventure in the FANG series from Susan Blexrud, featuring all the main characters, John Marsh, vampire extraordinaire and sexy vampire wife Lauren, along with some freaky new ones. Have yourself a fairy good time!

When a lonesome bat, with a white nose, crashes through John and Lauren Marsh’s French door and lands on the floor, it morphs into a centuries-old vampire who is John’s friend from England. They quickly learn from him that a deadly fungus called white nose syndrome is compromising the bat community. He then unexpectedly dies in John’s hands. John’s heart crumbles in affection towards his late friend. He swiftly jumps into action though on solving the deadly disease that is killing off the bats, which will likely infiltrate into the vampire population as well. Sources tell him that the disease is spreading swiftly and there is no time to waste. John wonders how it is traveling so fast. A mysterious entity is lurking. Is it human or supernatural?

Lucianno and Meredith offer their help along with some other surprising characters from the previous story in the FANG series much to Lauren’s consternation. Plus, some new characters are introduced but are they friend or foe? Unexpected events befall the main characters and a heartfelt tone is woven throughout the story. Little Avery, John and Lauren’s daughter, makes a charming appearance which adds to the familial touch.

This story is shorter but offers an intelligent mix of serious, humorous, pleasurable, skeptical and unexpected moments as John and his compatriots race to uncover the fungus mystery with unsettling developments. Ms. Blexrud smoothly blends an excellent narration on the history of bats culminating into a unique perspective within the plot. With a poignant tale and compassionate characters, Ms. Blexrud exemplifies her outstanding flair for creating a fascinating story of bravery, love and fantastical characters. I am a devoted fan!


Jeanne Charters said...

What I love about Susan Blexrud's writing is the way she constantly weaves humor into the stories of vampires. They're sexy, yes! But also giggle-inducing funny.

Denise said...

Susan is such a great writer and I love her books. I also love the humor she has in her characters, always makes for a fun and adventures read!

Anne said...

I hadn't heard of this writer or series before. I'll have to look in to it. I need some laughs.

Michele L. said...

Susan's stories are fantastic! You have to read the first e-book in this series which is a riot! It's called LOVE FANG. The main hero, John, a vampire, has an infected fang and goes to the dentist and goes to one that has evening appointments. Wait till you read it! It is hilarious!