Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fang-tastic Vampire Love Holiday Gift Guide

Are you shopping for a fang lover this holiday season?

I've searched the web for some of the most fang-tastic gifts for the vampire or vampire lover on your shopping list this holiday season.

Here are some of my favorites.

This round Deck the Halls porcelain ornament sums up what I want for Christmas this year.

I bet the vampire lover on your list would love it as well.

Get it at Cafe Press for just $12

This sexy red ornament would look great on my tree along side the vampire hottie one.

It is also available on Cafe Press for $12

Etsy has a great selection of vampire oriented gifts.

NRS VampChick's shop has nice vampire, steampunk and goth jewelry selections.

I love this lock and key earring set.

Another one of my favorite Etsy stores is Blonde Blythe's Big Eyed Art.

Her big eyed vampire is too cute.

She also has witches, fairies, mermaids and other assorted big eyed art prints available.

The Pyramid Collection is one of my favorite places to shop and they have a great selection of vampire inspired gifts for all the fang lovers on your list.

This pewter poison coffin ring is to die for.

I love that it opens.

The Legacy Brocaded coat is another stylish vampire gift found in the Pyramid Collection

 is a great place to find gifts for vampire lovers.

They have jewelry, Demonia footwear, t-shirts and a lot of other fanged goodies.

This mini coffin purse is a cute gift idea.

Unleash your inner vampire with FANGZ perfume

I haven't tried the perfume but the bottle is gorgeous, surely a great gift for a vampire lover

Body Fantasies has a new Vampire Eau de Parfum I am adding to my holiday wish list

Vampire Parfum is a unique new expression of female sensuality. Intense and long-lasting, put it on any time of day and it always lingers until sunrise. Vampire incites notice, comment and, inevitably, desire.

Forbidden love...Dangerous...Addictive...Impossible to Resist!

Boutique du Vampyre has a Christmas gift list including these great chalices.

They also have jewelry, wine bags, books, candles and oils along with other fabulously fanged gift ideas.

I just opened a Fang-tastic Goods shop- its just a little something I am experimenting with to see how well it works out.

I have these gorgeous blood drop cufflinks in the store.

Just $15.99 they may be just the thing for the tall, dark and handsome vampire on your shopping list

Another item in my store is this beautiful red and black swirl letter opener.

I adore this color combo.

In my Fang-tastic Goods store I also have clocks, sleep masks, jewelry, watches, and a lot more. I am adding new stuff everyday.

You can visit the store at

Coffins are so last century- make sure your vampire or vampire lover has updated their sleeping arrangements with luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton 1200 thread count sheets from Luxury Linens 4 Less.

You won't find a better deal on sheets anywhere. A queen size sheet set is only $40- that's $40 for an entire sheet set of 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton. Anyone who loves the finer things in life will love sliding in between these sheets every night.

Believe me I know, I have a set.

"I never"

Oh Drac, you have no idea what you're missing. I'm sure the blood is good but modern vampires love Vampire Wine- so do their fang loving groupies.

I always keep several bottles of Vampire Wine in my collection. The bottles are gorgeous, the selection of wines are awesome and they make fabulous gifts.

Be sure to drop by the Vampire Vineyards during your online holiday shopping this year.

No gift guide is ever complete without...chocolate. offers the best in fine Belgian chocolates. I highly recommend the dark chocolate.

Even if you don't have a sweet fang dark chocolate's sensual taste and texture will please your senses.

Well my immortal loving lovelies I do hope this guide helps with your vampiric holiday shopping this year.

Remember shopping online means never having to go out into the light of day.

Happy Holidays.

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LoriStrongin said...

...and there goes my holiday bonus. omg that brocade coat is GORGEOUS! I live in Florida and thus would never have an opportunity to wear it in public, but pretty!

Thanks for the holiday shopping heads up!