Thursday, December 1, 2011

Release Day : Reluctant Revenge

Reluctant Revenge

by Xandra James

Short Blurb:

Nash was bound to Sienna completely – by a blood connection and a deep desire. An Enforcer for the Supranormal community, he was obligated to protect his sexy assignment, despite her family devastating his world.

After being betrayed, Sienna falls into the arms of her surly protector; a demon with a secret of his own. But can she face her destiny knowing she's more dangerous than those Nash was protecting her from?


"I don't believe you."

"You don't believe what?" He made himself comfortable in the ratty looking seat and turned to her, his eyes already dismissive of anything she had to say.

"About the hunter thing. Why would you tell me that?"

"I don't lie, Sienna. Your family has been doing this for many years." He turned to look out of the windscreen. "Too many years. And they've hunted a lot of creatures." Nash turned to face her once more. "And even a human or two. Not that your family seems to have many qualms about that." His face had hardened, she noticed, lines appearing around his eyes as he glared at her.

Sienna looked at him hard before actually making herself jump when a gurgle of laughter erupted from her mouth. He frowned at her which made her laugh harder.

"I'm sorry, I really am. But I think you might have inhaled too much gun smoke." She wiped her right eye where a tear had started to form. "I appreciate the save earlier on and obviously we need to get to the bottom of why I was chased, but I really don't think it was ghosts that were behind it all."

Nash looked like he wanted to throttle her. It sobered her slightly but the mirth still hovered. This sexy man was seriously cuckoo. Why were all the pretty ones gay or nuts?

"Ghosts weren't behind it. I believe Strix were."

"And what are Strix, may I ask?"

He hesitated for only a moment before speaking again.

"Vampires who eat flesh with animal ferocity."

Now, that was what she needed to snap her out of her sense of humour. He was talking blood suckers now. Did the police force know he should be suspended on medical grounds? She thought about her dilemma. Here she was, stuck in the middle of nowhere with a cop who thought vampires were real. Although she was pretty sure he wouldn't hurt her – hell, he'd saved her from certain death earlier on – he was still a tad unpredictable. Maybe she could talk to him about it all? Make him think she believed him until he dropped her off at the nearest police station? Mind made up, Sienna smiled sweetly.

"Tell me about these vampires then. Are they like the ones in the movies?"

"They are much, much worse. Believe me." He smiled at her and if she didn't know better, he had figured out she was just humouring him.

"So... can I see one?"

"That wouldn't be your smartest idea, Princess." Sienna nodded, pretending to be deep in thought and ignored the Princess quip.

"Are you one?"


"But you are human though, right?" Nash chuckled again, looking back towards the front windscreen.

"Do I look human, Sienna?" Nash turned towards her and whatever she was about to say went out the window. Her breath caught in her throat and she stumbled away from the car door.

Eyes that were once green now shined in a golden hue, his pupils dilated into slits, reminiscent of a cat. But that wasn't what had caught her attention and made her hair stand on end. As she watched, the once tanned face that she'd admired minutes before was changing. No more was his skin clear but intricate markings had appeared in a line along the side of his face and disappeared down under the collar of his t-shirt. The hand that held the steering wheel caught her attention then and she watched in horror as the nails grew into small points and turned a deep black.

Nash was a... he was a...

She didn't know what he was.

Sienna's brain finally gave her two choices. Faint, which she longed for to put her into a state of unconsciousness. Or, run.

Her feet made the decision for her.


Xandra James said...

Thanks so much for featuring my new release here at fangtastic books!

Currently doing the happy dance with a big cheesy grin plastered to my face ;)

And here's the amended link to purchase (sorry was that too much of a hint?! lol)

Lexi said...

I have never heard of this book, glad you had it here! Great excerpt, I have to go check it out!

Xandra James said...

Thanks Lexi! I appreciate you taking the time to comment ;)