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Interview and Giveaway with James and Broderick from Midnight Conquest and Midnight Captive

Fang-Tastic Books –Interview with James & Broderick

Escorted by the housemaid Moira, I shuffle into the parlor. James Knightly is leaning his considerable figure against the tall window frame across the room. The breadth of his shoulders is emphasized by his strong arms crossed over his chest. This six-foot-two historical hunk is the hero in Midnight Captive, my second installment of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles. He stands almost as tall as his father-in-law, Broderick “Rick” MacDougal—the vampire hero of Book 1, Midnight Conquest.

Triceps bulging and jaw twitching, James seems lost in thought as he overlooks the North Sea. Tiptoeing forward, I peer past his shoulders to where his shipping vessel Knightly’s Refuge is moored off shore. The deck is buzzing with activity as his crew is scrubbing decks and performing necessary maintenance.

James turns his sea-green eyes toward me and the corner of his mouth curls in a half-smile. He swivels his muscular body to face me and an ebony curl falls rebelliously over his brow. Tossing his head to right the aberrant lock, which refuses to obey, he advances and extends his hand in greeting. “Welcome! I’m pleased to have you in our home.”

My heart patters in my chest when James plants a modest kiss on the back of my hand, and I understand why Cailin—the heroine of my story—is so taken with this young man. “Am I late? I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.”

“Not at all. I have been rather anxious for this meeting.” He waves to one of two wooden armchairs. “Please, have a seat.”

The cushion on the chair arrests my attention and I study the…interesting embroidery work. Loose threads and awkward figures of people and animals create a scene I can’t quite comprehend.

James chuckles like a summer stream in the sun…warm and soothing to my ears. “One of Cailin’s creations. She curses you for making her so unskilled with the needle.”

I cringe. “I suppose she put these here to bring it to my attention?”

“Aye, m’lady. That she did.” Mischief sparkles in James’s jade eyes and we both sit.

“Tell her I’m sorry.”

“Well, I had to make her that way to serve the story, but tell her I’m sorry anyway.”

He chuckles again and waves his hand dismissively as he leans back and crosses his ankle over his knee. “She’ll relinquish that grudge eventually.”

“You said you were anxious for this meeting?” I’m happy to change the subject and dive into the interview.

He shifts in his chair and his brow creases. Hiding behind his hand, he tugs thoughtfully at his bottom lip before answering. “’Tis a little uncertain about your questions I am.”

James is a pretty private guy, so I’m prepared for this. “Well, considering your personality type, I hadn’t planned on delving too privately. I think you can relax. The main purpose of this interview is for our readers to learn a little about you. Perhaps you can entice them with your charm.”

A sheepish grin overcomes his face and color blooms in his cheeks. GAWD he’s so adorable! “I’m not certain how charming I’ll be, but ask away.”

I flip open my notebook and thumb to the page where I’d jotted questions. “What do you love about the sea? Or more specifically, why did you want to become the captain of a ship?”

An infectious smile splits his face and he drops his hand to his lap. I’m happy he seems obviously at home with this topic. “There’s a sense of freedom in riding the waves of the sea. She’s awe-inspiring and humbling in the way she challenges me with her strength. And she’s not one to be taken for granted, so she keeps me in line.”

 “Would I be accurate in saying that’s how you feel about Cailin?”

The smile drops from his face and he stares at me, slack-jawed. After a moment, he recovers and narrows his eyes, but grins. “Aye, Arial. Though to accurately apply that to Cailin, I would amend my comment by saying I love her loyalty and devotion to those she loves. The sea is not so kind.”


The door bursts open. “Brilliant answer, young buck!” Broderick MacDougal’s commanding presence fills the doorway as Moira peeks around his towering frame, apologetic eyes pleading for leniency. James rolls his eyes heavenward and shakes his head, then dismisses the housemaid with a wave and a wink. Slamming the door behind him, Rick stomps forward, cocking a fiery eyebrow and devilish smile. James and I both make to rise from our chairs, but Broderick holds up his palms. “Nay, do not rise on my account. You may proceed with the interview. Though you are being far too soft on the boy, m’lady.” He bends forward and kisses my knuckles in greeting, though not quite as modestly as James did. The damned rogue has me flushing with passion…as usual. His deep voice drops to a butterfly-inducing and intimate level. “I remember your questions for me were far more…private.”

“Rogue,” James and I both accuse.

Rick’s soft laughter rumbles around the room like thunder. “Allow me to do your dirty work, lass.” He crosses his arms and stands before his son-in-law.

James remains seated but diverts his annoyed gaze toward me. “Thanks a lot!” his eyes seem to say. I shrug.

“Clever lad,” Broderick says. “You’re wearing the amulet so I cannot hear your thoughts.”

“I had hoped you wouldn’t intrude on this meeting.” James raises a raven brow and smirks. “But I suspected you wouldn’t be able to resist an appearance. It does pay to be prepared.”
Broderick throws his head back and bellows his amusement.

“He is an Aries, you know,” I contribute. “They do love to be the center of attention.”

“As you well know, lass.” My vampire winks at me. Yes, I gave Broderick my birthday. Well, there is an element of the author in each of their characters…and that’s how I chose to infiltrate Rick’s persona. Write what you know, right?

“Back to the interview.” He tilts his head and searches the ceiling for ideas. “Shall we ask him that amusing question about his undergarments? Boxers or briefs, wasn’t it?”

My turn to blush. Not because the oh-so-common question for characters is embarrassing, but because it reminds me that Broderick wears neither.

“I still don’t.” Rick waggles his eyebrows. “Perhaps you should have written an amulet into this interview for yourself, eh lass?”

Honestly! Can my face get any hotter? I’m pretty speechless at this point and James is now hiding his chuckles behind his fist.

Broderick raises his trademark brow and inclines forward. “Tell me, Arial. Did you plan on asking him some of the same questions you threw at me? You talk of seas and captaining a ship. The topics we covered were much more interesting.” He levels his eyes on James. “The young buck can handle them.”

James rolls his eyes and beckons me with a wave of his hand. “Proceed, Arial. The old man thinks he’s backed me into a corner.”

“Ohhh-kaay.” I clear my throat and shift nervously in my seat. “What is your favorite erogenous zone?”

James frowns and his cheeks bloom with color.

Broderick throws his head back and laughs.

Sitting at the edge of his seat, James thrusts his chest out and swallows. “Along the side of my neck.” He absently brushes his fingertips from under his ear to his shoulder.

“I had wondered why you blushed so whenever Cailin tickled you there.” Broderick chuckles.
James scowls at Rick. “Next question, please.”

“You didn’t answer the boxers or briefs question, lad.” Broderick winks at me. 

James cocks an eyebrow and crosses his arms. “I’m not sure I understand the references, nor did I when you first mentioned them. What are they?”

I clear my throat. “Um, boxers and briefs are modern-day undergarments men wear.”

“Considering his time period,” Broderick offers. “I’m sure the lad wears neither.”

When James shifts and avoids eye contact with both of us, Rick grins. “Commando.” 

When James shifts and avoids eye contact with both of us, Rick grins. 

“As I thought. Commando.” He waves a casual hand toward my notebook. “Not sure you need to write that down, but I’m certain our readers would love to know that bit about James.”

James stands and snatches my hand, pulling me to my feet. “Thank you so very much for this…interesting experience.” 

He escorts me to the door, which he promptly opens. “Now if both of you will excuse me, I have a voyage for which I must prepare.”

Broderick stomps toward the door with mischief sparkling in his emerald eyes. “Give Cailin my love,” he says, taking me in hand. “Mistress Arial and I will let ourselves out.”

James grumbles as we leave the parlor.

I will try to coax James into answering some questions, but as you can see, he’s a little shy. 

However, I’m sure Rick would be more than happy to dally with all of you. Everyone who comments will be entered into a drawing for Midnight Captive, Book 2

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Anyone who leaves a question for James, Broderick or me will be entered into a drawing for both Books 1 & 2. 

The more you interact, the more chances you have to win. And thanks in advance for participating!


Arial Burnz said...

Thank you so much for having my characters on your site today! I will be standing by to answer any questions.

Anne said...

Hi, Ariel-

Congrats on your Feb. release. You and your series are new to me, so I looked searched you on Swagbucks and got 39 points (yay!) I see there will be 6 books in the series. Will they be published about 9 months a part like the first 2 or more quickly?

An FYI to other readers:
Midnight Conquest is .99 at Amazon right now.

Anonymous said...

Great interview and sneak peek inside a series that I have loved from the moment it hit the shelves! I can't WAIT to read the next book! James and Broderick are totally YUMMY!

Arial Burnz said...

Hi, Anne!!

Thanks for the gratz! And I'm happy to be a new author for you. Woot! Keep on playing at TRR! Lots of great prizes to be had. I'm glad my book could help out. :D

Thanks so much for the reminder that Midnight Conquest is on sale. ONLY until the end of April.

As the Scottish poet Robert Burns said in his 1785 poem, “The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry.” The PLAN (heh heh) is to release Book 3 by the end of July in time for Jimmy Thomas's Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas. I'm hoping *crosses fingers* to have Book 4 by December just in time for the holidays. As of next month, I'll be writing FULL time, so that should help me achieve those aggressive goals...but we'll see. Sooo excited! Broderick's been pestering me to finish his stories. LOL

Depending on how well the series takes off, the last book will be left open to a string of stand-alone contemporary stories within the world I've built throughout the series.

You'll be entered into the drawing for BOTH books since you had a question for me with your comment. Good luck and thanks so much for stopping by!

Arial Burnz said...

Hey Violet!!

Nice to see you! Glad you liked the interview. Yeah, I kinda drool a lot when I write with all these HOT Scottish men running through my head. LOL! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Victoria Vane said...

I Love character inteviews and Scottish hotties even more! So much fun! Thanks for posting this.

Arial Burnz said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Victoria!! Yummy Scotsman...hmmmmm! Yer a gem!!

Broderick MacDougal said...

'Tis a very unbecoming picture of me you submitted, Arial. Such an intimidating display 'twould surely frighten away anyone from asking me questions. *waggles finger*

Allow me to assure anyone visiting this post that I am not as ruthless in person as the image above portrays. Though I will say I may come across so brutally when I defend those I love.

Come...don't be shy! Who is brave enough to step forward and ask me a question?Okay ;)


Arial Burnz said...

Incidentally, folks! It was totally my bad that I didn't provide a link to my site, so don't blame Roxanne. If you're interested in viewing some extras and exclusive material on my site, check out Thanks again for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Oooo some how I missed what 'Rick' wears under there. Is he a fan of underwear?

AJ Nuest said...

Hi, um, I have a question for Rick? *AJ blushes profusely and waves a quick hello* What's the most erogenous zone of your body? *She quickly dashes back into the crowd near the stage*

Broderick MacDougal said...

Sweet Mary! I am thrilled you've come out to play. *eyebrow waggle*

In another interview Arial conducted, just the two of us, I answered that I like to go "Commando" as she called it. Not many of us men in the Renaissance period wore such undergarments as "boxers" or "briefs" and many of us wore just our breeches. Old habits die...hard. ;)

Lovely to see you here, lass. I look forward to future interactions.


Broderick MacDougal said...

Ahhh, AJ! What a pleasure to see you "oot an' aboot"! You have to remember, your blushes are more than just charming. As a vampire, your blood rising to your skin is most intoxicating. *pauses to gain composure*

As I know you were privy to the last interview I mentioned in my comment to Mary...I am assuming you're asking for and answer more...specific.

To recap for those who were unable to read the interview, Arial asked:

“What’s your favorite erogenous zone on your body?” Ha!

Broderick widens his legs a tad and I can’t help but drop my gaze to his groin. Nor can I stop heat from flaming my cheeks as he slides his hands over those powerful thighs, down between his legs…and…uses the pads of his index fingers to trace the crease where his…ahem…package and legs meet. I dart my eyes back to his, and his wicked gaze, I fear, has not left my face the entire time.“

To answer your question, lass, the MOST errogenous zone of my body is...probably not permitted to be revealed in such a public venue. However, I will say going commando has its disadvantages as that "zone" tends to rear its head at most inopportune times when my beloved Davina is around. ;)

Thank you for being brave enough to come out...and even braver to ask such an intimate question.


Unknown said...

Ahhhh, I just melted. Broderick called me sweet Mary. mmmmmmm *heart's a flutter *bouncing with glee

Broderick MacDougal said...

I'll whisper endearments even sweeter for such a response, lassie!

Och! Arial just informed me yer wedded! He's a lucky lad. My loss. ;)


Unknown said...

Shame I happened upon you later in life... Would have been nice to take you up on that offer *blushing *a bit brazen

Broderick MacDougal said...

*Pacing the room and rubbing more composed*

With a smile sweeter than honey, ye would've melted my heart had it not already belong to my Blossom. Or...are ye perhaps my Davina, since I have not yet come upon her in this life?

*winces as Arial punches me shoulder* 'Tis gettin an earful over here I am. Arial's spoutin' about spoilers and such.

*kisses Mary's hand* Have a grand night, m'lady. ;) *duck Arial again*


Unknown said...

Goodnight to you Sir, I will certainly have sweet dreams. *sigh

Arial Burnz said...

Sorry about that, Mary! He's a bit restless. I've sent him out to feed.

Thank you all very much for participating! I'm going to hold out just a little longer to see if we get any more traffic after people are getting home from work. I'll have the drawing tonight and coordinate with Roxanne about how to announce the winners. Send your friends over! Broderick will be back a little later.

Anonymous said...

Great interview! All I can ask is: "Do either of you have a brother you could set me up with?" :D
Genella deGrey

Unknown said...

Allow me to step in and fill the role. Nice to "eat" you, Genella. rumor has like bad boys.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm up for an Angus burger.

Unknown said...

Truly delightful! As I can sense Broderick approaching, I shall make haste. Though you may not remember our encounter this evening...I shall leave enough to linger in your dreams. Good eve, delicious Genella.


Broderick MacDougal said...

Thank you all for attending today. Genella, lock your doors. I'm on my way. Excuse me...I have a vampire to kill.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ima geta double-double tonight ~

June M. said...

Oh, I can't wait to read these books. I ran across this series first on the TRR anniversary party, and went ahead and bought the first book immediately. I really love that the series is following Rick's life throughout the centuries. I think that this is something that is way too often ignored in vampire stories. These characters live for hundreds, even thousands of years, but are generally only written about on short period of their life.

A question for Arial: Did you do a lot of research on the various time periods that you choose to set the stories in?

A question for Rick: Do you have a favorite period of time that you have lived in? What changes in the world are your favorite? What are your least favorite?

manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

Arial Burnz said...

Hello, June!!

So sorry for the delay on my answer. I was away from the computer most of the day. You'll be entered into the drawing. I actually didn't get to do the drawing last night, so you made it just under the wire.

You're actually the FIRST person to mention how the history of vampires is so neglected. 20 years ago when I first penned Midnight Conquest (then called Bonded By Blood), that was THE driving force for writing Broderick's story.

Funny...back then there were perhaps a dozen vampire romance books on the shelves and they had two things in common that I got tired of real fast: 1) the vampire was just pathetic and felt sorry for himself; and 2) they were always contemporary. As an historical romance reader, I was aching for an historical paranormal tale...but there were none to be found. That's when I said, "Well, if no one's going to write one, then I'LL do it!"

I hope I'm luck in that one books will stand out because of that. Hoooo! Wait'll you see what I got planned! *rubs hands together* Mwuahahahaha! ;)

To answer your question: Research...a necessary evil of writing historical. We spend about 75% of the efforts of the book doing research and probably use only 25% of that research in the books! I love it and I hate it. They say write what you know, so I'm sticking to time periods and locations where I feel I have enough artistic license or know the history of. I lived in Germany (3.5 years) and England (2.5 years), so I stick to the places I've actually been, and my mom is a history teacher, so I've been surrounded by history in one way or another. I'm no historian, though. Paranormal gives me the freedom to focus on the supernatural elements of the story and history is only a backdrop. I hope that answered your question.

I'll get Rick to get on and answer your other questions. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments and questions.

Arial ;)

Broderick MacDougal said...

Greetings, June!

'Tis flattered and humbled I am. Thank you for taking an interest in my life's journey.

The centuries have proven exciting and intriguing, but no time in history will ever be as precious for me as those years spent with my Blossom, Davina. I'll not spoil anything for you by going into details. I do hope you enjoy the tales.

In answering your other inquiries, I will preface my opinion with an observation. The attitudes of men toward each other have not changed. Though there are pockets of history where crime and poverty were unbearable, as a whole the world is not much different today regarding such things. Wealth and poverty, kindness and cruelty, the gap between the rich and poor…they ebb and flow like the tides. Of course, when one weathers through them, they are overwhelming…but this, too, shall pass, as the saying goes.

My favourite changes in the world are also my least favourite. The largest disappointment I have with mankind only began in the early 1900s with the development of industry, and has steadily declined since. Technology has made mankind weak. Many are sedentary at desks, performing tasks that serve the lifestyles of others. Years later, they have nothing to show for their efforts but a piece of paper listing their skills. Oh, that mankind could get back to the basics of building his own home, growing his own food and spending quality time with his family as they build their future together. Did we live harder lives in the past? Aye…but we reaped the fruit of our labours.

But technology has also enabled mankind to reach, literally, for the stars. The miracles modern science has performed in medicine, transportation and communication staggers my mind and brings me to my knees. Again, the attitudes men have toward each other has not changed, and what is used to save or increase the quality of life…is also used to take it away and destroy it. Endless energy…total annihilation. So many things have changed…and yet everything remains the same.

Thank you, precious June, for making an appearance and asking such thought-provoking questions. I appreciate the opportunity you provided to voice my heart.


Arial Burnz said...

I'm going to announce the winners! Thank you all for participating. I had two drawings - one for a copy of Midnight Captive and one for both books. Anne and June were selected as the winners! Woo hoo!!!

However, I see both of them may already have Book 1. Both of you will get a copy of Midnight Captive and if you still need a copy of Book 1, let me know.

Thank again!!

That's my two pence...
Arial ;)