Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vampire Valentine Gift Guide

Vampires are everywhere but what do you get a vampire or vampire lover for Valentine's Day?

Here's a fun gift guide just for fans of everything vampire related.

If you are looking for fang-tastic gifts for your Vampire Lover for Valentine's Day one of your first stops should be at

Pledge your eternal love with the Blood Vials Lovers Hearts Gift Set you get 2 Necklaces filled with horror movie FX blood.

These beautiful vials are handcrafted so no two are exactly alike. The antique silver heart pendants are about 1/2 inch high and hangs on a leather cord or vegan friendly cord (your choice but really vegan vampires? come one) with silver and black bead accents. Secures with a lobster clasp.

They even come packaged in cute little coffin boxes.

Vampire Wear has other jewelry choices, some really nice Demonia Coffin handbags, vamp and Goth clothing, footwear, and just about anything else your vamp lover may enjoy.

Like this cute little Bite Me thong perfect for vampy Valentine seduction.

The thong also comes in a coffin gift box.

Coffin boxes can be purchased separately as well in case you get a gift from

somewhere else that needs this way cool vampire packaging.

For something fun check out the vampire welcome mat from the Pyramid Collection.

Even better check out The Pyramid Collections pewter poison ring shaped like a coffin.

I have been coveting this ring for quite some time, along with many other beautifully seductive vampalicious goods because in addition to the ring The Pyramid Collection has several other vamp theme goodies including vamp inspired shoes and even sunglasses with coffin shaped lenses (much needed by day walking vampires).

Here's a beautiful gift idea: FANGZ Perfume - a scent just for vampire lovers.

FANGZ is available online for $34.95 at:

For the jewelry lover on your list check out After Dark Jewelry for dark, Gothic and Victorian inspired jewelry. Fans of vampire and steampunk fiction will adore the beautiful, well crafted, and very unique jewelry offered there.

This beautiful necklace pictured above is called Drucilla's Fire and is just a sample of the amazing designs they have available.

And since this is a vampire Valentine gift guide the guide wouldn't be complete without mentioning for all your tasty vampire treats including: wine, chocolate, energy drinks and coffee along with other delicious goods also sells books, DVDs, sweatshirts and t-shirts all vamp style.

Visit to shop's store and use coupon code "vampday" to receive 15% off any purchase before Valentine's Day

Hope this helps you have a truly Fang-tastic Valentine's Day!


Stacy Stew said...

Are we sure that the vials are not filled with Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina's Jolie's blood? Just think they were vamps before it was socially acceptable..

Heidi V said...

I love the coffin ring! Thank you for sharing the link...

Bard Girl said...

Coffin boxes how cute. I'm off to check it out since I do love jewelry.

jacabur1 said...

Lovin the thong, it is cute and multi-functional....

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